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love2sewJune 18, 2007

These are my very first pictures with my new digital camera so please excuse some blur on some but thought you would enjoy seeing these lovely quilts. The first two are projects by our featured quilter whom had over 60 items on display.

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I love the watercolor one with the blue and off white background. that is heavenly.One of these days I am gonna make one of those Sunbonnet Sues too. I have the pattern already.

Two months, two weeks, one day, 5 hours, 44 minutes and 25 seconds. 3049 cigarettes not smoked, saving $434.56. Life saved: 1 week, 3 days, 14 hours, 5 minutes.

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Wow, some great quilts! I too love the watercolor one. The Sues are real cute too...and one of my favorites.
Thanks for sharing! And the pictures came out pretty good too for a first try!

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