June 16-30 KOKOs

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJune 15, 2008

Hey, Y'all! I'm posting a bit early cause I plan to be at the hospital in the morning smooching and cuddling our newest arrival! What a be good to myself thing to do, eh?

I saw these placemats and knew I had to make sure you saw them. I know you'll like them as much as I do. They really make me smile!!

I had a full week last week keeping a watchful eye on the lovebirds. It must have taken some inches off or something cause the knee shorts I bought and took the string out of cause it wasn't needed, I'm afraid will fall down if I'm not careful......guess I'll put a little elastic in the sides when I get home.

I hope everyone is safe from the floods and bad weather and are enjoying your part of the world and family.

SharonG/FL-MI-MN-IN-MI-IN (I had to stop and think where I was....hahahaha) It sure looks like I've been KOKO, doesn't it....going here and there and there and here...

Here is a link that might be useful: watermelon placemats

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Good morning,
Beautiful placemats and what a beautiful baby. What a special time for you Sharon from wherever you lay your head each nite.

Hope that you all are doing well. I really need to get my sewing machine humming. I had a bday block to do and really need to get some work done on the quilt for my nieces wedding.

Had an enjoyable weekend kayaking with my family and boy did I get burned. I don't know if my sunscreen just didn't work or what. We have been fortunate to avoid the nasty weather that hit the boyscout camp and the flooding. We are 3-5 hours from all of that. We now have not had rain for over a week so tonight we will water the plants at the garden.

Thinking of you all and know you must be busy this summer. Deanna

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Sharon, the placemats are cute but the baby is cutest!!
You are so blessed to be there to see her and be with her when she was born!

Deanna, we had not had rain in a long time until Sun. We still could use more. It is so tragic when we have too much of a good thing.My heart goes out to those parents of the boyscouts.

Well, I got back to walking this morning. The sinus infection hung on for 2 weeks and isn't completely gone but enough I decided I could walk again without coughing. For a while there if I got the least bit warm I'd get a coughing jag. You probably have all been there so you know how irritating it is. Hope I'll be back in my routine now. This next month is going to be busy. Grands are coming and I can't wait. I hear my DGS asks his Mom every day if this is the day-9 more days and I'll be there to get him!

Hope everyone is having a great summer--I know you are Sharon! Thanks for sharing with us-tell us more.


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The placemats are so colorful and pretty. Glad you are having a wonderful summer Sharon.
Deanna we were talking to some soldiers this AM and they were saying their fams farms have been affected by the bad weather. Ours are just dry but we are not as bad as the Atlanta region. You have been getting out and exercising much more than me.
Glad you are feeling better Sally, the heat index is 104 here today so I have not been walking.
This field burning is what we had to deal with first thing today. I took these pics from our driveway. Smoke was everywhere and it really gives me a headache. I wish they would not burn in this dry weather, it's a little (A LOT LOL) scary.
koko Rosa

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Rosa, I can't believe someone would burn when it's so dry! I know there are times I have to stay inside when it's hazy with smoke. As I get older, I just can't breathe as well around things like that.

Sally, My DD is suffereing with trying to get rid of a sinus infection. She had a tooth pulled 5 weeks ago...it went to a dry socket then to sinus infection behind her eyes and almost to her brain. She was on 3 different kinds of antibiotics and it still isn't over with! She's supposed to leave for Haiti on a missions trip for her church next month and I told her she wants that gone before she leaves! I know you're looking forward to being with your Grands.....I got to sleep with my 7 year old great-granddaughter last night. @:) She didn't want to leave when her mom came to pick her us.

Deanna, If you like kayaking and you ever get to the South Bend area, they've fixed up an area downtown where the Olympians can practice. It's so much fun to watch them! So check it out....but for me, I'll stay on the sidelines.

I've sent myself so many links to quilts, placemats and table runners that I've run across since I've been gone, that I'll probably never get around to doing them! Would be fun though.... @:)


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Sharon--I love the placemats--did you use a pattern and is it available on-line?

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Geri, I didn't make the placemats (but want to). I found them at another forum......I'm pretty sure you can go in as a guest even though joining is free.


She said they came from a pattern called Quick Quilts for Happy Meals by Toni Phillips and Juanita Simonich and isn't sure how old the pattern is.


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Here are some more baby ideas. I love the bunny bib and the hand pupet washcloth. This is the site Nancy posted for Bill on discussions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sewing Org

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Rosa, As if I needed more things to add to my list! lol

They had the baby out shopping at Walmart today and stopped by on their way home.....she's 3 days old and shopping already!!! She sure does love to be held by her Gramma Shazz (which is what the great-grandkids call me).

There's been beautiful weather here....we've been to the local ball park and watched SIL play baseball a few times....and that's quite a walk as he plays on the last field in the very back! There's a few other teams they like to watch, so he took the kids with him tonight and it's quieter here for now. I need to start thinking about what I'm going to pack and what I'll need to ship back to FL....I bought waaaaaaaaay too much fabric and I only have one suitcase and a carry-on....plus the laptop I bought!

I hope you all are enjoying your lives and being with your loved ones.....they cannot be replaced.....don't be afraid to make a few laugh lines.....and KOKO. @:)


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Just thought I would stop in and say good morning. I am heading out to the lake to do some kayaking this morning. DD is in town with some friends at the campground and one of them has never tried it, so we will go out for a short time.

I am glad the baby gets to go shopping :) Our girls were born in the winter in South Dakota and you just didn't go out all that much it seems-plus they were cholicy and never knew when they would be really crabby.

Trying to get the top done on my nieces quilt today. Oh Rosa, the pics of the fires showed up. How awful. Sharon, I may get to South Bend some time, never know.

I am getting info now on maybe traveling to the mardis grad. It has been a life dream of my husbands. I do remember in our younger years him mentioning it. I don't have a huge desire to go there but we will see. Anyone been? There are a lot of other places I would prefer to be in February but he has no desire for a cruise or Cancun.

Have a good weekend everyone. Deanna

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Hi all,
I just posted a picture of my DS b/d quilt in the gallery. I can hardly wait to give it to her. She is coming next weekend and it will be 2 or 3 days after her b/d but I'm going to wait rather than mail it. She likes the older looking fabrics. Hope the colors are ok with her.

Sharon, I know you are having fun especially being with that baby. I go get 2 of mine in 5 days and all 4 of them will be here next week.

Sharon, I had to smile about all that fabric you bought. When we first moved here and I was in an apt. and couldn't do much I bought fabric. I didn't realize how much until I tried to get it all in my sewing room! What fun.

The first place we took my oldest GS was a trip to Wal Mart and my DD said, "I can't put that in his baby book." Now, of course, she doesn't care.

Rosa, I had fun looking at all those projects but like Sharon, I do not need more projects. I keep looking at new ideas of course.

Deanna, we live in Louisiana where Mardi Gras is everywhere. We are not involved and have been to only a few parades. One year we took our children to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and decided we had been. Even our small town has a parade or two. With things as they are in N.O. especially since Katrina, I would not want to go. That doesn't mean you shouldn't--just not an interest of mine. I understand that there is a really large celebration in Mobile, Ala. I don't really know anything about it, however.

Was able to walk each morning this week. Today I mowed the grass and did some work in the yard. It has gotten very hot. DH has been walking with me before work.


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Thought I'd check in as I plan to head about an hour's drive north tomorrow for a couple days. Plan to spend some time with my brother and will probably go for a sunset boat ride on the St Joe River along with his daughter and her family, my oldest grandson and his wife and my granddaughter who is with me from Florida. We plan to spend the night at my grandson's and then come back here. I think I'm getting too old for all this gadding about!

I know y'all are enjoying the outdoors and can only get here when you need to relax and chill out, so, here's a slide-show I found for you to enjoy of some quilts at the Columbus Ohio show.

Here is a link that might be useful: AQS Columbus Ohio show

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What is it about the end of June that seems so busy and even a little frantic like summer is nearing over? I have house guests coming for the weekend of the 4th and have so much to do but instead have been playing, sewing, kayaking, golfing,etc. I have this weekend off and then will have off the 3rd so will procrastinate with the cleaning, etc. and then frantically do it--anyone else like me? My exercise has decreased but I still get my walks in and did some yoga on Thursday.

Hope that you are all well and ready to shoot some firecrackers. Are they allowed in your state? We can shoot them in South Dakota and buy them here also, but there are not great places to shoot them off unless you have private property. We have a great fireworks display on the 4th that is on the setting of the Missouri River so am anxious for my company to take that it. KOKO. Deanna

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Deanna it is waaaaay too hot to be doing all that exercise, you are making my lazy butt look bad LOL!!!!!! I went to Mardi G once and it was like St. Patty's day in Savannah or bike week in Daytona crazy. If DH wants to go then GO, but keep a close watch on your money if you are out at night!
I always try to do so much when I have company for the holidays, but I always run out of time. I have one sis that makes me frantic when I know she is coming because she is such a critic and she makes me begin to dread seeing her, but everyone else, if they don't like the way it looks THEN FIX IT YOURSELF!!!!! I don't think this sis realizes how she 'comes across' so I still love her I just try to plan visits in a hotel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sally the quilt is absolutely beautiful, please tell your sis that I am jealous that not 1 of my 5 sis can quilt.
And, if I make anything I have to make 5, then 1 for Mom, and then the nieces get one, and I forgot my daughter and the 2 tweens. I get tired just thinking about it, but I love them all LOL!!
I am already making Christmas gift because my fam is huge and keeps growing and did I mention that they love anything hand made????
Sharon the quilt show is amazing, how can people be so talented????? But my fav was the flamingo with tennis shoes.
I have been 'puttin up' tomatoes. I had been waiting on the farm we get onions and tomatoes from to announce they were ready. They placed an ad in our small town and we went that very day. All of the ripe tomatoes had blisters and the rest were small and GREEN. I started to not buy any (we pick) and I thought they were just having a bad year and they are really nice people. Last year in 10 minutes tops we had 3 five gallon buckets full, this year about 20 to 30 minutes and it was HOT. I love my Mom and Dad, they don't really eat tomatoes so she only pick 2 five gallon buckets and I love them so I pick one! They are both the sweetest people in the world and so set in their ways. It has been great moving back so I can visit in short spells because I know long visits are tiring for them.
We drive to the house to pay and I wash my hands and the garage is full of green tomatoes in large boxes marked 'vine ripe'. If a tomato has a blush it can be considered as vine ripe, these were as green as Kermit the Frog.
I was pretty annoyed because I thought it was very deceptive to pick the tomatoes and then advertise and leave the 'culls' for us. I think I was mad at me for feeling sorry for them.
Then after I was relaxing that night I decided to let it go, all of the negativity is so bad for us. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they got a call at the last minute begging them for tomatoes and they felt it was their duty to send tomatoes to all of the stores at higher prices. AND NOT GREED AT ALL LOL!!!!
I do have green tomato salsa and plenty of chili sauce, so I have nothing to complain about after all. Have a wonderful time with all of your fams everyone, I can tell you are excited about the visits.
Baby Steps Rosa

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