Polaris blower not working?

dogue_loverApril 4, 2011

my pool is now going on its 5th summer season. We have an entire Jandy Aquapure system, pump/filter/heater/salt cell..

Lately I have noticed the Air blower is not working correctly. The only air getting to the spa-jets is coming from what I think is some kind of Venturi type valve and thats all. Not much water pressure and not much air bubbles in the spa at all. We have a Jandy 1.5 HP pump with 6 jets in the spa and four floor bubblers as well. Spa is approx. 40 ft. from equipment pad and elevated about 2' higher than pool pump. The air blower turns on, as you can clearly hear it operating, but no bubbles/air seem to be getting thru to the spa? anybody have any suggestions on what could be stoppin the flow of air or does my blower need replacing? it is a Polaris blower... model # 1-470-02 with 1.5 peak HP. any help on this would be much appreciated.. thanks in advance...

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Can you post a picture of this "venturi type valve"

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there is a jandy 3 way valve located near spa that sounds as if it works like a venturi valve when in 3rd postion. I can hear a slight suction of air from the pipe and small amounts of air is pulled into the spa. valve is similiar to the automated valves on equipment pad but it is a manual valve that I think is to control amount of air entering spa. it has a skimmer like cover and is in small hole in concrete pad. I've tried all 3 positions so I know that valve is not in a closed position. Also, the foot or floor bubblers stopped working about a year after the pool/spa was finished but the other spa's jets worked fine. almost as if there was too much water pressure in the floor jets/bubblers for the air blower to push air thru entire system? thanks again, Drew

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Bump !!

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Pix please.

Put them in a PhotoBucket album. Eat pic will have 4 code options. Copy the 3rd to the message box here, on per line, any white space between the pix is useful for in line descriptions.


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