Promax screws for Ipe

thinkstoomuchMay 5, 2009

I'm considering using Promax 305 stainless steel screws (McFeely's) for my 1x6 Ipe decking. I will be plugging all screws.

The concern I have is that the smallest screw length is 2 3/8ths. From previous posts, several people think that length is fine. But these screws have a longer portion of unthreaded shank (1 5/16ths). Will having a significant portion of the unthreaded shank going into the PT joist cause a problem?

Thanks All!

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They are great screws, but if you're plugging, get the promax nocorode...2 3/8". No need for stainless, unless you live by the ocean.


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The purpose of the unthreaded part of the screw is to help pull the deck board tight to the joist. The unthreaded part needs to extend past the thickness of the decking into the PT joist. The screw will snap at the top of the threads as soon as the head seats if some of the threads are still in the hard deck board. So the unthreaded part of the shank needs to be a bit longer than the thickness of the decking to avoid breakage as you snug the decking tight with the cordless impact driver.

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Thanks Steve and Aidan!

Aidan - I understand what you are saying. Can I assume from this that using the 2 3/8ths on a 1x6 won't cause problems? It's only a problem when you use a screw that is too short and the threaded part remains in the decking board?

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