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SteveO90290May 29, 2012


I am in the process of stripping the old solid color stain from my 1940's home, and refinish the redwood decks. I found that the whole house is old growth vertical grain clear redwood. I don't want to use a solid stain again. I am open to a transparent stain/sealer, and the continuous maintenance issues that come with it. I have a couple of questions for the board to assist me in achieving my desired end result. I am 1/4 of the wy around the house with the sanding so I have some time to decide.

-I have power washed with low pressure,no chemicals, to remove most of the failing finish, sanding to remove the rest. Do I need to wash down everything again with a brightener, or other chemicals, to remove sawdust and balance the PH, unseen spores, or any other reason?

-I want a non film forming sealant, for the ease of future maintenance. I am in southern California. Are any of the California compliant products going to achieve this.

-Mildew, My house is in an shaded oak tree grove on a north facing slope. I have mildew stains on the concrete hardscape. Are there any products that fit the above and resist mildew?



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I will have a dialog with myself, perhaps someone will chime in when I say something interesting.

Most of the products that seem to fit the bill are not available in CA. I am torn as what to use. Since the natural wood look is going to be ongoing maintenance, I might as well use something that will be available in the future.

I got some samples of Timber Pro UV, I will be testing on a scrap of my siding.

It goes on kinda milky, second coat especially. Two hours later the it has soaked in an is clear, but tacky. I'll let it dry for a couple of days, and see how it feels. This is the fear I have with the water borne wood treatments, they all resemble thinned Elmer's glue.

Ifd this stuff doesn't appeal to me I'll be back to the drawing board, or driving my pickup to another state to get sealant.


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I have completely stripped down my 1940's first growth redwood siding to apply a hybrid transparent stain (Timber Pro UV,) and prepped my eaves for painting(Glidden Pro Gripper & Glidden Pro Fortis 350 semigloss).

I have washed, scraped, sanded, and rinsed the house. I plan to start next week pending moisture level of the house.

I am wondering what to do first; paint the eaves, or stain the siding?

If I stain the siding first, then a little splatter or drip of paint from the eave can be easily cleaned up, as opposed to re-sanding, also any stain on the eaves can be painted over with the primer, according to Timber Pro.

If I paint the eaves first then I won't be leaning a ladder against the siding.

It seems like a no brainer, but conventional wisdom says to do the eaves first. Your thoughts are appreciated.



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