Diamond Brite color

GardenState732April 17, 2013

The time has come in our renovation process when we MUST choose the Diamond Brite color for our pool. We just want a nice soft natural-looking blue - no windex blue! And no green!!

Because it's only April, most pools in NJ are not yet opened. Having to rely on photos or brochures is way too risky. Advice/info from anyone with Diamond Brite experience would be really appreciated.

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SInce your post is below my post I thought I would add what I have learned in my internet searches.
The pool color is effected by light and what surrounds the pool. Many clients moan over their pool color appearing off the first week not knowing the eventual color takes a few weeks to develop.

If your yard has a majority of green grass the darker colors like the lagoon look will complement better.
The color of your pavers also will determine the color choice.
If you have light sand colors in the yard the light blues will work. If your yard has dark grass, with heavy stones a darker blue green would complement it.
I will be working with Pebble tech but using the diamond brite photo gallery to help in my selection.

Ihad chosen the belle blue but after viewing photos of others pools and the photo galleries on other aggregate products a darker color would work better with my pool.

In a long winded manner I am saying that you need to take into account the surroundings to choose your pool color. I have lived in Monmouth and Morris county so a blue would look great if you are near the shore and have light browns in the yard. If you live in the northern section of Jersey with forest a darker blue would be better.

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Chickadee, thanks for your input. We are looking for a nice light blue. Having a hard time trusting that the colors in the brochure or on the internet are "true". Hoping to be able to see some pools in person soon.

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I too am about to start a job and am struggling with color choice. Can anyone post a Diamond Brite Aqua Blue photo? I am afraid it will be too green. I am looking for a bright Caribbean sea look. Also, I would love to see French Grey. My husband thinks it looks too murky in some photos, but I see other photos where it is stunning.

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