2x6 PT board questions

mike_jones_44May 29, 2008

I have couple of questions about installing 2x6 pressure treated wood that I hope someone could help answer.

1. Do you need to leave gaps between 2x6 PT boards when installing them? If so, how much of a gap?

2. I removed the existing boards on my deck, which were 5/4 thick PT boards. The space between the top of the ledger board/joist and the bottom of the siding is 1 1/4 inches. Should I a sand the area on the 2x6 board to a point where I can slide the board underneath the siding. Or should I force the 2x6 board underneath the siding, which will cause it to buckle out.

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Run a rabit cut on the 2x6. J.

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Thanks for the tip John. Any thoughts on 2x6 PT board spacing? Some recommend spacing, some don't.

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PT is usually very wet from the treatment process. New PT always shrinks significantly unless you set it out in the sun for a few weeks. I say butt them tight, you'll have 1/4" gaps by august- at least that's how it goes in CA where we don't get any rain for the summer.

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Thanks for the advice Aidan.

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