above ground pool removal cost/estimate

sleezyarfApril 4, 2011

I have a 27 foot diameter above ground pool i want removed. The pool is very old and hasnt been maintained in over 20 years. The lining is ripped and rust is starting to form. The pool is drained, however. can anyone give me a rough estimate as to how much it would cost to get rid of it? I have a neighbor who said he is willing to take it down but do not want to overpay him.

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If only Dale Hileman were here! He could handle this question.

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@sleezyarf: Post an ad in Craigs List. Bet someone will take it for free. Scrap fetches $$s these days.

@goyom: bite your tongue.

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@ poolguynj

LOL you know you love his verbosity!

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Last year we had an old wood deck and an above ground pool that needed to be removed before we could have our new in-ground pool built. We listed both of these on Craigslist and they were both gone within 24 hours, at no cost to us. Good luck!

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