Firefox user question

grammypJuly 29, 2006

My computer auto-updated Firefox and now parts of some of my sites won't load. Has anyone else had a problem?


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I heard they are having problems with firefox!
Go to other forums and go to computers they could answer your questions.

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I posted a question on Firefox and their solution didn't work. When DH got home he simply cleared all the cookies and personal data and it is working like a charm now. No problems at all.


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Hi Beverly, I had Firefox for awhile because one of my sons really likes it. I don't remember the benefits, but I remember thinking I would have to use it and wouldn't be able to use my SBC Yahoo.

How do you like it by now, and did you have to change from something else in order to use it?


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I love my firefox Mel. It has not been any trouble till this update. There is another ready to down load that is supposed to fix the problems, but I think mine are all ok now. We still have Internet Explorer on the computers so we can use either one, but IE's firewall won't let me check my e-mail, so I just use Firefox. Hope this helps you out.


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I haven't had any trouble, but did everyone know that there is a Firefox extension called IE Tab that lets you view any troublesome sites in IE, while keeping other sites you are currently looking at in FF? I have to resort to it once in a while--usually when trying to buy something and a site refuses to move to the next page when I click on Continue.

Here is a link that might be useful: IE Tab Firefox extension

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I have Firefox and IE. I often have two browsers open at the same time. I have SBC Yahoo and no problems. Should that still be called SBC since AT&T has made it's comeback?

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