garapa deck stain--other options than Woodzotic?

ng622May 2, 2008

Hi all:

Our garapa deck is finally almost done. It sat out all winter untreated and has some minimal graying. I was planning on using woodzotic and the RAD treatment this spring when the new colors came out. Unfortunately, it seems the restore-a-deck folks are having some issues and I am concerned that the product will not become available. Can anyone recommend any other stains they have used for garapa that worked. I am more interested in a stain rather than a surface finish and would appreciate all the advice I can get.

George from EastTeak--if you're out there, you were right, the wood still looks great even being unprotected all winter. Thanks for all the tips and advice last fall.


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The ol Ken might be a bit indesposed, How ever a big I agree with the George, one in a million.

The only finish question I can awsner is what I use>>twpI am not responding to any gripes, slams,e-mail requests, or Folks wanting free info other than what I give out over here. I only know what I have done and will keep doing.

Garapa>> twp ceder tone natural if you want to keep the gold/yellow color, cedar tone natural 3 parts twp dark oak 2 parts if you want to go a darker golden brownJohn Mon.

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What do you mean by "restore a deck folks are having some issues and might not be available"? Is there some sort of problem with the product? I have never used the stuff and am not interested in something that is only carried by one supplier.

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The folks ar Restore-A-Deck seem to be either out of product or out of town. Several orders (including mine) haven't been filled for about a month, and there has been no communication with customers. Their message forum has multiple complaints at present. Hope things will get better soon!

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John recommends TWP cedar to maintain the gold/yellow color and I do appreciate the sharing of information. I am curios about TWP Honeytone and how it impacts the color of Garapa. Has anyone used it on Garapa.


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Why we digging up 1 year old topics?????

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TWP cedar tone natural will bring out the golded brown color Garapa will go to in the sunlight. The Honeytone will be more like the yellow color Garapa started out with.

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John must be a sales rep for TWP. that is all he talks about.

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I am trying to understand your color recommendations for the Garapa, as I am ready to install a Garapa deck, as well. Would like the look of the new wood when it is wet (accidentally left a few pieces in the rain the other day). Will use of the Cedar Tone Natural lead to premature graying? Will Honey Tone hold the color longer? Or, is that why you recommend mixing in Dark Oak with the Cedar Tone -- to increase the pigmentation for UV protection?

Should I plan on applying 2 coats wet-on-wet every year for the rest of my life to prevent graying? Or, will I be able to reduce the frequency as the coats build up? (I am in Michigan.) Thanks.

BTW, if it weren't for reading your posts all over the place, I would be leaning more towards Messmer's UV Plus Hardwood Natural.

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Your doing your homework Gordon my man, thats a very good thing.

Outdoor Finish 101

Every one wants the wood to stay exactley the way it came from the lumber yard exposed to the weather X1000000 with the S American lumber.

The wood will not stay the way it came from the lumber yard exposed to the weather with out finish.

  1. Re read 1 and 2

  2. re read 1 and 2 again

5.Every one wants an outdoor finish that will keep the lumber exposed to the weather exactley the way it was from the lumber yard with out doing Any Work.

Class over thats about all you youngens can take in during one sit down.

Now for those of you that I single out meet me over at Danny's around 7. You were the ones that dont keep asking me stupid questions after I have already given the anwser over and over again.
Pull up a chair Gordon you know the Guys I think but this is Rosa Malendis we call her Rosa Malendis she is a high test student so dont ask her stupid questions either She drinks Tecate too so buy her one as a sign of good will.

Rosa,I can call her that but the rest of you address her as Rosa Malendis, What is the best outdoor finish you have ever used in your new Deck Business " TWP " Why do you like it so much " Because it works " Do you ever have to strip it off and start again " No " What about mixing colors with the stuff " I do it,mostley because some Folks want a more brown color up against the red 116 comes up with the cedar tone natural mixed with dark oak makes a great brown I go with a 3 ctn to 2 do works for me and the Girls on my Crew "

Guys are you geting this? Gordon buy us another round when your finished taking notes, Rosa want a shot with that Gordon bring a shot as well.

Rosa thanks for coming over tonight just a couple more Girl you know how it is with some people but this crowd is showing respect. What do you think about people who dont want to do any work on their outdoor project " They should belive the hype and build a manmade deck Soooo funny Jon Mon!!! I know the type they dont even wash/wax the car man their rides look like hammeredshit!!! they got no class man they dont enjoy working and seeing how good it looks after its done.... " I know Babe I know so how much work is involved with say twp on garapa " " on clean wood I dont do any prep and dont pre finish or any of that silly stuff a couple coats on right away and if they want to pay for it a couple more done right bango bango I dont here nothing more for 3 years or so then I just go back clean the thing up put more on looks almost as good as I do in this little skirt!! the moneys good the decks good and the Wallet is good. "
Gordon get another round over here Rosa geting frisky!!

Thats about it for tonight guys, go out there and Get Em!! Remember if its not broke dont fix it just as soon as another finish works as well as twp lets jump on it like a duck on a june bug!!!! Gordon walk Rosa out and stay on the curb till the Harley is warmed up cant be too cearfull in this end of town.

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