Ideas for childproofing widely-spaced deck rails?

pensivefrogMay 10, 2010

Hi folks! I just moved into my new house, which has a nice wood deck on the second story. It does have one problem - the balusters (2" wide slats) are spaced wide enough for my 2-year-old to slip through. I don't want to put up safety mesh - I'm looking for a more permanent solution, and something a little more creative than just nailing more slats between the existing ones. I'd also like to keep an open feel to the railing because there's a nice view to the garden below. Any ideas for a fix?

This deck is also in serious need of stripping/sealing, and I have questions about that in a separate post.

Thanks for your help!

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Lexan pannels. J.

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You might be able to lace a 1/8 stainless cable between
each of the existing slats- but by the time you did that
you might be better off getting the 3/4 diameter black or bronze aluminum (one brand is DecKorator) balusters and replacing the slats with these- but leave no more than 4" space between them to meet code.

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We had a similar problem with interior posts around a stairwell. We bought "hog wire" fencing and stapled it over the posts on the other side that couldn't be touched by little fingers. This worked great and didn't look bad at all. We just took it down when the baby was old enough.

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My brain hasnt woke up yet, I forget what it is called now or the name of the company. Fairway maybe? I ordered it through my lumber yard.

We have it on the upper deck also but i guess I don't have any recent pics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Home Page

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