Flooding in New England

grammypJune 29, 2006

How is everyone in the New England area? We have been hearing a lot about your floods and hope eveyone is ok. We sure could use some of your rain down here, we are drying up.


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I've been wondering if everyone is OK too.
We've heard plenty about the flooding on our news services.
I wish we could share the rain too, it is frightfully dry here, we are miles below our rainfall targets and we are in the midst of winter.


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I'm in NYS and we've had plenty of flooding and destruction around here. I live right across from the Mohawk River and although we weren't involved because of being way up on a hill many homes and roads around here were flooded. Drove around yesterday to see the damage and took pictures around the area. I've never seen anything like it. No more rain in the forecast right now, thank goodness.

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I live in central NH. Personally we are fine because we are on a hill too. But the lakes and rivers are terribly high. We went to a gas station last night and the little stream next to it was just overflowing and rushing along. Coming back from school yesterday afternoon I was caught in a terrible downpour that scared me to my bones. The visibility was terrible, the highway was flooded, there was a monster dump truck behind me but it stopped, thankfully, after about 5 tense moments.

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Hope you all stay safe up there! Here in Nebraska, we're on voluntary water rationing - my front yard and flower bed was looking pretty dry, so set the sprinkler on for a while this a.m. - had to really watch it, as you get reported if it's running in the street. I sure hope we get through the 4th without any fires as some areas are looking pretty brown!.

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no flooding here yet, but we have certainly had more than our share of rain! Managed to get camping gear all dried when it darkened up again, so scurried to get everything put away and the camper put down. We tend to get some high winds with these storms lately. Tomorrow need to trim and try to weed some gardens while DH mows...if it's dry enough! Thoughts and prayers to those under water, and those that need it!

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