Sand or Clean IPE before restaining?

mrmichaeljmooreMay 11, 2009

This is the thrid year with my IPE deck. And I am looking for the best plan to restain.

The first year I sanded the deck after the build was copmplete, then stained with Penofin for Hardwood.

The 2nd year I used Penofin's One Step Prep (I think it is some sort of acid cleaner) to clean the deck, then stained with Penofin for Hardwood.

This year, I am not sure what to do.....clean and restain OR sand and restain.

My deck is not big (12x24), so it is not a big deal to run my ROS across it. It doesn't take that long.

The one thing I didnt like about using the Penofin One Step Prep is that the IPE got real fuzzy/splintery. [Not good for my 2 year old who like to run around without shoes one.] From my reading on the boards, I guess that can happen with chemicals.....and pros get rid of the splinters by running a defurring pads across it or something........but that is beyond my homeowner knowledge....

So, what is the better choice? Sanding or cleaning? Or does it matter?

If I clean, how do I prevent the splinters/fuzzies? If I clean, should I use an acid product or a percarb prodcut? or both?

I know some folks (except Steve from Brooklyn) are not the biggest fans of Penofin.....but I am unsure what else to try.....if I even need to try something else.

The thing I like about Penofin (other than the color) is that is real easy to apply. No lap marks to worry about. Just wipe it down after 20 minutes or so and you are good.

I already realize I am probably gonna have to restain every year, so I am not looking for that "long-lasting" product.....but if there is something easier, better, etc., let me know.

Thank you.

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I've been hoping someone would reply to your post, as I plan on using Penofin for the first time in the near future. From what I've read about Penofin, I'm drawn to the basic clean and restain every year, as opposed to stripping and all that.
Can you comment on anything else regarding Penofin? Is once a year sufficient to keep it looking decent? How long does it take for the fumes to dissipate? I've read they are brutal!
My plan is one coat when the deck is finished (next month I'm thinking), one coat in the fall, one next spring, and then yearly from there. Hopefully that will keep my Ipe looking nice.
Any thoughts/advice is appreciated!

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