Alaska trip Vancouver pics.

grammypJune 3, 2007

We had a wonderful trip to Vancouver and a short ride thru town to the airport. We did pass some great sites though.

Traveling to Vancouver.

Our first pretty sunset.

Bridge built by the Guinnes family so they could get to the island.

Arriving at the port.

Public library.

One of many harbours.

A Monkey tail tree.

That is just a sampeling of the 600+ pics. I have some of the different areas on the ship and the Grand Buffet if anyone is interested. I know several are planning trips and that you will have a great time. Just e-mail if you have questions.


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Wow, Beverly, what an awesome trip. Your pictures are great. Thanks for sharing. Aren't digital cameras a great invention?


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Oh Beverly

Thanks so much for sharing. We will spend 3 days in Vancouver as I might never get there again what a lovely peek at the city. I guess hubby needs to buy another memory card as we have -2- and thats only a little over 500 pictures. lol


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Thanks for all the pics, Beverly. Was fun, eh? They sure brought back memories.

(I still haven't seen all of them as the ol' slow dial-up refuses to load sometimes.)


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Thank you Beverly! My DH and I enjoyed sitting here looking at your pics. His step father has been to the North Face near the artic circle several time in the past year and his picture aren't as nice as yours, LOL! He is an inspector on the BP oil line and where he stays is an arid desert at 50 or more below zero. On one trip, he brought home pictures of a very large (and dead) bear that had eaten a person!

I much prefer your pictures :).


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Yup, be prepared to take lots of pictures. DH took his PDA and we had prints made on ship then transfered from the chip to the PDA and erased the chip every evening. Wal-mart has a 4 gig chip that should hold all the pictures you can make.

A lot of them were blurred because I took lots thru windows, but there were still lots that came out.

I don't think I would like the bear either Nanci.


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