Premier Railing

ebbs1939May 6, 2010

I installed Premier railing three years ago in cedar color. I wanted the best warranty AND the best product. It sure looked nice up until this spring.

Guess what?

ALL post sleeves are cracked. ALL top rails are cracked. Some bottom rails are cracked. Some balusters are cracked. This was installed in Vermont but the product was developed in Canada and we had a really mild winter so they can't blame this on cold weather.

This is not an isolated event - see the Journal of Light Construction blog on the subject. I have contacted Azek for replacement but they have indicated they will not cover labor. PLEASE POST IF YOU ARE AWARE OF SIMILAR DEFECTS ON THIS PRODUCT or if you did and were reimbursed for labor. I am also wondering if trex railing holds up better.

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Sorry for the mess Ebb.

Most all the manmade outside material has problems now and then. X 10000 with trex.

Over the years seeing this I have come up with some ideas why.

A bad batch,something happened with quality control.

A bad install resulting in major stress the product could not handle. In other words the Contractor made a mistake.

The weather expousure reacted with both of these ideas and multiplied the problem.

The stuff was total junk to begin with like trex.

Azek has a pretty good rep,a lot of folks are real happy with it,and they have a not bad customer service record but if the fine print says no labor thats pretty much what it means.

Hang in there, while dealing with them keep in mind sometimes its good to mix a little sugar in with the vinegar. J.

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I know this is an old post but was browsing. What was the final outcome?

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