jandy aquapure 1400

shootnparApril 20, 2011


How many times have you had to either replace the cell, or the sensor. I've had my pool for approximately 6 years and I'm replacing my cell for the 3rd time and my sensor for the 2nd. Is that normal?

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If you use your system year round, yes, that seems pretty normal. With year round, cells last about years. Some get a little more by keeping the CYA level in the pool at about 80 ppm so they can keep the FC level at 4 and still run the cell at a slightly lower output level. The elevated CYA helps to hold the FC in the pool.


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shootnpar...our Aquapure 1400 is on it's 5th season and the original cell. We run it year round at 30% here in Louisiana and vary pump run time from 1x turnover in the winter to 3x turnover in the summer...a constant 30% year round maintains adequate chlorine in our 35K gallon pool with these turnovers. The pool water is kept balanced year round.

Regarding the sensor, I was about to replace it this winter after getting an error code indicating sensor problems. Was surprised that the cheapest I could find a replacement was around $150...this is just a sensor with no moving parts...right?

So that started me thinking about the surface condition of the sensor. Tried the kitchen scrub pad as instructed in the owners manual...no luck. Then I remembered my experience sanding our fiberglass slide during installation a few years ago.

Long story short, I found the sandpaper and re-conditioned the surface of the sensor. Starting with 180 grit and working down to 800 grit. Final buffing was with the kitchen pad.

Before sanding, the 3 buttons on the sensor were pitted under a magnifying glass. After sanding, they were smooth and free of pits.

The sensor has been working OK for about 4 months now.

Hope this helps.

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Replaced the cell and sensor (another 500 bucks gone), and everything is working again.

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