Finished - Before/After pictures (finally!)

mysterymachineMarch 1, 2008


This one gives you a better idea of how tight it was in the actual kitchen - if the fridge was open and the oven was open at same time there wasn't enough room for a person between

The wall that was removed:

Sorry I couldn't find any pictures of the dining room "before" it was just a plain carpeted rectangular room.

Now for the good stuff.. the after!

I have to mention that many of the after pictures were taken by the GC's photographer and are copyrighted so cannot be used without permission (he said I had to say that before I posted the pics).

The dining table and chairs we had before. All the design was done by me with lots of help from gardenweb - especially on the layout (at first my DW didn't trust me to do it and wanted to hire a designer but I think I did really well) the exceptions are the acrylic in the dining room was designed by my GC and the cabinets in the dining I gave general layout to the cabinet folks but they did the finished design (kitchen cabs I did all the design/layout). I used google sketchup for all the design.

The structural changes were removing the dining wall and bumping back just the chunk of the wall behind the wall ovens a couple feet. I also added a pocket door into the opening from the TV room to the kitchen as well (the last of the "before" pictures is taken from where the pocket door was put in).

There are so many details I could spend an hour typing them and still leave something out - so instead if you have any questions ask and I will respond :) One thing not noticeable in the pics is the cupboard on the right in the dining cabs is actually a beverage fridge. There is pullout trash+recycle in both the kitchen and dining.

And people always ask about the diswasher, yes its an 18" dishwasher, and they always ask why I went for a small one - becuase its the only way I could get the layout I wanted with the dishwasher to the left of the sink and where I could unload the whole dishwasher without moving my feet. The efficiency in loading/unloading more than makes up for the extra loads I have to run. Its a Miele with the silverware tray and I would estimate I only lose about 20% capacity compared to my old dishwasher.

The backsplash was done by my brother, its completely custom cut (as in he had a pile of leftover slab of rock from some other jobs of his and he cut all the peices to the exact size so it would be 2 tiles high on point). I bought the fossils on ebay over a 3 month period or so.

What's sad is the granite is the highlight of the kitchen and none of these pictures show it well. If you look close on the 3rd picture there you can see that it has black streaks and the picture with the sink you can see dark streaks there as well (in that area the streaks are dark grey)

Any questions? :)

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OMG - that is amazing, absolutely gorgeous. I would love to know the name of your granite. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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Thank you!

The granite is Capella, I believe some places call it Golden Ray. The fabricators were excellent - even with such directional granite you have to really look for the seams.

The granite is interesting - many people (especially family) hated it when I showed them pictures of the slabs but once everyone has seen it in place they've loved it (or at least they are being nice LOL)

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Oh, the use of fossils is amazing! Well done, not over-done. Your space has so many very subtle design elements that make it really come together. For eample how the shape of the cabinet pulls mirror the ones on the fridge, and how thier dark color picks up the dark cabinetry in the dining area. Looks great!

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It looks just fabuluos, I love the granite and the back splash.

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For example there are 2 seams in the picture of the sink. One down the center of the sink and one in the corner. The other seams are directly on either side of the cooktop, under the "lip" of the cooktop so you can only see a small part of the seams there.

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Wow! The eye-catching fossil pieces in your backsplash are quite fitting with the organic elements of your kitchen. Bravo on your design! It surely seems that the redesigned, open layout works wonderfully, allowing perfect balance between the working, lounging and dining areas of your enlarged space. And the tone and style of your cabinets are ideal complements to that rich granite. Congratulations! Enjoy!

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Your kitchen is gorgeous! But I have to admit, I flipped over your DR table. I was lusting after one very similar at Scandinavian Designs, and it's wonderful to see it in an actual home setting!

You did a wonderful job, and the fossil fish tiles are beautifully integrated.

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Wow that's an amazing change!!! What a great space for entertaining :) I do love the fossils...very well done! I also love that you broke up the cabinets between the dining area and the kitchen with the dark and light. It really makes the space flow from one function to the other.

It's really quite gorgeous. The granite reminds me of mine (vulcan gold). I would imagine that it's so much richer in person than what a picture can do here :) I know mine lose a great deal of the drama to film sometimes.

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ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! If I couldn't define my style before... your kitchen does it for me! I will have to bookmark this and use it as a inspiration kitchen when I get to do the kitchen in my next house. Could you please give me some info on your floors and cabinets? Are those floors cork? I love that the look is clean, contemporary, yet warm, inviting. Not too formal, fussy, too classic... IT'S ME!

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Thanks for noticing alku05. Also the dining handles are similar but have the curve to offset the very "boxy" feel of the sharp corners of the lyptus butcherblock and the cherry trim around the acrylic. One of the best parts - the handles are just ones from one of the big chain home improvement places and were way more affordable than any of the fancy places I looked at hardware.

I looked at the same oven (electrolux) in the "professional" line which would then have the same handle style as well but I just loved the big glass front on the electrolux designer series too much - I was in love (still am) and no handle was gonna change my mind on that one.

The whole granite/fossil/backsplash struggle was tough. I want the granite to be the highlight and not fight with the backsplash. I think a big key with the fossils was to resist putting them always in the "center" between all the tiles and go with a more organic placement. On the wall by the sink I had to go on center due to the amount of space.

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Thanks everyone, igloo I know you had a part in there somewhere - I know you chimed in with advice when I was designing (those threads have rolled off the board by now or I'd look up what you helped me with).

Details asked:
Floor is cork, duro-design, color is Cognac, stlye is barriga. I went with cork becuase its a cement slab floor so the softness and the insulating against the cold cement were a plus. We did the planks as cork in the kitchen made me nervous so I wanted something that could be fixed "relatively easy" if it got damaged, or taken out and completely replaced if we found it didn't work. Shortly after doing it though we stayed at a bed and breakfast place that had cork in their kitchen for over 10 yrs and it still looked great.

Kitchen is maple, shaker (obviously).. I forget the name of the color but I had to really shop around to find the color I wanted which is golden with only a slight orange tint (most places were way too orange) and with the grain being a noticable brown (some places the stain didn't hightlight the brown). Dining is cherry stained in "carriage black". They are from a company called "merit kitchens" or something like that. They came standard with soft close on all drawers - which is funny becuase at first I didn't think I wanted soft close but since there was no upcharge I went with it and now I love it :)

And yes, pictures can't even begin to do the granite justice. It has copper, brown, white, various grays, and black in it. I had the table first, then picked the granite and worked through all the designs from there. It was really stressfull becuase I never got to see any of it together till the end ie I didn't get to take the cabinets to the granite place, only got a description of the backsplash stones over the phone, bought most things on the internet etc etc.

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Phobie Privett

SO sleek and gorgeous! Love that backsplash! Congrats!

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FYI the layout proved to be AMAZING. Now my wife and I can cook together where before I couldn't let anyone but me into the kitchen as they would always bump into me. We do a lot of entertaining. Most "normal people" don't appreciate the layout till they start using it. Us TKO people here on GW are different ;)

Some design goals were to allow access to things for guests without having guests interfere with the cooking so for example the fridge is accessible by guests without fully entering the kitchen (and the beverage fridge in the dining cabs furthers that). The guests can visit with the cook by sitting at the penninsula but I still have a pretty nice buffer there. Having that buffet counter in the dining area has worked out even better than I'd hoped.

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If anyone is in the Seattle area and wants to see it in person we will be having 2 open houses in April. One is friends/family/neighbors etc and free and I will be there. The other is that our contractor put us into the "Master Builder Assoc Kitchen and Bath Tour" which is an event you pay some money and get a map with a bunch of houses with remodels and can tour each one and meet the GCs. I am not allowed to be there for that one.

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Love It!

And not just because it's close to a version of the kitchen I wanted (DH got his way on most of the choices). I had actually almost ordered those pendants!

May have to borrow the fossilized fish idea. I have some that DH has bought me- I could put them- ummmm....more choices.... :>) Also, on the borrowing theme, do you know what kind of rock your brother used on your backsplash? Those colours look like they'd go perfectly in my kitchen too!

What are the screens (?) at the end of your dining room?

Your seating looks very comfortable- I can imagine guests never want to leave!

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Those are wonderful spaces, and they're gorgeous, too! I love how you integrated two woods and two styles, like they belong together. Your backsplash is nothing short of perfect in the space. Your choices were all clearly impeccable - right down to the kitchen rug.

Tell me about the black framed window in the dining room. Does it open? What's on the other side?

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i can see enough of the graniteto see how striking it is! very nice blending of colors of backsplash and granute. and very cool that your brother created it.

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Yowza! That is absolutely gorgeous! I assume the countertop in the dining area is the same as the counters in the kitchen?

Love the light fixture in the dining area!!!


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Sorry I do not know what kind of rock it is, its a slate from china is all my brother knew - he basically got it out of another tile persons garbage pile for $100 (and we only used 1/2 of it)

The "screens" are textured acrylic with red reeds embedded in them trimmed out in cherry with black stain. Here I just went and took some closeups for you. Its either from a company called Lumicor or 3M.. I can't remember which company I actually went with but if you really want to know I can go look it up.

I'll take some pics of it for you.

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Well, if the pics don't do your granite justice (according to you :-) then it must be un-freakin' believable in person, becayse it looks pretty darn gorgeous in those photos!!!

What a great working and dining space and it all looks great! You must smile everytime you walk into the room. Enjoy it!

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I think your kitchen looks a lot like mine!!!! Big sink! LOVE IT!!!!!! Really a HUGE improvement!!! Great before and after pictures.....ENJOY!!! Thanks for posting them...loved looking...

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No they don't swing open. I didn't want people to be able to see through the whole house. The area where the acrylic is now was just open before the remodel (wall was there but had a cutout where acrylic is). Other side of the screen is the living room.

Detail of the acrylic:

Dug up some old pictures:

Dining room before demolition, looking through where is now the acrylic:

Granite slab:

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Cat_mom - I LOVE your kitchen - as I said on your thread its a good (or bad) thing I didn't see yours before I did mine or I might have copied some stuff from you - especially your cabs!

KitchenKelly, we had enough of the kitchen slabs leftover to do the dining but I decided on lyptus butcher block instead... gives it a little more refined feel and fits better with those cabs. Well that and I love butcherblock and wanted to get it in the design somewhere LOL.

The light over the kitchen table is actually for a pool table LOL.. I just hate all the normal chandeliers I've seen. I have to say my wife found the lights over the dining room table - its her one claim to fame on the kitchen so I'll have to tell her someone complimented me on them. :)

I have lights matching the ones over the kitchen in the living room as well as over the stairs. You can see the matching lights on the right in this pic of the dining room (wow weird shadows on the wall by the lamp there)

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One thing: For the fridge everyone here on GW at the time told me not to go with black and to go with stainless instead but I went with my gut and got black and I think it looks great (insert pic here of me with tongue sticking out). :)

Every once in a while someone here on GW pulls out their hair worrying about mixing stainless with non-stainless appliances and how it will look. It CAN work great (or at least it works for me!)

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I had this page (your post with pictures) up and my husband came over to check something on my computer. Instead, he carefully looked at your photos and came to find me, saying: "if I had designed our kitchen solo, this would've been my dream." You had him with the fossils.

You did great!

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Absolutely amazing!! You should be very pleased!


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Very nice!

Tell me about the sink faucet fixture.

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Love it! Very VERY nice. The fish are a really special details.

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It is a different countertop! We will need a close-up pic, please. (I'll wait here.)

And YES!, tell your wife that you were right on that light fixture!

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roserx The faucet is a ladylux pro - its a pullout. I had a stainless ladylux cafe with the black handle and head ordered but decided I wanted the spray that the pro offered without the flared head that the version of the cafe that had spray. In retrospect I could have done with the ladylux cafe without spray. I got it on ebay.

As far as the fossils - I hope Pharoah sees this thread (if you haven't seen his kitchen you owe it to yourself to - its awesome). I actually thought of the fossils when I was looking at granite and saw some granite with fossils in it - that stuff is awesome but costs almost as much as my whole kitchen. Then I did some searches here on gardenweb and saw pharoahs kitchen and consulted with him about the feasibility of doing what I wanted. The fossils were pretty easy to work with, I had some extras in case we broke any. The hardest part is some of them are really thick - so we have a LOT of mud behind the tiles to make them flush with the fossils. It took a few months to get the fossils even though there are tons on ebay becuase I was picky about what direction I wanted them facing, wanted variety in them etc. You have to be careful though - there are some crappy ebay fossil sellers - so I bought cheap ones that I didn't even plan on using from several vendors first before settling on 2 sellers I trusted based on the quality of the cheap ones.

The fossils are all from one lakebed in utah. They varied in price, a majority of them were in the $15 to $25 range, those are called knightia. The bigger one that looks more like perch and the double fossil were more expensive as they have more "meat" (sorry I am not a fossil professional) and are a rarer fish, they were $150 each. There is one in the center above the stove that was $35 as it was a rarer fish as well. I was bidding on a huge stingray to go on the wall where the painting of mt. fuji is now but I got outbid.

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I LOVE it!!! The two rooms complement each other so amazingly without totally matching. So many little touches- the fossils are amazing, as is the tile layout, and the fridge/door handles.... and the granite.... and the diningroom table!!!!!!!


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Here are some more shots of a few of the fossils and granite - its a little easier now that its dark outside. I tried to get the granite in addition to the backsplash so you can see the contrast but how they still tie together - in the previous pics the granite looked lighter than it is (the floor looks lighter than it is in the pics as well)

The $35 one I mentioned (rarer fish)

There is a granite seam right down the middle of this picture... can you see it?

I think this one was pregnant

Nice view of the granite

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Sorry kitchenKelly I missed your request for buffet counter pics - here you go:

Counter + opened fridge

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Wow!!!!!! I love that, too!

You need to have a sign in that room that says, "It is good to be me"

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Love your kitchen! It looks great and very functional at the same time. I love the fossil backsplash and it really showcases the colors of the granite.

I'm curious to hear how hard it was installing the cork floors. I hope to install cork in my kicthen in a few weeks. What did you put under your refrigerator? Cork? Plywood? And what do you use to maintain the floors? Did you put a few coats of Polyurethane (sp.?) on to seal them after installation?

Great job on your kitchen! Congratulations it looks beautiful!


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The cork was super easy to install - the strips I got install like pergo only since they are 1' wide it goes a lot faster. I have to say I ordered cork samples from 3 different companies and beat up the samples a lot and only one looked good after beating it up - the duro-design. I talked at length to them about this and they told me the whole reason is their special polyeurethane (sp?) that is flexible. The other ones if the cork dented (which is does, but it springs back) the polyeurethane would crack. We put on 3 coats for the whole floor and 4 coats in the kitchen (I believe the recommended was 3). The coating comes with the cork. I believe we have to recoat it every 10 yrs or so to keep it nice.

I did cork under the refers - sure it will sink down some but you just re-level your fridge after a week.

Some more pictures of the granite - and a question... I have the rug in the last picture by the door to the patio... the photographer took it out for the pictures so that makes me think that even though I like it that it doesn't fit. All the colors in it are also in the table top. Honest opinions please :)

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Floor maintenance I just vaccum, then once a month or so I use something called a swiffer wetjet. The recommended method is just mopping with a damp mop - NOT soaking wet (you don't want standing water but it can get wet).

I made the mistake of cleaning up a spill from a party using lemon pledge - the floor there is super slippery now!

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Just *stunning*. Saving these pics :) Pang of jealousy about your fabulous quartzite and fossil backsplash. Another pang about the 3-form screens...and just great appreciation for mixing two different colors of cabinets in an unbroken space and having it all work out so fabulously.

The granite must be a total joy every day.

So did you design it all yourself and just have the GC execute? There are so many perfect *individual* touches that you must have done it yourself. With amazing talent and attention to detail.

Congratulations again--it belongs in a "best of" with pharoah's :)

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Never mind, I see that you did the design yourself. And a *man*, too! Incredible :)

Also big congratulations on daring to be basically monochromatic (as it were) in the kitchen--not having contrast between floor/cabs/counter/ all works so well...the differences stand out all the more for the basic similarity of tone.

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What a beautiful transformation! Honestly, what opening up two rooms can do, especially when designed with the care you've put into. A beautiful, elegant, INTERESTING space.


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I like the rug!!!!! It looks fun, and I think it picks up your colors fabulously!

Maybe the photographer just wanted more structural element shots?

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Stunning! Stunning! Stunning! You did a terrific job. I'm not seeing outlets on the range wall, I'm assuming it's plugmold?

I'm not sure I'd be happy that I wouldn't be allowed in my own home during a tour. But that's just me.

Your granite is gorgeous, mine has movement and colors I love but not as vivid as yours. Be forewarned, cereal flakes are hard to find.

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Amazing kitchen! If I were in Seattle I would just have to come to the open house to touch that granite! Magnificent job!

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"Also big congratulations on daring to be basically monochromatic (as it were) in the kitchen"

Yeah... I was really scared when designing it becuase I was breaking the "rule" with the contrast. I have the full spectrum from black to white but yes its mostly all in the gray and brown - I use texture and dark accents to seperate it out and bring out the color (yes there are even flecks of red/burgandy in the granite in places).

Also its a "whole ton of warm" with the only stuff I have cooling it down being a couple shades of neutral (gray) so I broke another "rule" there too. You can see why when I was describing it all my wife was cringing and wanted to hire a designer.

"What a beautiful transformation! Honestly, what opening up two rooms can do"

I was more amazed on what simply rearranging things and bumping out one small portion of one wall can do. This plan/layout would actually still work with the wall between the kitchen and dining there (I contemplated it becuase I like to cook in peace - but I got around that another way and installed in ceiling speakers in the kitchen so when people are being too annyoing I can crank up the volume LOL)

Here is a tip for all new gardenweb people I wish I'd done - keep a notepad doc on the computer of all the names of people who helped you on gw so you can thank them and show them their influence when you are done - becuase older threads fall off.

I feel bad listing names becuase I can only remember a few but at least those people I remember should get some props. I know celtic_moon helped several times on layout, a frech woman (or was it french canadian) helped a lot with cork and layout - I can't remember her name. I mentioned igloo and pharoah already. A whole lot of people here talked me into induction. I think sweeby was on vacation or something the month or so I was working every single evening on layout - people kept suggesting I have her help me but she never saw my threads LOL (for those that don't know sweeby is famous round these parts for finding the perfect solution to tricky layouts). Honestly the layout was really tough to get everything I wanted into it. I didn't get much sleep for a while there.

Please, if you remember helping me on something mention it on here and give yourself credit!

Yep, plugmold also a grommet by the phone through the granite for power and phone. The kitchen is all wired for hdtv synchronized with the TV room as well but I ran out of money for a TV (and not sure I want one but you need to wire for one just in case). The tour, well my contractor is doing a TON of maintenance to the yard, outside of the house etc for free in exchange for letting strangers check out the remodel. They have staff in the house to answer questions and make sure people don't get into stuff. I think they don't want you there so people can feel more free to be critical and ask the contractor hard questions or something - that or they don't want you "hovering" over everyone LOL.

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Amazing! It is so warm and sophisticated!

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Great kitchen!!! Everything flows perfectly together. I love the contrasting cabinets. I do remember your layout struggles from way back and how to deal with that angled window where the peninsula is, which walls to take down, etc. It all turned out perfectly!!! Again, wonderful job!!!

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My first thought when I looked at the pics: great fridge!! We also went for a black fridge but I don't like mine as much as I do like yours. We were told our LG would come in a matt finish but it is high gloss. Which brand is yours? Is it a 25 cft or smaller?

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Your kitchen is beautiful. I always seem to be drawn to the kitchens on the Gardenweb designed by men for some reason, don't know why!

I am surprised no one has asked you about your very large sink, so I will. I cannot tell what material it is, can you provide that info, and manufacturer, and where you bought it? Approx. what size? It looks dark, so does that mean it is silgranite, or something else? If it is silgranite, what color is that, and how have you liked it in the way of cleaning, etc.? I love a rectangular sink (versus D-shape, which is not my taste). But is your sink zero-radius (i.e. very sharp 90-degree corners) or softer corners? Thanks for answering these questions, and again, great job! What a transformation!

P.S. and LOL - what are you going to do now that your kitchen is done - you are going to find yourself with SO MUCH free time! You'll be looking for a new project in no time....

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malhgold: well if you helped me or even just threw out ideas back then - thanks!

beatrix: its a Jenn-Air counter depth fridge. You can get it in high gloss or like ours which is shiny but not high gloss. Its very easy to keep clean. Being counterdepth it is smaller.

shannonplus: ahhh the sink - I love it. Sadly it has a hairline crack in one corner and the GC is going to have to tear everything apart to replace it. I hope he doesn't break my granite doing it! It is a super single silgranite sink in, I think they call the color anthracite? At first after the remodel I thought it would be torture to clean but that was just becuase there was drywall dust still around but now it keeps clean wonderfully - its quite amazing actually. It doesn't show in photos but its kinda got a sparkle to it. Its not 0 radius but they are quite square. One of the benefits to it is that it is much quieter than a stainless sink. Do a search here on GW its quite famous there are several threads on its size, what cabs it can fit in etc that I've commented on (hopefully they haven't rolled off the board yet). If you do get one be completely paranoid about cracks - they have a tendency to crack in shipment or during install. Once they are in I have never heard of them cracking but getting there is another story.

Free time LOL well I am:
1. Hosting a lot of parties (not much different than before - we are the only one in my wifes family that has a house big enough for family gatherings that doesn't have stairs to get to the house).
2. Catching up with friends I completly neglected during the remodel (including my wife LOL). During the remodel I lost count of how many times my DW said "Can we talk about something, ANYTHING, other than the kitchen. You are completly obsessed"
3. Actually doing fun things like watching movies, playing video games etc
4. Cooking. Its amazing how much better food turns out in the new kitchen. The heat is so much more even with the induction and the oven, wow, my old oven must have been way off with the temps or something becuase if a recipe says 20 minute - it actually takes 20 minutes. As I stated before my wife and I can actually cook together in the new layout so its wonderful.

Basically I am trying to do anything other than a new house project becuase I burned through 5 yrs of savings to pay for the remodel (I didn't want to take on more debt)

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Awesome kitchen. Wow. One small thing I really like, that nobody but my TKO self would notice, is your dishwasher. My pet peeve is the "hidden" appliances, where you can't find the DW or fridge unless you are familiar with the kitchen - I realize there are lots of people on this Forum who prefer that look, but it's just not for me. So I really like how you combine the best of both worlds with your DW, with the control panel visible (and Miele's is looking very sleek and mod BTW), yet with some cabinet front for a uniform look with the rest of your cabinetry. Was it difficult to fit that panel on the DW?

Everything looks great, and it looks like you put TONS of thought into this re-do. Super job!

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Your kitchen (and dinning room!) turned out AMAZING!

I'm the French Canadian (but MA resident) who helped with the penninsula layout and with the cork. I'd been waiting for your pics! I haven't chimed in on too many layouts. But in your case, I remember that there were many challenges because of doors and window positions, and I thought that using a rounded penninsula would give you the "barrier" you wanted while not closing in the fridge too much.

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Wow, I love your new spaces. Absolutely beautiful. I noticed your granite windowsill. I love that it is customized to look just like a wooden sill. We want to put granite sills in some of our windows, but I just pictured something straight and not so pretty. Do you know how much that window sill cost? I'm just trying to get an idea of what the pricing is on one like that. Again, your rooms are beautiful.

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alwaysfixin: I don't know - I had Miele do the install becuase they double the warranty if one of their people do it. It didn't look too bad in the instructions though - a metal framework you screw onto the back of the cabinet face. The toekick on the diswasher was harder - it just came with a black plastic one and the GC had to do some work to put on the matching maple one yet keep it a seperate peice in case we need to repair it. I really like that it comes with spacers so that you can align your cabs (notice the horizontal stainless "lines" under the control panel - those are just spacers). The Miele was the one "expensive" appliance but there really is no comparison in the 18" dishwashers - the miele is hands and feet above all the other 18" I've seen/heard/read about.

brutuses: It wasn't very much at all - I was not upcharged so either they didn't charge for it or it was so small the contractor didn't find it worth adding it as a line item. I do have a peice of the slab saved to make a counter on the outside in the BBQ area and that window will be a passthrough. Redoing the patio is hopefully part of the 2009 project (trying to take 2008 off to recover the finances a bit)

Yeah!!! Rachelle_g I was hoping you'd show (sorry for forgetting your name). If I remember right you were also the first person to float the idea of having something in the dining area where I have cabs now even though I think at that point you said "nevermind that I was just playing around" - well look what came from your playing around now! Thanks again for really helping me.

As Rachelle said we had lots of design strggles with the space that might not be apparent now. One of the big challenges of this space is that the whole flow from living room to dining to kitchen was what someone on GW called a "funnel" LOL. The living room is much bigger than the dining and the dining much bigger than the kitchen. Even the kitchen itself had a decent sized breakfast nook but the kitchen proper you cook in was tiny. Removing the wall between kitchen and dining had the potential to make the kitchen actually appear even smaller. To make this not apparent we a) widened the kitchen by not having a counter on the wall with the fridge b) shrunk the dining space by putting those cabs there and changing the orientation of the table layout. c) Closed off the living room with the screen but still allow light passage to take advantage of the fact that the large wall in the living room is all windows.

Here I dug up the "before" floorplan so you can see:

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LOVE the kitchen! Just beautiful, modern, serene, fabulous!

The fossil backsplash looks great and so does the granite. Nice combo. THanks for citing my name ;) I am seeing more and more fossils in design magazines. I went to buy marble at a local store and they were selling fossils murals for fireplaces, backsplashes...

appliances, cabinets, and the reed screens are all the same features that i love for my own designs.

May I ask how much did the reed panels end up costing (per sq ft)?


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Hurray! Pharoah saw the thread too - now I just need celticmoon to stop in.

Sorry I can't remember on the reed panels... they have a set size sheet that they make them in - if you deviated from that size the price went up drastically so we made sure we went with a design that we could cut out of one sheet (we actually had to shrink that "hole" in the wall there some to do it). Looking at my invoices the charge for the whole thing, panels, custom fabrication of the cherry frame, contractor upcharge etc cost me 1857.76 - and then neither I nor the painter were satisfied with how it looked after 2 coats of stain and 1 coat of clear so I paid a few hundred more to end up with ultimately 4 coats of clear coat. I will say one thing - my cabinets are nowhere near as nice as yours and to think you made them yourself is awesome. I wish I would have had enough time to do more things myself. In retrospect I would have been better taking some unpaid leave from work to do somethings myself (especially painting) as most people are just not that careful. For example my brother is really picky about his tile - hes doing well but he sometimes gets dinged on his performance at work becuase he takes too long. Sometimes the whole American culture of getting things done as quickly and with as much profit as possible really bites and remodels is one of those things.

I have to say my GC was great though. As you can imagine he told me I am in some ways one of the best homeowners he's ever had to work with but also one of the hardest.

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Totally awesome - the granite is drop-dead gorgeous!

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As far as decorating the goal was to move from formal in the living room to fun in the TV room. The living room is black leather etc while the TV room is what would probably be labeled modern and the colors being the primaries red, blue and yellow. The dining and the kitchen have pretty much inverted colors. Dining is dark with autumn highlights while the kitchen is autumn with dark highligts so that is how it all works keeping it seperate yet uniform.

If you've noticed the small strip of black stained cherry between the Lyptus butcher block and the white window THEN I'd say you are hopelessly TKO.. there are lots of fun details like the staggering of the shelves for the light and having them be the same thickness as the counter but not appear so becuase they have the edge detail on the bottom. I could go on and on with all the details - that's whats made it so fun to show you GWers - most people don't notice the details.

One detail I don't like is the cabinetry trim above the glass shelves in the dining - I wanted that to be straight up but they put a flare on it. I already had them redo it once (at first they had it massively flare) so some things you just live with.

Lots of people ask if you were to redo it again what would I change.. (design wise - not talking about stuff I would do myself or mistakes the GC made) and about the only thing I really don't like is the hood - it was a huge pain to install (had to custom cut the duct cover), the lighting is spotty, its impossible to keep clean (funny how different stainless can be from easy to hard depending on the stainless itself). I didn't know I could fit a larger hood in the space and there are a lot more options for hoods at 36" than 30" (thats a 30" in there now). Even if I went with the exact same hood in 36" the lighting would be better as the 36 has 4 lights spread out instead of 2 right in the middle. Oh well - having the hood be my major dislike is pretty good :).

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Thanks for the panel information. I think that price was really good. I love the look of those organic interlayers.

Your granite is stunning. I love drama (think connemara, van gogh, lapiz, sodalite).. and you got drama.

I think your slate is california gold.

Great job on the design. With garden web being so popular and so many gorgeous kitchens being posted here, KDs will have to compete with us :)

If we combined all the posts and pictures from garden web, you could publish a book of designs, prices, sources, pitfalls, DIY tips, and emotional support :)

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Thanks Pharoah. Knowing what type of slate I had would be really helpful as people always ask. Neither my brother nor the guy whose "garbage pile" he got the slate from were entirely sure what it was. Some nice touches about it is some peices have what looks like fossilized lichen in them (its probably just some mineral etching but who knows it looks good with the fish) and a few other peices have little square flecks of silver (looks like large peices of glitter). There are little details like that in the tile that make it extra fun but don't immediately pop out.

Sometimes I wish I had some way to light those reed panels - the issue is that really you never see their color except in cases like the close up photo with flash. But then again lighting them might be too tacky - I like their subtly now.

Do you have some sort of bot that alerts you when someone mentions your name :) Seems like it will go a long time without hearing from you yet when someone mentions pharoah *poof* you magically appear soon after.

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My goodness... this is absolutely STUNNING! Ahhhh.. to be finished! I especially love the way the fishes are "swimming" along the backsplash. GREAT JOB! My hat is off to you.


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Thanks boxie, how far along are you? (yes pun intended - or, being a man, am I not allowed to make jokes equating remodels with pregnancy?) :)

I lucked out on one of the fossils needed for the "swimming" effect - if you look above the cooktop the one to the left is swimming down at an angle so it makes it look like the fish are swimming down to go under the cab. That one showed up on ebay only a week or two before it was time to tile - I was so thrilled. Its one of the better quality fossils too (and one of the cheapest!). It kinda looks like they are all going to get a bite to eat from my spatula holder LOL.

I always like to say when people comment on the fossils in person "yeah isn't it great? - I've got dead fish on the walls of my kitchen" :)

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Bot :) yes, the garden bot...

I do visit this site frequently but sometimes a few days go by and then there are so many new threads to read. When I see something beautiful, I cant resist but comment :) And I always look for DIY projects in people's postings.

The glitter that you see may be quartz or pyrite or another mineral. slate composition is quite diverse.

The reed panels could have been edge lit. They sell strips of LED lights that use very little wattage and can be hidden along the one edge and covered with the wood frame. The panels look very nice just at they are ...

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Sue Brunette

What a fantastic space! I second all of the complements you have received from other posters. Absolutely love it.

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Stunning, absolutely stunning. What a phenomenal job you did with all your selections. This just works in every way. Congrats!!!

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WOW!!! Stunning! I can't believe it's the same space as the "before" photos. The granite is fabulous. Your backsplash, the cabinets you've chosen, all work beautifully together. Your open concept works without being "matchy". Everything flows beautifully! What a magnificent job you've done! You must be thrilled:)

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mysterymachine - WOW, I love the movement in your granite and the fossils are just stunning! My sister and you have very, very similar taste - she lives in the NW (outside Seattle) and she would die for your kitchen. Wonderful, wonderful job - don't you just love looking at the before and after pics - so satisfying!!

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Thank you for the compliments - its very rewarding to have my vision "validated" :)

I am always afraid to ask, but I know when I was looking at kitchens I always wondered what they cost so I will throw it out there for those people just thinking about remodels. Its hard to say exactly becuase lots of things spilled out into other rooms due mostly to the fact that we removed wall paper on shared walls (we ended up repainting and patching/texturing drywall for all of downstairs and part of upstairs, scraping popcorn ceilings, replacing all the doors etc - lots of stuff) but the parts you see in the pictures was in the neighborhood of 70k not counting appliances (appliances were about 9k).

Some people, mostly those who have never done a remodel, freak when they hear that but I have a feeling most GW will find that reasonable (especially in the Seattle area - our house prices are supposedly still going up and our cost of living is one of the higher in the country). When I was getting quotes I had one contractor quote me 100k and that didn't include any dining cabinetry nor the floor. My original quote, with the GC I picked, for the kitchen was 55k and then 10k for the dining stuff.

My brother only charged me $500 for the tile job including tile, I think he said he'd normally charge $1000 for that job not including tile unless you also wanted something from the "garbage pile" - so that could change the cost if you were to attempt something similar (keep in mind these were all custom cut for the job).

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Ok now for those windows (because I read the other post). Personally I'd do a simple box pelmet with a roman shade that would fold up into them most of the way. I'd pull the gold out of the granite and use that shade, and at the most I'd do a tone on tone stripe (I probably say this because that's what I am doing). The pelmet brings the height up to the ceiling (at cabinet level) and the gold tone would reflect the beauty of the granite and the cabinets. I would go with a washable silk in a linen weave (ie a dupioni or linen style) because the organic texture will blend well with the slate and the fossils were as a smooth fabric would sort of clash with that texture.

I would stay away from the gray because, given the great unity you have between the rooms, that would mean you'd need to use gray in the dining area and I don't feel that the color would compliment the dark woodwork as well as a gold tone would. I'd keep to that same box pelmet on all of the shades in the space and make sure to keep to a very simple roman shade verses a london shade (softer folds).

But that's just me and I'm not opinionated at all!

(Do you sew too? Heh heh) I'll take a picture of my fabric if it helps explain tone on tone when I'm over at the house this week. THe reason I like a tone on tone stripe is that it's very very subtle and works well in a kitchen setting because it hides spots better than a solid fabric. But the stripes need to be VERY subtle, not visible unless you look closely. Mine are done with just a change in the weave of the fabic, not a different color combination.

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LOL easy there igloo - I can tell you're excited to talk window coverings but lets save that for another post in the future - you're tempting me to dig right into that discussion but I want to live with the space a little longer before I go down that path. And no, I do not sew unless you count when I was a kid and my mom made me sew on my own merit badge patches... alas no merit badge for kitchen design :)

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WOW! What a sleek and sophisticated space. That kitchen sink is awesome as is the granite, backsplash and a few hundred other things.

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And yes, your gender does show -- the ROCK! Rocks and woods, straight lines and simplicity that's almost stark -- except it's so warm and natural. Seeing all of those beautiful elements together makes me feel like I want to turn into a lizard and bask there because it looks like how sunshine feels on a warm dry rock... Truly, what a wonderful, wonderful space.

Your backsplash particularly is incredible -- the subtle glitter of the quartzite slate and the interplay with the limestone fossils and fabulous granite. It's the perfect complement --

I'm really regretting that I wasn't around to watch this space take shape! ("Not that I could have improved on it" she says, wiping the drool from her chin...)

For your window treatments, I think Igloo's on the right track with something very simple, linear, and yes, still more warm. For some reason, I'm seeing a natural canvas, maybe even with grommets. Or perhaps a fabulous slubby silk or highly textured woven wood shade. Definitely no frou frou or hanging fabrics.

A masterpiece!
(I've saved some of your pictures to show Hubby. Why do I suspect our future master bath will now have dead fish in quartzite?)

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What an absolutely stunning kitchen! Lots of personality! I have been lurking on the forum simply because I want to put in new countertops and didn't know the difference between soapstone, granite or cambria/quartz, etc. After hearing that cambria didn't need to be sealed and resisted stains, etc. I thought that was the way to go. But I totally dislike it's speckled look. I'm looking for something natural, similar to what your granite looks like! I love the one of a kind look, not something that repeats like a wallpaper pattern. Good job. Very inspiring.

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"Seeing all of those beautiful elements together makes me feel like I want to turn into a lizard and bask there because it looks like how sunshine feels on a warm dry rock"

I really love that statement.. becuase here in the NW its kinda damp most of the time (though our summers are the most beautiful in the world IMO) and everything is green green luscious green. I'm glad the design gets the wood/rock natural feel that a lot of NW "feel" has but then is "drying out" at the same time. I don't know that I could get a better compliment.

I'll have to post some pictures of the dishes I picked tonight after work to see what everyone thinks (I know, folks on the gender and kitchen design thread are gonna flip when they hear I picked the dishes LMAO). I had green dishes before so that just wouldn't do at all!

Anyway... lunch break is over - back to work for me. I really want to encourage people new to GW reading the thread to not be afraid to bend or break the rules a little - people stress out about it but I broke lots of the unwritten "rules" that people have here on GW even down to the fact that my sink/faucet is not centered under the window.

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Here you go!

I find some of my best design inspirations come from beautiful nature photography. The way nature combines colors and textures is just so amazing. Humans cannot do any better.

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Very beautiful space; i am envious.

One (or two) questions: Is your peninsula laminated or skinned material matching your cabs?

And is that quarter-round that you used to trim it?

I have a similaar situation with an island that still needs to be completed and not sure about the trim.


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Wow, wow, wow! That is just gorgeous! I also fell in love with granite that was similar to yours, but went with a more subtle granite. Yours works just perfectly with everything.

No one has mentioned your peninsula lights. I know they are Hubbardton Forge, because I had those in mind for my island, but needed 3 and at their price, just couldn't swing it. Did you find a great supplier for them, a great deal somewhere that I couldn't find? I might even consider replacing mine, if you did and would share.

Congrats on a wonderful job and may you enjoy cooking there forever. I laughed at your comment about food tasting better. I think the same thing about my kitchen!

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very nice kitchen. i commend you on your *restraint*. your kitchen works because you chose one element to really feature--your granite--and designed the rest of the space with neutral elements that pick up various shades of brown within the granite.

with the movement in that slab, you really could've risked creating a chaotic, unsettled feeling in there. by using your cork flooring, muted tones on the backsplash, natural wood tones of the cabinets, and the browns you've got on your fridge and sink, you've really avoided that well.

i also really like how you used darker woods in the dining room to delineate between the two spaces and create a bit more of a 'formal' feel in the dining area.

very nice job.

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Super nice job!!! You certainly did a fabulous job pulling it together. We have the same style and color cabs and the island is stained a dark cherry. As so many others have said, luv the granite, luuv the fossils. I wonder if there is such a thing as a fossil frog??? That's my personal logo. That would be nice in a bath...

Sorry to hear about your sink. Do you know how that happened? If so do you know how it could have been prevented? I ask because we have the same sink in biscuit that will also be installed under granite and if there are any cautions I should be aware of I would appreciate knowing.

Your enthusiasm and humor are appreciated by all here on the GWKF. Good Luck in your wonderful new space.

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OMG! Now this is MY inspiration kitchen! I love the shaker cabs and the hardware. How did you finally get the color you wanted? Did the cab company do it for you or did you stain them yourself? Are the cab pulls oil rubbed bronze? Did you put ORB's in the dining room, too, or are they chrome - can't quite tell. I love the light and dark contrast. And your pendant lights - what company did you use? They are to die for. Everything you did is first class and your kitchen deserves to be on tour - wish I could take the tour. Well done!

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:) I still have a couple hours of work left. I will respond to comments and answer all your questions (as well as more goodies aka pictures) tonight. I'll try to get some shots of less glamorous, yet important things like the plugmold/undercab lights, the promised dishes pictures, and get some pictures of stuff nobody but someone really into details would care about.

Keep the questions coming - with the amount of posts on gardenweb these days I feel bad that I don't have enough time to go through them and help as many people as people that helped me - so this is my big chance to exude some of the knowledge/information I soaked in from GW when I was TKO as well as the stuff I learned on my own.

Before I post more I really need to say a thank you to my spouse (no she doesn't read GW so I'm not sucking up LOL) - I drove myself to the edge of madness and she, for the most part, put up with it. There were a few times during the layout part, when she didn't trust my designs yet, that she was extremely negative BUT the final design would not have been as good without that "trial by fire". Not only did she put up with it but she became the primary cook during the project and made some amazing creations with a sandwhich grill in the garage to free up more time for me. You have to understand she'd NEVER cooked before that other than baking (and now we're taking some cooking classes together!)

.... now I need to get back to work (GW can steal your attention from work like nothing else can't it?)

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What is your "day" job MM? (just being nosey here!)

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LOL I put that in the men vs women design thread - I am a computer programmer - and not anything artistic like a web designer either, I work behind the scenes on very large databases.

I am a nature person (I love hiking) I didn't think that influenced the design but after reading sweeby's post maybe that did. I love chipmunks and squirrels so I want to see that squirrel hardware someone was talking about!! (igloo right?)

Pictures and answers to previous questions coming up - just uploading them into the computer now.

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Everyone talking window coverings - you are speaking in a language totally foreign to me so I'll need pictures - but I'll save that for a new thread.

Sweeby - thanks for the picture - I like it.

Minnt - you called the hubbardton forge right. As far as price, I had a certain budget built into the contract for the dining table light and the pendants - the dining lights ended up being relatively inexpensive so I was able to get the more expensive HF lights on the penninsula and still be within the budget. Ipriced them the way I did for much of the items, I looked them up on the internet and forwarded the webpage to my contractor with the best price, if the contractors supplier could not get it at that price or very close I told the contractor to just buy it on the internet. Every single time the contractors supplier met or beat internet prices so it never became an issue. I used a clear bulb in them becuase that matches the light of the undercabs best so the granite has consistant lighting.

I did splurge on one detail with the pendants (picture), I couldn't resist the gray slate tie in. Their upcharge for this option was way too expensive for a peice of stone but... I love details like that :)

Heres the dining lights close up (hard to see but the colors are red orange and yellow glass peices around the opening of the light)

Here are the matching lights to the pendants I put in the entryway:

And the hallway:

Most people never even notice they match the pendants unless I tell them becuase you can't ever see them and the kitchen at the same time.

Here's the thing with the hallway light and why I went with the "less pretty" compact version, you see that little "wall" just down the hall from the light, the one that looks like it probably hides a beam or piping, its a fake I had them add during the remodel - its the perfect depth from the ceiling so that the light from the hall light will not hit the TV (that big white screen you see). It also hides the retractable projector, that is just beyond that fake wall, when it is in the up position (pecanpie's DH would love that since he had a pop-up toaster in the kitchen design) Details like that you would never get from a KD :)

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kas81057 - Yes the peninsula back you see was made by the cabinet company so its the same wood / stain etc as the cabinets. I think its a thin veneer of maple on top of some sort of particulate (OSB etc). Yes its plain quarter round. You need something like that with cork as it will expand and contract with the temp so you can't butt it right up against the penninsula.

Here is something in the penninsula that didn't come standard (the GC custom built it) I asked for a plain slab door not the shaker for this door so the door would be more hidden but I was a pain on so many other things I let the shaker door here slide ;)

As you can see we use it for storage of things we don't need much, like the christmas tableware and its also how you access the plug in for the phone (there is also TV and computer hookups in here) seen here - normally the phone sits on top of the grommet so you can't see it.

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edlakin - yeah restraint was key. The backsplash is actually a little darker than I wanted. You can completely change a slate backsplash depending on the sealer you use. We used the most neutral sealer we could find for 2 coats (except for the actual fish, I used a tiny brush and sealed them with medium gloss - you can see them shine in some of the pics) and then the third coat we used a stronger sealer that ended up making the slate slightly darker... I think my brother did it on purpose as he didn't like the drab pale look and wanted his tile job to have a little pop.

The most restraint needed was the contractor kept chewing me out for working on the remodel and tweaking things myself in the evenings.. I started really getting on his nerves by doing that so I tried, only somewhat successfully, to have restraint there (or I just tweaked stuff in such a way he wouldn't notice) :)

Flowerchild - Thanks for the encouraging words. There probably are fossil frogs - there lots of cool fossil things but they go WAY up in price once you deviate from the ones you see in my kitchen and teeth and some of those ones like tribolites. I was looking at really small crayfish for a while to put one on the bottom above the cooktop and I also looked at leaves but ultimately either price, or worry that I would be going overboard made me not do it.

Here's the deal with the cracked sink - it went right from the supplier to the granite person - I never saw it so its impossible for me to know when it happened. Even so when it was installed you could not see the crack but after it got dust on it from the install and you wiped it off then you could see it (your color might be easier to see the crack). I suggest you run your fingernail around the edge of your sink to check for cracks at any phase during the project you can. Either there weren't threads in GW about the cracks yet or I missed them becuase if I knew they had a tendancy to crack I would have made sure it was checked carefully. Blanco is sending us a new one free of charge but I am really nervous about the granite becuase its gonna be hard to remove the sink and as you know the granite is pretty much not replaceable.

Here is a picture of the crack (sorry about the quality it was really hard to get a picture of)

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kulagal - First I went to canyon creek as they are local and fit right in the "bang for the buck" sweet spot of price vs quality for me but left quite dissappointed. Ideally I like birch (its what we had a DVD library custom made out of a few years ago - pic below) but places that did birch cabs were out of my price range so maple grain was fairly close. Canyon creek only had a pale brown and then a way too orange color - neither of which was what I was looking for. I called the contractor and we discussed the custom color but that adds lead time (and more lead time if the sample they send is not right) and my GC said it would throw the whole schedule off so we should save that as a last resort. He then told me of another company he works with that was slightly more expensive but you get your extra moneys worth out of them as most things that were special options at canyon creek were standard with them. So I met with their rep and *yippee* they had just what I was looking for. (the company I met with was called international kitchens and the cabinets were made by Merit Kitchens just across the border from here in canada)

For pulls - funny you should mention ORB - that was my original intent for the kitchen but I found it too hard to match different vendors ORB and no one company that had all I needed. Black was much easier to match. I was a little worried becuase I redid the interior doors in the house and was HOOKED on an ORB handle for them and thought ORB mixed with black would be bad. But I bought them anyway and tried it out and really you can't see any of the ORB from the kitchen but the pocketdoor hardware.

The hardware in the dining is stainless and the handle on the patio door there is "satin silver" or something like that which looks similar to stainless.

DVD shelving in birch:

ORB hardware and the new door style (GC found me a great deal on the doors!)

The only visible ORB from the kitchen is the pocket door to TV room. In this pic that wall looks really bright orange - its not like that in person as there is no lighting on that wall - its more of a red/brown.

Hopefully? a better view of the dining hardware on the black cherry - same basic shape and size as kitchen hardware but flattened and rounded.

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OK now the dishes and other "decorative" goodies :)

The ice bucket for drinks from the mini-fridge. I wanted something classy yet fun :)

trivet and light switch for spotlights on buffet (dw bought trivet on business trip to australia):

2 Peices from the tea set that will go in the glass display cabinet (the glass shelves are currently too small - for the pics you see them in they were just temporarily propped in, new shelves are on order). Here you can see what is really cool, and unexpected for me, about the lyptus - when lighted it gives off a really nice glow, metallic looking almost. FYI My DW loves tea.

The shelves (the doll is the only thing that will be staying there.. the other items are stolen from the living room for now)

Finally, the fuji painting. Its painted in really thick paint so it gives it a very 3-d feel and ite much more vibrant in person. Please if you can read japanese and it says something like "go home stupid tourist" don't tell me - its better that I not know.

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Last post today (everyone is probably sick of me by now).

One of my favorite things about the granite is lost in photos - it has a lot of clear parts which give it tremendous depth when you look at it. I tried in these pictures to capture it - by taking the picture at an angle I got the clear to look kinda milky in spots so you can see what I mean.

In addition you can see there are whole chunks of clear that you can see near the top in this picture I took of the seam.

Undercab lighting/plugmold and TV:

One of the cabinets has outlets inside - I put the laptop in there for charging when I am not using it for reading GW:

All the junction boxes and those "push to reset" outlets you need are inside the pantry behind the pullout shelves.

The best granite cleaner I've tried:

And finally clean lines don't stay that way :) (our neice made this for our new kitchen when her daddy was doing the tile)

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MRy (tee, hee) I'm sure I speak for all of us. We aren't tired of your posts. Actually look forward to them since our project is at a standstill I can appease myself with other projects here. Luv your dishes. Perfect!! once again...

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My DH is a computer guy, too (software developer, programmer, though he says he hasn't done any coding in ages--whatever that means with regards to his job title and actual responsibilities!). Hmmm, maybe that's why he had to tweak some things, too while the kitchen was being put together--occupational hazard?? LOL

Please if you can read Japanese and it says something like "go home stupid tourist" don't tell me - its better that I not know. I have a t-shirt that has the Kanji for Tokyo (Capitol City) printed on it. My dad got it for me in Japan when I was in HS. We always joked that it really said something unprintable! I still have the shirt BTW!

    Bookmark   March 4, 2008 at 10:09AM
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What is it with you computer programmer types? My DH is an electrical engineer who is now doing computer programming with large data bases for TELUS here in Canada (Vancouver area just north of you). He is also the cook in the family, and why our kitchen had to end up going his way- ironically, your kitchen is much closer to what I wanted.... :>) But, he is the one who bought a fish fossil for me, though he said it was much more expensive than what you got yours for- but he likes the idea of utilizing them in our backsplash too. (think I'll keep his gift out and look on eBay- do you mind sharing the sellers you liked?)I think he'd probably like to try and get fossils to match the geological age of our granite- ummm, not sure if that's possible...

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I haven't read all the posts, so forgive me if I repeat something.

BEAUTIFUL kitchen, and love those fossils. Immediately reminded of the Pharoah's, yet different. The buffet counter was a great idea, love the screens and cork flooring, and also the wall with refrigerator and ovens. I never thought I'd see a black refrigerator looking so good!



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Hey while reading other threads I saw a username and I remembered someone else that helped on layout - bmorepanic! Thanks!

Fossil sellers:

Most are from "brents fossil store" - he (or his son sometimes) is very good on the communication and customer service. He is always fair or sometimes even more than fair on his pricing. He sells a LOT of fossils so if you don't see what you want ask him or keep checking back on his ebay listings. I think in my layout all but 1 or 2 fossils were from him. I should send him a link to the kitchen pics :)
Ebay ID : fossil-stuff Brent's Fossil Store EBAY

EbayID fossilgirlz1 - not as good on the communication but the fossils I got from her are absolutely top notch in quality. She tends to sell higher end ones and not have as much listings as brent. Severns Fossil Store EBAY ahhh she has a crayfish up.. still wonder if I should have had one on the bottom near the phone and cooktop... OK mysterymachine for the sake of your pocketbook stop looking - the backsplash is done.

Stay away from dccinar - sold me a bad fossil (it looked like it was just painted on and was not as pictured), possibly a fake and then didn't respond to my emails and dinged me with a negative feedback (without ever responding to my email).

Generally the good sellers specialize in fossils and that will be all they sell. I wouldn't use that as a hard and fast rule but it seems to be a good start. If you want to go high end on the fish fossils I have heard the best thing to do is learn prices for different fossils and actually go to Utah where they are digging them up and visit the galleries there.

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Here is a visual of what's in my head.......unless you decide to go naked.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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MM - your kitchen is a work of art!

Your dining table light is exactly what I have been looking for. I have been searching high and low all morning trying to find it. Any help would be appreciated.

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Thanks nightowl! I have some bad news for you... the line was discontinued. However I see it on their website again so maybe there is some hope - they are very beautiful, high quality lights and reasonably priced:

RAM Electric Meadowbrook Series

For those of you looking at fossils let me give you an example of a poor fossil (this is the one from dccinar) - even without the chip that is missing if you compare to the ones in my other pictures you can see it just doesn't look the same - looks fake - no real texture, you cant see the bones etc.

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Bless you !!!

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MM - I need a light that can illumintate the table very well on occasion. Is this light bright - enough for people with bad eyes to see cards?

I will have it on a dimmer to adjust the light most other times.

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Its more of a nice soft light - its hard to quantify brightness - its bright enough for anyone I've had over to play cards on.

It doesn't stand out in the pictures but I also have some small recessed cans on a dimmer above the table. I set the dimmer just enough that the other fixture doesn't create shadows.

The bulbs in it are frosted halogens - I bet you could get a lot more punch if you needed it by swapping those out with the standard clear variety (which are MUCH cheaper and easier to find... it was a whole ordeal for me to find a replacement frosted one to fix one I broke when assembling it)

One word of advice on that light, I don't recommend putting that fixture on a dimmer even if it says you can - it hummed an awful lot when it was on a dimmer and bugged me so I had them swap it out to a normal switch.

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Thanks again! We have four recessed lights in the kitchen table area, but not directly over the table. They are two five inch cans about 2 feet from each end and two 4 inch cans about three feet from the table on one side. I am going to get the light and keep my fingers crossed. I don't like the pendant look for my area and my kitchen is black iron, so I am hoping this is exactly what we need to finish our kitchen. Again, yours is just wonderful!

Too bad about the dimmer, some lights just don't dim well I guess.

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Good luck, I hope you are able to get it! Please update the thread if indeed the line is no longer discontinued - I still want one of those matching table lamps! :)

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Thank you for answering my post and including the photos of your stunning kitchen!! You have helped me decide that having the movement all go in the SAME direction will be much better. I looked at your photos where you said there was a seam & I couldn't see it! (That's good!)
I read all these posts quickly and didn't notice if you mentioned the stain you used on the maple wood cabinets. Do you remember brand/color? Thanks again. suzieca

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Hi MM... another quick question about your kitchen cabs. I know they are from Merit kitchens. What door style, finish/glaze are they? I've been to Merit's website and am not sure. I would probably not order from them since I'm in Florida and there are no reps around here but I would really like to try and match the stain/glaze color. It's exactly what I have in my spinning mind. Thanks for always being so forthcoming with all your information. I LOVE THIS FORUM!

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I would like to add my experience with a cracked silgranite sink. Hope you don't mind. I think I had read about the hairline cracks here on the GW so I checked mine after I picked it up. I took it completely out of the box and looked it over. I didn't find a thing. On the day of install the guy had it outside on the driveway to cut it down and found the crack then. It looked like the crack in MM's sink. I feel sure it was there all along but unnoticable indoors. So I recommend carefully checking in bright daylight.

MysteryMachine I love your kitchen. My favorites are the granite, the backsplash, and the penisula/breakfast bar.

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Thanks for the compliments! Its nice that other people like the kitchen - I designed just for what I (and my DW) like so its cool that other people have same taste. I know its not for everyone.

If you google Merit kitchens it will give you the wrong one. Here is the Merit Kitchen Website . The doorstyle of the kitchen is Prairie School Flat, wood is maple, stain color is butternut. The doorstyle in the dining is Shaughnessy, wood is cherry, stain color is Carriage Black.

Hope that helps!

Yeah angier_2007... those cracks are hard to see - I think mine ony showed up once it got some construction dust in it. Its a shame this is such an issue with them becuase they are such great sinks otherwise and its a pity becuase the cracking is always sometime before install so it seems something that the company should find a way to prevent with better packaging or some kind of reinforcing in the corners.

I am so glad you found yours before install - I am seriously worried that something will happen to my granite when they are trying to tear out the sink - if you think about it - its not an easy task to tear out (especially the way mine is mounted its impossible to get at the boards holding it up without cutting the sink into peices to get it out)

Is your crack also in the corner? (that seems to be the common place) Can you catch your nail on it? (wondering if that is a good way to have people check).

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your finished kitchen is beautifully done. i have a layout/function question for you if you have a minute to answer. we are in the process of leveling and rebuilding from scratch. the house layout i love has a kitchen that winds up very similarly shaped to yours. in order to get in an advantium/oven stack, i'd end up with the fridge across from the peninsula, just a little bit outside of the U of work area counters just like yours is.

so my questions: how do you find living with the fridge in that position? does the peninsula make for an adequate drop zone for groceries or items you're removing from the fridge for use? any issues with the sink/stove being a little bit further away from the fridge? we have the option of adding a prep sink to the end of our peninsula since there is extra length there - would that have helped you at all day to day with the location of your fridge in relation to the sink?


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Congratulations on the finished and beautiful kitchen. We're going with a similar look--maple cabs in two finishes and either cork or hardwood for flooring.

We're in the Seattle area and have yet to begin our kitchen. I wonder if you'd mind emailing me your GC's name and contact info? We haven't started asking for bids yet but finding the right person for GC is probably our most important task right now. Just curious, did you get the Merit cabinets through International Kitchens?


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Lorien, Yes having the penninsula there is perfect. One of the nice things in the plan is that with the fridge where it is people can get things out of the fridge without getting in the way in the kitchen. The penninsula is large enough to put all the groceries before loading into the fridge and adjacent pantry. Also you can use it taking things out of the fridge/pantry and doing prep work. You mention the fridge being far away from cooktop and sink - its perfect distance from cooktop but it is a little far to the sink. I end up doing a lot more prep on the penninsula than I anticipated becuase its such a nice big peice of counter. The way we have our peninsula a prep sink wouldn't work in that penninsula becuase you'd lose the big peice of counter with the seating there but in a situation with a larger kitchen/peninsula I could see a prep sink in the peninsula working nicely. Anyway I highly recommend my layout, its worked even better than I anticipated.

Birdly, no problem - I highly recommend my GC - I'll just post his webpage here: Druhan Construction, Mark Jones is the owner and GC. Just make sure you let him know you are interested after seeing the work he did on my kitchen so he knows I referred you. (he won't know the name MysteryMachine so you can describe the kitchen or I think he has pics up on his webpage now of our kitchen with our name on it). Yes, it was through International Kitchens as a matter of fact - its one of the places Mark uses. If you have any more questions about Mark or his work just email me.

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Gorgeous, I don't normally drool over other people's kitchens (much) but yours really speaks to me. I love the fossils in the backsplash and the clean Asian asthetic of the whole design.

Enjoy it!!!!

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MysteryMachine: Your message cracked up my dh and me. Mark did our deck but it took him 6 months to finish the job (from July through Dec this year). He must have been working on your kitchen! ;0)

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Hah hah... too funny!! That was the exact timeframe of our kitchen remodel and hes not a "big time" contractor (not very many employees) so that is really wild. I may even have seen your deck contract as he brought over an example contract when we were ironing out the details for our contract and it was for a deck. LOL it might have even been my kitchen's fault that your deck took a long time - there were some issues with the kitchen that required some extra work.

I hope he did a good job for you! Sorry if it was my fault he took so long. He had one employee that I didn't care for his work but that employee no longer works for Mark so I have absolutely no problem highly recommending him.

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Hey there. Thank you so much for pointing me over this way!! What a treat to see the finished kitchen. Just gorgeous! The finishes work beautifully and the fossils are a knock out. Beautiful.

Ah but onto the design and function, that is my passion... I can't find the old design thread but I remember your challenges. The pennisula meeting the bay bump out could have gone so very wrong, but looks like it came out perfectly. And don't think I don't see that sweet transition from the bar right on through to the window sills. Very very nice!

And I remember how much you struggled with finding a way to protect the cook's space while still having some communication, but not too much openness, etc etc. Such tough decisions. I think the two spaces (cooking/dining) each have a very strong core or pull (the finish change reinforces that, don't you think?) so you have distinct spaces without walls. I think you chose well not to try to put a buffet strip between the dining and penninsula. Do you agree now that it might have been too crammed? Or would more storage have been better? The spaciousness seems so good now in the pix.

Then by the dining room/living room, I really like how you screened the cutout. It would have risked becoming a bowling alley with no potential for intimacy if the whole wall had come out. Now you have a striking focal point both sides that is a million design miles away from the 80s 'cutout' you started with. I think it is a brilliant solution.

But are you happy with your design decisions? The right amount of function, flow, storage, openness, intimacy, etc??? Yours was a really challenging situation with so many MANY decisions involving those dimensions. I'm really curious whether any needs came up short. Is it as perfect a solution as it looks?

Then again, dang, it looks so good - who cares!!

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olchik and bklyn2pok Thank you for the compliments!!

bklyn2pok, I didn't really plan for an asian look but A) we went to Japan right during the middle of the remodel so it might have crept into my subconscious and we bought some things for the kitchen there B) I was really going for the clean line, modern yet not full-on contemporary look and asian fits right in that category. The GC designed the screen and he said he was going for an asian design.

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celticmoon, Wow, you have great memory... there are millions of layout threads here and you remembered most of our struggles. Personally it makes me appreciate the final product more knowing all the design issues we had :)
I still have about a dozen designs saved on the computer we tried and that is not even 1/2 of them becuase I never saved all the designs people put up on GW.

When we were looking at putting the buffet counter between the kitchen and dining we did not have those cabs in the dining and we didn't have a full peninsula either - just a small prep counter. The big worry with putting cabs in the dining was that I didn't want it to look like a bunch of kitchen cabinets thrown in there for extra space. I finally got over that fear when I was visiting cabinet showrooms and started thinking some really rich dark or black cabinets in a different door style so they would not tie at all with the kitchen and instead match the wood of the dining table.

I wish I had my original threads but I believe this layout does everything I wanted: keeps me (the cook) sheltered but allows interaction (I installed in ceiling sound in the kitchen too so when I want to focus on cooking I turn that up so I don't get distracted with other peoples conversations).

Having the fridge where it is allows access from in the kitchen and outside the kitchen (the mini-fridge helps too) that was a goal - and having it side by side with the pantry with the penninsula right there is a perfect landing zone. I am still in awe of how well that aspect of the layout works. You, bmorepanic and others were always talking landing zones and I was always talking about "let me cook without people getting in my way" so its totally amazing that we got both into the layout. I grow to love the layout more and more every day - especially for entertaining.

I could go on and on but I think its pretty much as absolute perfect layout we could get in that space. I have just enough cupboards - more might be nice but you know how that is (actually in the dining some are still empty). And besides functionality we got rid of that funnel look everyone was worried about. The core kitchen work area is almost a square now (7.25' x 8' floor space) couple that with the layout of the appliances and honestly the kitchen feels and looks 2x as big. My DW and are are starting to enjoy cooking together where before I was always basically telling her "get out of my way" (in a nice way) :)

My actual final plan has the overhang of the granite another 3" more (currently its only 11.5"on the main stretch and 10" on the angle by the window) but that granite is a fairly brittle one so the templaters didn't feel comfortable with my plans... I think that is the only sacrifice I made for looks over functionality (looks being the granite - once saw/reserved that granite I'd do whatever it took to make it work with my plan LOL)

The downsides are: Pantry is too small for my tastes but my DW and I have been buying some containers and such for flours and really organizing that pantry so its working out (we have to be a wheat free house and if you know about that you know you need a lot of other flours to work with). The small dishwasher was another downside but honestly the layout is so much more efficient for loading/unloading the dishwasher that it completly makes up for it. The longest run is probably the fridge to sink.. but its a small kitchen so its not bad at all, better than most other kitchens I've cooked in - I think putting in a prep sink somewhere would crowd out too much precious counter and cabinet space.

So, I am glad you were able to see the final product - thanks again for all your help on layout - it quite literally would not have turned out the same without you!

I apologize to everyone doing layout now that I am not much help - I intentionally stay away from the layout threads becuase I get obsessed over them and can't sleep after reading them. You're in good hands though as most of the layout people that helped me are still around helping people.

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Very nice!

I rarely click on 'finished' picture threads anymore-- I figure if you've seen one igloo kitchen you've seen them all.

The warmth of your space was a pleasant surprise. Your choices are very current without being trendy. Elegant, relaxed, and just a little playful.

I think my favorite elements are the 'organic' touches-- wood grain, warm stone, the fossils, leaf shapes in the lighting-- and how they play against the clean, linear shapes of the other overall design. That's the sort of subtle touch that keeps a space interesting for years.

Oh, the table top is wonderful too: that's something I have every intention of appropriating!

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Unbelievable make-over! Congrats!

We are considering a blanco black silgranite sink -- any experience with water spots showing? Are cracks a big risk of this product or was yours just a fluke?

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In another thread you asked for my thoughts on your backsplash. I feel you've done a very nice job of harmonizing and including the fossils as interesting design elements. I like that the "wow" factor is also accomplished by other components (sink, granite, pendent lights, vent hood, door/drawer hardware, and adjacent dining area..)

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Wow, that is totally gorgeous and incredible. You are responsible for all of this drool on my keyboard! LOL.........great job.

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LOL about the drool on keyboard. Thanks everyone for the compliments. Glassman I hope you are around for more backsplash comments for people struggling to choose, you have some good ideas.

Bikefan, just do a ctrl+f on this thread and search for "crack" I have a couple posts on it and even a picture (quick summary: very common, doesn't happen once installed so be paranoid about the cracks before install). Hopefully Blanco figures out what is causing the cracking if its poo packaging or what. As far as waterspots - at first I had tons and was freaking out about it... but it turns out it was not water spots it was still residual drywall dust in the air that would stick to the water and stay behind. After 3 or 4 weeks nothing, very very rarely will I see any spots and a light run over with the "scrubby" side of the sponge and its gone. Its much better than I was expecting. I wish my shower walls would be more like this :).

Oruboris, I got the table at Dania a few yrs ago. Other GWers have seen it, or similar, at other scandanavian type furniture stores (not ikea but the type that are basically "higher end" type ikea stuff). When I was looking for bar stools we saw one like mine only without the curves (so it had straight edges, square corners etc). I hope that helps.

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The finished deck is nicely done but we had to have some of it redone during the process. I know the employee you're talking about; he did a lot of the work here (eek). I certainly don't blame you. Mark didn't handle things very well juggling and communicating; we were obviously last on the priority list and it was disappointing that we didn't get to enjoy our deck before the rainy season. Hopefully he learned something; we did. We're reluctant to use him again--we would definitely build in a schedule and penalty clauses in whatever contract we do now. It's good to see the work he's done on your kitchen though and to confirm that our instincts were right about him (he does do good work).

I wonder if you can pass on the name of the company you got the interior doors from? We want to replace ours too. Thanks!

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Could you share details on where you got cabinet pulls and and light over dining room table.

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birdly... makes total sense that you had to redo stuff if it were that one employee - you should have heard the subcontractors complain about that employees work :) The nice thing is Mark had them redo stuff without argument - a friends contractor fought him and tried to charge him on every little thing that he asked to be redone (and we are talking some obvious things)

If you want I can let him know that my glowing review of his work was slightly tainted by a deck that took too long - he won't like that! Its sad that he was late for yours becuase both the person at international kitchens and the person I got the sink from commented on how hes on time. For me he was about 1 month late but given the circumstances that was not bad. Its surprising about the communication - he was great for me. It does sound like he was putting all his effort into my project - did you let him know that you were doing a kitchen and becuase he didn't handle the small project well he misses out on the bigger one? (FYI the contractor that was awful for my friend was Chermak construction - it was a 100k+ project and they tried to charge him when the electrician put in a 3 bank switch that only needed 2 switches so the electrician left a switch that did nothing - they told my friend that a "do nothing" switch was an "acceptable solution" - that was the worst example but there were tons of things like that).

I am 95% sure Mark got the doors through PCS Millwork. They were WAY cheaper (talking less than 1/2) the cost of the equivalent doors through the lumber yard he normally uses.

gwent, nightowl was asking about the dining lights - if you search (ctrl+f) the thread for "nightowl" and read those posts you should get all the details on the lights. For the pulls, believe it or not we got them at Loews. I went to all the fancy shops for a couple weeks stressing about hardware and finally stumbled on them at Loews of all places.

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Thanks very much for the info about the doors and for steering us away from Chermak. No, I don't think there's a need for you to let Mark know your review was tainted (I think it's incredible how word about contractors can get around on the Internet; I think I'll ask this forum about the contractors we hire before we hire them now!). Mark knows we were unhappy about the time it took and other problems. We told him before it started that there could be a kitchen contract later if the first for the deck went well. C'est la vie.

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Just spent over 20 min. reading all the rave reviews on your new kitchen. What a difference! Beautiful. However, no one asked how you like your cooktop (36"?) Electrolux, right? and your double wall oven..Electrolux again, right? What model is it? I am looking at a 36" Hybrid from Electrolux, but am concerned about the stainless steel edge scrathing or being in the way when cooking. Please tell me how you like these 2 appliances. Thank you...

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I am sorry I missed your post ichearts. I've not been on the forum much lately becuase its summer and becuase I got a dog. Hopefully you got the info you needed. I (and everyone else that has cooked in my kitchen) LOVE the electrolux double ovens. The cooktop is the 30" induction. I love the cooktop as well but just as you worry about the stainless rim around the cooktop does get all scratched up and it makes it harder to clean.

So I finally got around to taking some pictures directly of the window coverings:

Still loving my new kitchen. Sorry I haven't been online much lately I just got this and am potty training etc.

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mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9

Thank you so much for posting. Your kitchen has been one of my inspiration kitchens. I did print out your pictures and showed them to my KD. He loved them as well.

Love the window coverings and will be doing something similar and have been waiting to have you post what they look like.

Everything is just gorgeous! Thank you for posting. I love your kitchen. Pure genius!

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Oh my -- I think I have finally found my "inspiration kitchen"! I thought I'd re-post by way of bumping this in case someone else relatively new enjoys this as much as I did.

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