Pool chemicals- vinyl

erl2009April 15, 2014

We recently built an inground vinyl pool based on pictures on this site....esp zuggy333's. Can anyone give their 2 cents on chemicals they use and lessons learned?? Thanks

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I have the water tested at a pool/spa supply store and add the chemicals that they recommend.

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I tried to help you out but the site I was directing you too is not allowed to be mentioned anymore on here. Too bad because you don't need the pool stores over priced chemicals and inaccurate water testing.

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Sorry but my stores water testing is by far as good as anything that you could do yourself and I keep the records for you for warranty issues. Also all my people are C.P.O. Certified that read the tests. So don't make general statements on pool stores there are some out there that really are a added value to pool owners. As for a vinyl pool the biggest thing is all chemicals for the most part must be mixed in a bucket of water and the broadcasted into the pool. Read your liner manufactures warranty so you can understand what levels and chemicals are needed to keep your liner in shape and looking good for years to come.....enjoy you pool and congrats

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Disagree on the mixing of chemicals in a bucket, not necessary IMHO. I use no chemicals from the pool store and don't mix anything in a bucket. My VL pool is 12 years old and looks great. From all the testimonials I've read your pool store must be in the minority as far as accurate water testing goes. Sorry if I offended you Muddy but there are a lot of people out there with some very bad pool store stories, glad to hear there are some reputable ones out there.

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