Tall Skinny Upper Cabinets

quiltgirlMarch 22, 2013

I have two upper cabinets that flank a 60" stove. They can only be 15" wide and are 55" tall. What would be the best way to divide this cabinet height wise, a 36" stacked with a 20" or a 42" with a 14"? Or is there another division that would be more pleasing to the eye? The top cabinet next to ceiling will have a glass insert and the bottom will be solid. (inset) Ceiling are cathedral and are nine feet + high. I am leaving 16" between counter and bottom of cabinet. That is all I want.

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Leave off the cabinets entirely unless you are doing a wood hood that "links" to them by being out of the same material and has cabinet panel doors. Tall and skinny isn't the best look in this situation. Also, if you only have room for 15" uppers, what size are the lowers? I'm thinking your range is really the culprit here in being disproportionate to the kitchen size.

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Greendesigns: There is a wood hood that links to them and has cabinets doors in it as well. The lowers below are also 15" wide. The culprit is a 60" Aga that I got for a song. (I do love love love it though!) I left the room when it was getting installed and it got placed not exactly where I wanted it due to where the venting had to go between studs and all. Anyway, that is what I have to work around. The kitchen itself is 16' 4" wide by about 18' long. There is a corner pantry carved out of there and cathedral ceiling with 9' walls.
The cabinets are 15" wide and 56" tall. I am doing a stacked look and just wondering on sizes to stack.
Thank you for your input.

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Have you seen TotontoTim's kitchen. It was something I thought of when you asked about stacked cabinets. I don't know if he stacked his, and his are wider than yours. But maybe the pictures of his kitchen can help. I did post his thread below. I noticed he reports his ceilings are 9' high as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: torontoTim

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I found another image on a thread that is currently active. It is the second post and shows a white kitchen with two thin cabinets flanking a vent hood.

Here is a link that might be useful: skinny upper image

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enduring, thanks for the pictures. The second post gives me an idea of the look. I think my cabinets are probably a little wider than the ones in that picture. It is hard to tell, but I think those look like 12" wide cabinets. My upper cabinets are ending up being 56" high before the crown. I am thinking a 36" with a 20" stacked on top of it.
That makes my glass (plain, no dividers) in the top cabinet 6" wide by 10" tall.
My stiles are 3". He is ordering doors Monday and I am now in full panic mode with "Have I made the right choices?"

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Well, I'm not panicking:) I am looking forward to your plans.

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