Been House bound!

redpennyJuly 7, 2006

Well I have to take my car for a diagnostic test on Saturday it is still giving me I haven't been traveling to far from home LOL!

I know it is killing me.............I want to go to Joann's for their sale.............just hoping when I take this car saturday they can tell me what is wrong with it!


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Good luck with the car, Red!

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I dropped mine off last night, should be ready sometime today! I guess I do feel thankful at least knowing what's wrong! My car will come back with 2 new tires, and inner tie rod end and hopefully a state inspection sticker!
Good luck Red!

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I am so glad I live in an area that doesn't do state inspections. When we were in Michigan we had to have emissions tests every year, it got to be a pain to get in and have it done.

Red- Hope the car and you are up and running again soon!!

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Garage just called, now need to do the other side too. He did say I was lucky with the one side, as it was dangerously bad. So they will do it all now before they line it up again!

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$378 later I have my van back....inspected and ready to go!
Let us know how you make out Red!

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Okay Lisa,
They said it could be anything a sensor Cost 198.00 and up depends on the sensor without labor cost added or a ingition moduel $298.00 without labor cost who knows what labor cost are..........but they aren't sure either that is problem that is why they are doing a diagnostic test LOL!I have spent $300.00 already trying to eliminate problems........LOL finally I put my foot down with DH and said I told you to get the diagnostic test in the beginning but OH NO!Right now my nerves are running THIN between him and You know who and my sons.............I feel like I am about to take a nervous breakdown!

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sorry to hear that Red!!! I shoulda headed south and come and taken you AWAY!!!! hehehehehehe
Hope it gets better for you! I know what you mean about "you know who"....egads....

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