Tennessee flood

bledsoecreekgirlMay 12, 2010

The flood in Tennessee has really messed up my deck. Now that the water has receded and the mud has, for the most part, been removed, my less than a year old deck has a silty residue left on it. It is very fine, almost baby powder consistency, but it will not hose off. I have hosed and wet swept numerous times and the gray/brown silt will not come off the deckboards or lattice. They are pressure treated. The posts and rails are composite with alum. balusters and they have all cleaned up nicely. Any suggestions from anyone?? I am afraid this residue is embedded into the wood grain. I hate to complain when some people have lost their entire home, but this happening to my deck before it's first summer of use is really just making me sick. Help,please.

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Give it some more time. Let the sun come out for a while see how it looks then and get back

Bad deal with the trouble over there hang tough. J.

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