my deck and ledger board

analogmusicmanMay 25, 2014

so my house was built in '79 and of course the codes weren't as strict as they are now, especially concerning decks. I'm concerned about the deck since it sits about 8' above ground. I'd like to strengthen the connection between the "ledger board" and the "rim joist". Im thinking the code back then only called for it to be nailed.I guess new construction has to have "carriage bolts" in a certain pattern but of course that's impossible with a house that's already built. maybe lag screws? from what I'm reading,the codes are tough now because of some decks that have pulled away from the house and collapsed. that would be an utter disaster for me since the deck is so high above ground.


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imagine that,nobody seems to know what a "ledger board" or a "rim joist" is! :-)

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I think we know what they are. It just isn't clear what you are asking! Are you asking whether building codes in your area allow for the use of lag bolts?

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As Dennis said, your post didn't seem to really be asking a question.

But since you want a response, I'll ask some questions.
I guess new construction has to have "carriage bolts" in a certain pattern but of course that's impossible with a house that's already built.
Why do you think that's impossible? Do you just mean more difficult?
maybe lag screws
Maybe. Have you asked your permitting office what is required?

Are you wanting to bring your deck up to code or just make it better than it currently is?

I'm looking at the picture you posted and I'm wondering why you posted it. How is that supposed to help? A close up of painted wood?!? :)

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The main reason for deck failure is the deck coming away from the house. Lag bolts may help but without knowing the structure, you cant be sure.

The best way to do it is some sort of Lateral bracing. Simpson has a bracket for this but you need to be able to get at the inside of the house structure. If you want to be safe, this is the way to go.

Here is a link that might be useful: Simpson lateral support.

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it is true that the current codes call for some latteral bracing the does for the most part requre getting to the floor joist on the inside. However, it is highly likely that your house was built with a solid rim joist on top of the sill plate and the adding of Ledger Loks through your deck ledger into the house rim will do a tremendous amount to keeping your deck attached to your house.

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