Front porch elevation with livingroom?

doug_2009_2009May 23, 2009


Could someone please advise me on the following. My brother and I are rehabbing a home for resale. We will be adding a front porch approximately 8' x 16'. He wants to put the elevation of the porch right up to the underside of the front door threashold. This will of course put it at the same elevation or close to, the interior of the house. My concern is water and snow. A 2" snow will put 2" of it against the front door, etc. Water drainage is a concern to me. I want to put it 4" to 5" below the threashold. We will use a wood or composite surface with very narrow spacing. The house is in central Illinois. Could someone please share pros and cons of this? Thanks! Doug

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Its a trade off Doug. Walking out the door right into a step is not real safe, while a snow drift right next to the door is not real great either. J.

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Doug, know this response is a little late but I'd put it at the threshold. One, the porch is covered, two, most folks shovel their porches after snowfalls, three, it's an "accessibility" issue which can be good for resale. Have had both situations and definitely prefer the no step option.

Here is a link that might be useful: Front Porch Ideas and More

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