How about more posts on quilting tips?

sandra_fergusonJune 30, 2007

We seem to have a lot of new members right now, and I'd like to suggest that everyone try to post an email that contains something helpful they've learned about some aspect about quilting....a tip...a site with good information....a favorite site for fabrics.....ANYTHING that might benefit the other members....not under this post, but as a separate one, with an accurate subject, so we can find it later, in the archives. Lately I posted the instructions on how to make a perfect circle to applique, and that's the sort of thing it would be nice to have from everyone. Quite frankly, it seems there is less and less about the particulars of quilting, and that most posts concern family matters, swaps and games. There are a lot of members, so if everyone would contribute something potentially useful to others, to phrase the maligned Martha Steward, it'd be a 'good thing.' Hopefully these will lead to 'discussions' on other methods, for example, and in doing this we will all benefit from the experience and knowledge of our fellow list members....isn't that what these forums are suppose to be about? I'm not alone in being somewhat disappointed that the forum seems to be going in another direction.

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Thanks for reminding us. I will be more careful about my posts, we are a quilting forum and there are many other forums to visit on this site.

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I like the idea of posting quilting tips; I'd like to see them under one "quilting tips" thread. That being said, there are plenty of threads dealing with "how do you...?" and "look what I learned!" and "I found a great website."

I actually like the forum. Today, out of 30 front page threads, we have 2 OT threads, labeled as such; 1 game; 2 contests; 2 swaps, and all the rest are sharing pictures of quilts, sharing or requesting patterns, and questions about quilting (applique, paper piecing...).

Some days it leans more heavily one way or the other, but overall this is a wonderful sight for quilters to share and learn and *enjoy* the process.


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Sandra,Unfortunately that is happening on all sites.I belong to a very large Cross stitch group on another forum and when i first joined over 6 years ago it was mostly cross stitch related.Now it's always pictures of someones cats,dogs,dissing Rosie,Oprah or someone and things to that effect.

I don't really mind the personal stuff at times as we all have those things come up at times and need to vent.

I back out of so many post over there and find myself sitting on my hands so much that it makes it not as much fun to go anymore,and that's really a shame as it used to be one of the best cross stitching sites on the web.So my visits aren't near as many or as long as they used to be.

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We are so fortunate to have a conversations area on our Quilting Forum to post "pictures of someones cats,dogs,dissing Rosie,Oprah or someone." That area is the perfect place to post vents, woes, prayer requests, family photos, recipes, and all the other things of life. I like having the Summertime Swap postings there too. I check into Conversations everyday to see what's going on.

Sorry, but I really do not understand why some members think it is inconvenient to click on "Conversations" in the top area of our forum home page.

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I would like to see a thread started called "Techniques" so I could refer back to special instructions like:
Your perfect circles
Biwako's I Spy
Susan's Curved seams
Sharon's Birthing a quilt
and others I may have missed.
I call Tips ... Snipping corners before prewashing. We did a long thread of very valuable tips already.

I think topics that should maybe be posted elsewhere are very low -5% compared to all the very quilty info, swaps, quilt questions and pictures we get. It is good though to remind us to keep on track. We have a wonderful group on this forum.

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Being newer here and not knowing what it was like "before" I would just like to say I like the forum the way it is. I have the choice to click on OT's if I feeling like or not. I feel like we are building more of a relationship with each other this way. I also like reading the the helpful quilting hints and seeing the wonderful pictures of everyones projects. I do check the conversations and gallery about once a day.


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I like the idea of OT subjects staying in the Conversations area, but I have a high-speed internet connection, so it isn't a problem for me to check that area if I have extra time. I do understand that people using dial-up may find it inconvenient to open another link. Has this forum ever had a separate Swap area - like the seed swapping areas in the various gardening forums? I have always found those easy to use. All of that said - I'm not complaining - I'm fine with the way things are now, but it took me a long time to get used to so many OT threads when I had been reading forums where they were not allowed at all.


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I have dial-up and just checked to see how long it took me to click on Conversations and for it to 'come up' took 4 seconds, so that should put an end to saying people don't use it because it takes 'too long' for us dial-up folks! I don't even mind if it isn't used, if folks place OT in front of the postings that are NOT Quilting oriented. My point was, however, that with new members, we have the opportunity of actually becoming, again, a good quilting resource....a forum whose MAIN function is actually quilting, with all it's members should bring new questions that will stimulate quilting techniques that new members will share, etc. Regardless of what some think, this forum is NOT what it once was, in the way of passing along answers to problems, and sharing quilting expertise. I'd, personally, just like to see it go back to the premise that a quilting forum is primarily for sharing quilting information! I've had quite a few other members email me personally, to say that they agree completely and are glad I posted what I did, but that they were afraid to comment on the forum for fear of "offending" people, so, believe me, I'm certainly not the only one who would like to see more quilting ...and, how can that be offensive? We are, after all, a QUILTING 'bout everyone trying to contribute something quilting oriented, that might be helpful to forum members, and see where that leads us! What a good start THAT would be!

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I am all for adding tips and Sandra you have so much knowledge on quilt history, etc. I'd love to read more topics from you. I'm a new quilter, and I've learned so much already from posting questions and reading others posts and tips. I have to say from my perspective the swaps definitely aren't OT. When I started I had NO fabric whatsoever, and the way I found this forum in the first place was because I searched for "Fat Quarter swap" and joined Trifles pink swap. I made a breast cancer block from the pinks, quilted a table runner from Red's purple strings and a Patriotic table mat from a swap I hosted, and will make an I-Spy from Darla's swap. I'm hosting a Month of the Year block swap and I'll try applique for the first time. And I practiced PP by making something for Red's charity blocks, tried one of her block lotto blocks, and made 2 blocks for the Breast Cancer charity. I know several of the more established quilters aren't interested in the swaps, but for me it's the perfect way to get some more fabric, learn a new technique, try a new pattern, or just make something fun. --Amy

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I agree also Sandra. Many of the off-topic postings would be better posted on the conversation forum. I post less frequently than I used too, simply because there are fewer quiling posts to answer.

I don't object to learning about forum members. I actually enjoy it. But I would prefer non-quilting posts to be on conversations.


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New2quilting.....never did I even intimate that Swaps are OT... did you think I did? Anything fabric related is of interest to many folks, and I reckon swaps fall into that catagory. The whole reason for my posting was NOT to say what shouldn't be posted, but what SHOULD.. more quilting, please!!!
In the past I've did a little mini-history on quilts ....fabrics... the use and origins of dyes (natural vs analine).... dating fabrics to certain timeframes, etc. (I quit with the American Civil War) These posts should all be in the archives..I think if you use sandra_ferguson as the subject, you should be able to find them.

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Actually, you did mention swaps in your original message: "Quite frankly, it seems there is less and less about the particulars of quilting, and that most posts concern family matters, swaps and games." I was just responding how valuable swaps have been for me in my quilting journey, along with tips and advice from the "pros" like you and Mary C and others. I'm new to everything, so I learn a lot from everything and everyone :-) And I have read many of your archived history lesson and enjoyed them very much and would happily read more! --Amy

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I agree that we need to stay mainly focused on quilting - but I think that includes and involves much more than just quilting tips. Posting pictures and stories about what we've worked on, and mistakes we've made, struggles we've encountered and overcome, all is part of the learning and sharing experience. I counted 30 threads just now, and only 3 of them could I consider non-quilting, and one that was labeled "O.T." actually WAS about a quilting technique. I definitely think the swaps, BOM's, etc. are appropriate topics for this forum, and part of what makes it fun - and by sometimes stretching our comfort level and trying a new technique for a swap we've entered - that's "a good thing" too.

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I read messages here almost every day.
The OT messages are indeed, not what I am interested in. I am interested in quilt talk and ideas. I seldom post because of an incidence on a controversial subject in which I was accused of being some sort of a "troll" because I disagreed with the poster who was OFF TOPIC of quilting. I am not so much interested in joining a club where others think they must come to the aid of another--I did that in high school. Sorry, but I was very turned off to posting after that unpleasant encounter.

OT subjects need to be put in the conversations area. There members wishing to strike up a friendship, or join the club, can post to it's heart's content about whatever they feel and those who wish to join in, can also post to their heart's content. The OT subjects on the main board really do go off topic very frequently. They state they are "OT" -- I never read them but wonder howcome they are posting on the mainboard, rather than in the conversation area.

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IÂm one of those that emailed Sandra to thank her for speaking out on this topic. I come here to learn about new techniques, to get new design perspectives, to share knowledge I have gained, and to interact with people who share my fascination with quilting. I may be a newbie to most of you, but I have been reading this board for years and have seen this whole discussion before, more than once.

SandraÂs message was about so much more than just posting tips; it was about sharing quilting knowledge. That, to my mind, is the purpose of this forum. The point of having separate threads for such information is so that they can be searched for and found by specific topic. A separate thread also encourages discussion on that topic, as it did with the one on pressing seams open. There is much that I would like to know more about that I have never seen mentioned here: hand-dying fabrics, discharging fabrics, sources of design inspiration, adding the dimension of visual depth to your quilts, tessellations in quilting, the list goes on. Surely IÂm not the only one with such interests?

By choice, I donÂt read the off topic threads, the swap threads, the threads directed to a specific person, or the threads with pictures (dial-up here). Quite often that doesnÂt leave very much else. I donÂt believe the intent was to cease the "fluff" altogether, just to strike a better balance than what has been going on lately. IsnÂt it worth a try?


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Thank you, Sandra, for this!

I just went back and looked at how many topics I had opened up, and it was considerably more than usual!

It has been getting to the point where, even in my obsessive-compulsiveness, I haven't wanted to check back here, because I knew there wasn't going to be anything I wanted to read.

I used to be on the other side of the fence, but frankly, I'm getting damn sick of SO MUCH stuff that isn't quilting related. Post it on conversations. It's there, we might as well use it.

~ Kit

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have to say I agree with Vickie4x4..I like things here the way they are! If I have a question I can always post it and get an answer.I find that the things I tend to skip over offense please..are the quilting histories and fabric histories and the games. I also know that other people here enjoy these topics and I would never ask that they be eliminated simply because I don't care for them..I just don't read them and that solves the problem for me. All and all I find this forum to be both interesting and informative and would hate to see it change.

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I do think people like me should remember to put (pics) in the posting title for the people that have dial up, and I just pass up the OT,games and swaps, this is the only forum I belong to so have no idea how the others work but can say this is where I have learned to quilt and I thank all the girls that have helped me along the way.

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I don't see why it's such an issue, provided that people put the OT in the subject line of the post. You don't have to click on them if you don't want to. I also feel that the vast majority of posting here IS about quilting, and the OT posts serve as our online quilting bee part of the forum.

I like the idea of a separate tips area for referencing later on - good idea!


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Sandra -- FOUR SECONDS? I would NOT be willing to wait that long for much of anything on a computer. LOL. I guess I have become a spoiled spaz with technology.

When I was very new to quilting I found this forum, and every question I had, I asked, and people answered. Most of what I've learned has been from people on here.

Now that a lot of us have been around awhile I think that so many of the questions have been asked and answered that some days there is not a lot "new" going on without the OT threads.

Hopefully some of our newbies will have questions to stimulate us!

I do try to post tips and new things I've learned because I want to contribute the way others have contributed to me, but sometimes I feel lame telling people "I learned xyz today" when no one is suggesting they have a problem in that area -- I think maybe everyone already knows.

As far as the conversations link being considered inconvenient, the reason I don't like it is because I don't see the POINT. If people put OT before their threads, or if you can tell by the title it's not about quilting, it seems much LESS inconvenient to me to skip that thread than to go to a separate, isolated folder to find those threads. Same with the Gallery -- I seldom look in there. Why click that link and wait for it to open, then open the thread, THEN click the link in the thread and wait for that to open... (Of course I'm willing to endure to see the beautiful quilts, but only once every few months...)

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I thought this post was going to be about perhaps starting a post for reference and thought this would be a great help for everyone just not new members! Boy was I wrong!!!!!!!!!
I don't see why it's such an issue,OT posts swaps, or (game every so often)!nassongrad_nh,regarding your wanting to know more about hand-dying fabrics, discharging fabrics, sources of design inspiration, adding the dimension of visual depth to your quilts, tessellations in quilting, the list goes on. perhaps you should post on the subject as you did on this.. I am sure like myself others would be interested!
By choice, I donÂt always read the off topic threads and I tend to skip over offense Sandra please.. the quilting histories and fabric histories . I know that other people here enjoy your topics and I would never ask that they be eliminated simply because I don't care for them..I just don't read them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I definitely think the swaps, BOM's, Challenges etc. are appropriate topics for this forum, and part of what makes it fun also it helps new members and quilters of all levels challenge themselves and makes them feel at home on the forum!
I would never ask that they be eliminated simply because I don't care for them..Also as far as it only took you 4 seconds Sandra to switch over give me the name of your dial-up I have DSL and it takes me longer then 4 seconds..
I am sorry Sandra you don't feel the forum is what it use to be???????? I think this is a great forum a caring forum and helpful forum....just by sharing the retreat pics from Aunt net was wonderful that this forum was able to bring everyone together AS FRIENDS FIRST AND THEN QUILTERS....
I also hope when others read this it is not meant to bash or hurt anyone feelings or signal anyone out but I think what makes this forum so special is that it is a group sharing and just not robots quilting JMOP!


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well here i thought when i clicked into this post i was going to read tips to help me. i can give one and thats always measure twice before you cut. the swaps have really helped me to learn new blocks and doing them for other people i am more careful, not perfect just more careful. i come on every night and read only which intrest me and join in where i want to. don't ever feel anyone is out of line here, just a bunch of great people and a lot of talent.

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I would be saddened if the "quilting bee" aspect of this forum went off elswhere. As long as people name their threads properly then I don't have any problem skipping over something that I don't particularly want to read. You see, I love Sandra's history "classes". Fascinating - especially for us non US people. I don't much go for the games, but I wouldn't like them to go away. I do think that we should help each other in times of need. If you don't "know" someone then you're not going to be very upset if they have a problem, but many of us DO "know" each other simply because of the N° of years we've been around and I think we're good at welcoming new people and they settle in quickly.
Of all the better forums I've visited, and I don't think there are a lot out there, they're good because of the friendship and respect that passes among the members. Those that stay pretty impersonal and clinical are the ones where you get a lot of nastiness. I vote for no change.

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I am a newbie here and I love this forum just the way it is. I have visited others and they get way too detailed and impersonal for me. I vote no change also. mary in Va

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I think it would be a sad day when this forum turned into a reference only site. I understand the "need" for some references posts around for archiving, but the archives only go back so far. I would much rather see a newbie or someone with a question just bring the topic again. I personally think that instead of a warm welcome and answers that a new person can join in on, to refer them constantly to the archives is downright rude. At a Quilt bee or Guild, would someone with a question be referred back to the meeting notes rather than answered in the here and now? I don't believe so. I feel that all of the posts whether on topic or off are all vital to the "community" feel of the forum. This is where I start my day, every day, and more than likely, where I end it. I don't quilt every day, I don't sew everyday, but I appreciate the "family" that I have made here and I do like to check on that everyday.
Sandra, you note that some folks wrote to you personally about how they felt they couldn't say anything to support you on your quest with this topic. I can assure you I have received numerous emails in the same manner supporting a free topic site. If a post is marked OT, what is the problem in skipping it over? I have tried posting the same post here and in the conversation are, and I can assure you I did not get the response there that I got here. Using the conversation area is like having another forum to visit. If this area becomes a reference only site, I will do just that, find another forum to visit. Reference only is cold and loses the appeal of the Quilting Bee atmosphere. Sometimes we need to adjust ourselves as the times change, there are many things in life that "aren't the way they used to be". I expect I'll be blasted for this, but feel I represent a majority on this forum, and have bitten my tongue long enough. I'm not sure I'll read the responses to this, as it sometimes isn't worth getting my blood pressure up...
I will note that it would seem everytime I post an off topic post it prompts Sandra to post these threads, so yes, I am taking it very personally. I would ask that anyone who would like to know when Princess Belle has made her earthly appearance to email me, and I will announce it that way. I wouldn't want to disrupt the forum anymore...

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I feel the same way Lisa, if it has to change then I will go to another forum.
Iam one that sometimes forgets to put OT before posting
b/c Iam so excited to share with my friends here .
I feel like I have been sewing more with the Birthday Block and block lottos . Also the Quilt for Kids . I really enjoy these !!
Please leave it like it is !!!

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Regarding dial-up - I used to have it and I can remember getting up in the middle of the night because less people were on line and I could move at a reasonable speed. At about 2:30/3:00pm when the school kids came home it came to a standstill. I just logged off. I could go make coffee while waiting for a something to come up. While we were at DD#2s house there was broadband - I was in heaven. Now that we're home I have DSL which is much better than dial-up but not as good as broadband. (I used the dial-up for about 24 hours when we first got the telephone hooked up again. It's still slow.)

I also pick & choose which threads I read if I'm pressed for time. Otherwise I read them all. I never know when I'll learn something new. Many threads have small 'asides' that are helpful & interesting. I will add another big thank you to everyone for the support I received last winter after our house fire. That wasn't technique. It was 'quilting bee' and I love you all for it.

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I have emailed Lisa personally, to assure her that my original post had NOTHING to do with her.......(heck, I don't even know what she was referring to!) and she has thanked me for clarifying this point.... If you'll read my original post you'll see that it is simply about my hope that new members will lead to more quilting info. What on earth was the problem with that? I mentioned NOTHING about the conversation section of the site, etc........ just that the focus seemed to be waning..... try to be fair, will you?
Also, I would never suggest that anyone need read posts that don't interest I disregard those on golf and other non-quilting subjects, folks may certainly do the same with those of mine that have deal with some of the more detailed aspects of our hobby. No one will be hurting my feelings by not reading them ....they were posted for those members that ARE interested in the more non-ephemeral aspects of quilting, and I, for one, would sure like others to post things of this ilk.....(for instance, I know little of the history of batiks, and would love someone to 'educate' me on the subject...I'd also love the history behind some of the older quilt patterns...where they came from, when they were first used, etc.) To me, these subjects are like history...we can't hope to understand the present without knowledge of the past...with quilting, an understanding and appreciation of how we 'got where we are' is fascinating (but, obviously, not everyone's 'cup of tea!).
Can't we all just hope that new members will bring new discussions and information? That was my point.

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I think that it may be effective to encourage new members etc. to post questions about techniques and whatever else quilt-wise that they would like to know. I know that whenever I have posted a question in the past, I have always received kind answers in reply even if I only had a few people responding. (And more is not always better anyway). Too much attention to differences of opinion in what should or shouldn't be posted may scare off more new people from chiming in.

I, too, would like to thank all of the people here who helped me through my rough time this winter. And I would like to thank people for being patient when I don't use an OT. I like to take the broader approach when it comes to a post being quilt/craft/fabric related than some might like.

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I was not going to post to this but after reading all the replies I have to put in my two cents worth... I love this sight just the way it is.. Sandra maybe the reason people took offence to this subject is you seem to bring it up all the time.. I ask a question quilt related lately and I felt you bit my head off. (About stack n whack.) I have not been posting as much lately because I am afraid to upset everyone. But you know, I went to the stack n whack 2 day class and we talked more about other subjects than quilting. I did learn lots but it was not all about quilting. We talked about families, recipes, chocolate, cookies, cars, raising kids, grandkids and on and on.. It was all the things we talk about on here.. It would have been very boring if all we talked about was quilting for 10 hours. And I had to pay for the class... This is a free sight and you can just skip on by when the heading has an OT. Now that is my two cents... grace

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Thank you Grace !!

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Please send me the 'offending' comment I supposedly made about you...or stack and whack...or whathaveyou. I certainly don't remember it, and would like to read it as it seems to have upset you.

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Here is a link that might be useful: log in again

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RNmomof2 zone 5

I have lurked for the past couple of years and have to agree that the content of this board has changed. At times days can go by without any messages that aren't OT, swap or bday block related. It's my choice not to participate in bday blocks or swaps, but if you are looking for quilting tips and pictures it can get frustrating not to find anything new.

I usually hang out on the Decorating board and thery have a very active Conversations section with very, very few OT posts on the main board. It works well for them but perhaps they are younger, more flexible, have high-speed cable or some other reason.

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rnmomof2 -- you are the second person who has posted in this thread that you lurk in here a lot and are frustrated by the lack of quilting tips.

I am really confused by this sentiment. Why would you let yourself be frustrated by what others are NOT posting instead of starting a thread on a topic you'd like to know more about?

I completely appreciate the opinion of people who participate in the forum when they say they'd prefer OT be in the other folder. It's not my preference personally, but they have as much right/reason for their pref as I do for mine.

But I can't begin to wrap my head around someone coming into THIS thread which is now WAY "OT" from quilting and criticize what's NOT posted on the forum when they seldom -- if ever? -- contribute to the content.

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Some people just like to stir the pot, yes?

This discussion has come up at least twice in the 7 months IÂve been a member. I may be wrong, but I think the majority of people on this forum are here because they enjoy it--and the quilting bee feel.

I agree, Laura. Just for fun, can anyone find a previous page that isn't mostly quilting? Just because the topics aren't the quilting topics that interest you doesn't mean they aren't quilt related. Yesterday afternoon, I went back 120 threads; 90% were quilting related (108 out of 120Âincluding swaps). If you are desiring quilting knowledge *only*, why not Google or buy a book?

In addition, have those who are mostly lurking ever been turned away or refused a kind answer when they did have a question?

Grace's post brings up a good point. What's the use of bringing up quilting questions if we're simply directed back to archives? Where's the discussion in that? Ironic that Sandra wants these discussions, yet sent Grace to searching.

IÂm surprised at some who are uninterested or "Â sick of" OT threads. The women on this forum have been there for you and have been interested in your OT postingsÂlaughed, encouraged, helped, prayedÂwhether it was toby jugs, term papers, surgery, whatever. Yet when someone else posts OT, this is your response?

Wow, Sandra, be thankful for your excellent dial-up. I timed bringing up Conversations--with high-speed broadband--at 7 seconds.

btw: shouldn't this thread be in Conversations?


(because it's sometimes hard to tell in writing: no animosity here, just perplexed about this redundant discussion)

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I normally do not add to these type of posts, but Cheryl, I just have to say "Ditto"!!! LOL

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I am also fairly new here, but I wanted to add my opinion.

I think that this site is like quilting used to be like, before the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Women would get together in a sitting room and quilt together. They'd talk about their families, their problems, share recipes . . . and at the same time, also talk about their quilting and the general and specific problems/techniques that they came across. Quilting seems to be both a technical and a social hobby and I think that this forum represents that very well. I'm very glad I found it, and I do enjoy the balance here. Sometimes it seems to swing one way, and sometimes the other.

I don't feel intimidated posting questions here, only sometimes I feel that they're such "newbi" questions that they've been covered hundreds of times before, and are quite obvious to everyone but me :)

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"I don't feel intimidated posting questions here, only sometimes I feel that they're such "newbi" questions that they've been covered hundreds of times before, and are quite obvious to everyone but me"

We all started as newbies. I wouldn't be here now if I hadn't asked questions and learned how to sew years ago. Sometimes it helps to rephrase the question and/or the answer. Then it might click and all of a sudden you understand. I can't begin to tell you the number of times I have been unable to say something so that the other person got what I meant. Sure wish I could talk with my hands online.

What gets my goat is having the same person ask the same question over & over & over & over ad nauseum and not listen to the answer. If you don't understand what I'm saying stop me and ask for clarification. Don't just nod in agreement and pretend to get it. grrrrr

    Bookmark   July 1, 2007 at 9:48PM
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RNmomof2 zone 5

Laurainsdca, I use this board as inspiration for my charity projects and my daughters 4H projects. I believe it is our responsibility to come up with these ideas instead of asking for this forum to tell us what to make.

We haven't needed help with a specific quilting problem, but you never know when someone may provide a tip that could be useful in the future. I have on occasion given help when I felt like I had something to say that hadn't been said. Sorry if I don't comment just to see my name on the posting.

Perhaps frustrating was the wrong word. Disappointed to not see projects would be more like it.

    Bookmark   July 1, 2007 at 11:11PM
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I very much enjoy this group, the quilting help, the pics,and the friendships, that I have found here. I have found very kind and helpful people with good hearts. I would not know how kind if we didn't share a little OT. That's how you get to now each other.

P.S. I want to know when Princess Bella Arrives and her quilt is beautiful.

    Bookmark   July 1, 2007 at 11:36PM
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Cheryl - my sentiments exactly. Thank you.

    Bookmark   July 1, 2007 at 11:52PM
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I am another one who likes this forum just the way it is. Not that I wouldn't welcome more discussions of things like fabric history, quilting techniques, and other people's funny mistakes! lol But like a few others who have commented here, I am at a loss to understand why some react to the posting of OT subjects here almost as if frivolous posts were *causing* a lack of pure quilting posts.

Sandra made a good point about trying to post more tips and the like, and I also intend to be more careful to put "OT" or "Pic" in the subject line. The people with dial-up deserve that much consideration. We suffered with very slow connections for 2 or 3 years, ourselves!

Rnmomof2: You wrote, "If you are looking for quilting tips and pictures it can get frustrating not to find anything new." Yes, I agree, but this is not a magazine whose editors are obliged to keep coming up with material for the readers.
It is the "readers" themselves who are responsible for keeping the "articles" coming.

IMO, the main reason people post here is that they feel they are among friends and want to share all sorts of information. Take that element away, make the forum purely technical stuff and pictures, and its heart would be gone, and I bet there would be a lot fewer posts even of the sort that you prefer.

    Bookmark   July 2, 2007 at 2:37AM
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RNmomof2 perhaps you would like to share some of your projects with us.

    Bookmark   July 2, 2007 at 3:11AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

I like to read posts from "newbies". Sometimes I have forgotten things, or get a good feeling by being able to help someone else start on their quilting journey. No question is "too dumb" in my opinion. Even if it has been asked before, maybe other newer members would like to see the topic again. If we were an actual quilting bee, we would answer the same questions over and over again, wouldn't we? This is an art that used to be handed down through generations, but that does not happen much anymore. When I started, I used the world wide quilting site for a lot of questions, until that became fairly inactive. I have gotten a lot of info off this site, and I still visit every day.

    Bookmark   July 2, 2007 at 11:35AM
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RNmomof2 zone 5

Yes, I probably should try to share some pictures! But then I would have to become computer literate!

With kids home this summer, hopefully they will be able to upload pics and teach me how to post them.

    Bookmark   July 2, 2007 at 11:44AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Rnmomof2: I'd love to see some of your projects, too! If your kids can just get the pictures into your computer for you, you can upload them to Photobucket for free and there is a way to insert any picture(s) you have in Photobucket into a message for this forum.

You just highlight the "HTML tag" address that appears in a small window under the picture in your Photobucket account, right-click and copy it, then paste it right into the message you intend to post on the forum. When you click on Preview Message, you will see your picture on the next page that comes up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket site

    Bookmark   July 2, 2007 at 5:26PM
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I've given this a lot of thought.

It's not the quilting bee type stuff that irritates me - sharing of pictures of one's furbabies or grandkids. I actually like that.

What irritates me is all the request for prayer.

I've shared stuff that's off topic (health stuff, scholarship stuff) in discussions, where I could have just sent out emails to everyone, but I know there are more than just the few ladies' who's email I have that care. But I've also posted stuff that's off topic in conversations (asking for recipes).

I LIKE to hear about your great finds. To me, that's quilting related. Pictures of your grandkids, for whom you make quilts, that's quilting related! But I don't want to hear about every little bad thing that happens, really.

And I'll have quilting related pictures to post in about three weeks.

~ Kit

    Bookmark   July 2, 2007 at 5:41PM
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"What irritates me is all the request for prayer "

WOW !!!!

    Bookmark   July 2, 2007 at 7:10PM
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I like the site just the way it is. I'm on dial up & have a computer that is slow even without dial up. and when I say slow, I mean s-l-o-w. So I'm one that doesn't usually go to the conversations side of this forum. Until Lisa put the summertime swap over there, I hadn't been there in months.
I appreciate when folks put OT or Pics in their title but don't get bent out of shape when they don't.

    Bookmark   July 2, 2007 at 8:21PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Being from the noman's land of Oklahoma, I wonder, who would get the say and monitor the site? Would they post in the thread "Not quilty enough! post elsewhere!" or send a private email and be polite? I don't like being told when, where and what to post or say and I don't take well to being scolded and embarrassed, as would be the end result if an attempt to change the forum were to take place.
Would it be nice if more posts were placed in conversations? Perhaps, and perhaps this could be accomplished if we would post OT: state topic and ask for people to check conversations for the complete thread and to post replies there, this might help all of us get in the habit of a: posting in conversations and building up that side of the forum and b:checking more often, which would help all the way around. However, keep in mind that difficult connections or not, some of us have a hard time posting, when we do finally get the courage up to do it, the last thing we expect is to be chastised by the quilt posting police.
I think this would be a great way of announcing Princess Belle's arrival, Lisa could let the forum know and still post all the pics that many of us would love to see.
And just my two cents worth, I enjoy all the lurkers and newbies and every question they ask and I love the excitement they have about completing their first quilt project or the 300th project and getting to know people here, warts and all, otherwise I would NEVER have had a retreat in my home.
Aunt Net

    Bookmark   July 4, 2007 at 12:10PM
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I like it just like it is .
Its like a close knit family
Funny , I never ever think of going on the other SIDE , only to this one . I guess a habit .

    Bookmark   July 4, 2007 at 12:26PM
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heh, would you look at that, all the cleaning and rearranging, and this stayed. Have fun with that....

    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 8:59AM
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That is my thought Lisa, I will be posting on the conversation page most everything I post so I won't be off topic. I visited the Craft and Decorating forum this morning did not find a discussion page and very few posts. I think that is what happens when you take the personal out of a site.. grace

    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 12:56PM
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Did they just bump this over to this side now!!!!!!
What is going on ??

    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 1:07PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

this is Killing me that it was found to be OT and moved over here! hahahahahahahahaha
oh my gosh....good thing I'm in the potty room cause I am gonna pee myself!

    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 1:08PM
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I'm just waiting to see what shakes out. It takes a whole lot more than this to steam my spinach! I still love to chat with y'all, no matter which side of the "controversy" you are on. :-)


    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 1:46PM
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I copied and posted the email I received from GW on the discussions side. It was deleted. Got a second email "Posting messages in this manner is considered disruptive to the forum." They don't like their own mail?

    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 4:56PM
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They deleted the one I started too .
just a matter of time and Iam out of here .
If I would not be in a swap I would remove this forum from my PC . But will stay till is over .

    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 5:04PM
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Well well well I have not been on this site for awhile. But I do see that some things don't change.

It is shameful some have chosen to make History of many people whom loved this forum just the way it was!

A quilting Bee's a forum to all come together and it was done that way for centuries. Our families members years ago traveled by horse and buggy to share their interest of quilting and families. Today it is the Internet. Is is a shame that when someone made an post as OT that you couldn't just move on. When it comes to quilting so comes every thing and yes sometimes personal too! My expert opinion I feel if you don't like it get back on your horse and travel away!

Shameful that some show a total lack of respect for others and their loves and interest! It is impossible to please everyone but so very easy to respect one another.

The ones complaining are they also complaining to magazine subscriptions, newspaper, television etc. Please just enjoy one another, enjoy the time together and enjoy the fact that we are not all alike! Thank goodness!

    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 6:26PM
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I am new here but have been on long enough th see this thread and some of the OT's. Good Golly Miss Molly get over it!!! If you don't like the OT ignore them and move on!! We all pick and choose the OT's we want to view, it's call personal choice!!

I understand someone voicing their opinion and even starting a post on certain topics, BUT to contact the powers that be??? I had to chuckle that someone would be so petty and small as to make an issue out of postings on the discussion side even though the post are listed as OT. The complaint is such a childish thing that I see with the CHILDREN that I mentor that have nothing better to do with their time than run and whine and be a tattle tale.

The complainer is enjoying her moment in the sun, possibly she (or he to be fair) is lacking in other aspects of HER life and needs to stir the pot whenever she has an opportunity. She has had her moment of glory!! Lets not give her any more power (as I would bet that she is lurking and watching the comments even though she is currently not posting as to appear to be disinterested). I vote for ending this particular post and letting her power die back down and hopefully we can all move forward and continue to be the "quilting bee" that we enjoy and that makes most of us come every day to share. If it means coming to the "conversation" to interact socially I will do so.

Power Be Gone hopefully you enjoye it while it lasted!!!


    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 7:07PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

It looks like there were only 6 people who actually posted here that they thought OT posts should be in the conversations side of this forum. Six people? And they changed the whole forum??? What's wrong with this picture?

    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 8:59PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Self appointed Forum Police Noocha, apparently better versed than we are, and more willing to write complaining emails....

    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 9:02PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

I certainly hope that I am not being included in your "snippy six", noocha, for I made no mention of moving threads. Quite the contrary. And, having been banned from GW in the past, I would most definitely never snitch. Just so you know.


    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 9:38PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Wait. "snippy six", I didn't say that. I said
It looks like there were only 6 people who actually posted here that they thought OT posts should be in the conversations side of this forum. Six people? And they changed the whole forum??? What's wrong with this picture?
Why did you say snippy six & put it in quotation marks?
And, yes, you were one of the six who said you agreed with Sandra. Weren't you?

    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 9:59PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

WoW!!! I am so sorry if I offended or caused anyone any inconvienience by posting an OT about my sons hospitalization,or showed a picture of my sweet grand baby.You know, I dont really mind that I might have to post those things in Conversations,,,,but I resent being "tattled" on,and dictated to.YES,Sandra, I have seen you snap at people and act condescending and act like you are the authority on nearly every quilting subject that comes up.And I still get my fabric at walmart,,,,when I was a Newbie you insulted me about that,,,,asking WHY anyone would get it there!!! Might be because some of us are less fortunate than you and cant afford what we want when we want,as you put it once.
So, Im off to join the real people in Conversations,,,the ones who care about their quilting families and not just instructions and advice. I can get that at the library.
I will probably visit the "old" forum just to keep up on new techniques,patterns,etc. But I was there today,and its just plain BORING!!!!!( This whole mess could have been avoided if you had just skimmed past the OTs if you werent interested.I do it all the time.One of the topics I skip is the boring quilt history.)I have met some dear ladies here ,but I dont much care to be involved in the Sandra Forum.To each his own.....

    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 10:11PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Yes ," Snippy six" she is !!!
I think she better read this thread again !! LOL

    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 10:18PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Well, as a newbie I am just extremely disappointed in what is happening here!

I am sure I posted to this topic but my post is gone. I guess I had nothing worthy to say! Sorry about that!

I have checked out so many other forums and this is the only one where I felt comfortable registering and posting.

Well, I guess it's true that the squeaky wheel gets the grease! 6 unhappy people, 50 or more happy people and now the unhappy ones celebrate. Doesn't seem right.

    Bookmark   July 5, 2007 at 10:23PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Linda(Noocha) said:
"It looks like there were only 6 people who actually posted here that they thought OT posts should be in the conversations side of this forum. Six people? And they changed the whole forum??? What's wrong with this picture?"

I Say:
AND, some of those six, at least one that I can think of w/out re-reading, (Teresa, I think)said (paraphrasing) "I'd Personlly rather they be posted elsewhere but I like the forum and understand others want the OT here and just skip over them."

So people like her are not trouble mongers at all -- which means it's really LESS than 6 who have the bees in their bonnets. Though I do like that moniker == the snippy six. LOL. (Just as long as we don't include those like Teresa on the list.)

But whoever said the squeaky wheel gets greased is right. That's how life works. Admin people just want the whiny person to stifle. Too bad for the rest of us happily plodding along.

Can you guys on here now even IMAGINE working up the energy to contact the forum police?

One nice thing about the conversations folder -- I don't feel I have to censor my words in here for the benefit of those who really ARE made uncomfortable by controversy...!

    Bookmark   July 6, 2007 at 12:07AM
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Well I for one agree with Laura and the majority. This is totally stupid that you cannot pass an OT post. They are really the post that make us human and family.

I have been to other sites strictly quilting some have not had a new post since 2 yrs ago. they got so technical people left. Go check out have many dead quilting forum there are.

You should go to BLOCK CENTRAL they have hundreds of posts daily (DAILY) its a good mix of family , health, prayers, techiques and pictures. they have it all and have a good time doing it. There are swaps and games too. Its just too big for me. But I get involved there too great bunch of ladies.

I like the cozy of OUR forum like Aunt NET said WORTS AND ALL. I like the pictures the best so we can ask how to do things if we do not know. This forum answered all my questions when I was new, and I try to answer back for the newbies but alot of times all I can do is welcome the new folks since the question was answered. I do Not always read everything on the forum I skip over alot. I do not do all the swaps but I have done the birthday and siggy blocks and loved every minute.

The truly amazing thing here is: it more personal we care here in the corner of cyberspace. And for the person in the beginning of this thread who basically was here for info only and was not here for high school stuff, you could look it up in a book since you seem not to want human contact. We are like a quilting bee just getting to know each other...what is so wrong with that?

No one hardly goes to the gallery to post pics cuz noone ever goes there to look at them. That's why they are in Disscusions.

I vote to keep everything in one place like it is. That's how I am gonna do it.


    Bookmark   July 19, 2007 at 10:49PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

I agree with you Nanci . Thing are just not the same here .

I don't visit like I use to .

    Bookmark   July 20, 2007 at 10:12AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

I'm sticking and hope a lot of the rest of us will, too.

    Bookmark   July 20, 2007 at 11:27PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

The petty name calling hurt my feelings, I must say. But I'm not going to let the bad behavior of a few keep me away from this forum that is very special to me. My hope is that some people will eventually get done with their pouting and return to the better communication of quilting information and fun that we have enjoyed in the past.


    Bookmark   July 22, 2007 at 12:11PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Teresa, No one is "pouting". This comment was uncalled for. Everyone is disappointed in the fact that certain people went and complained about how they didn't like the way OT postings were on the discussions page. The majority liked things the way they were and the minority overruled them. Colleen

    Bookmark   July 23, 2007 at 7:39AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Like all wounds, this one will never heal unless we all, repeat, all, stop picking at the scab.

    Bookmark   July 23, 2007 at 8:29AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Dad used to call it "beating a dead horse"

    Bookmark   July 23, 2007 at 8:53AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

I still check out this forum. It was my first love and got me quilting again, so I intend to stick around, but I am also enjoying another one that is less rule-bound about off-topic posting and am liking it more and more.

    Bookmark   July 24, 2007 at 11:23PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

I'm like Biwako, this is the 1st place I check and it has inspired me to do more.I've always thought this forum was like a quilting bee, where good friends do get together and share not only quilting but whatever is going on in their lives. I hate to see what's happening....AND I'm guilty of OT postings but I always thought if you don't want to read them, just pass on by.....And I do want to hear about little Belle, please!

    Bookmark   July 26, 2007 at 9:49PM
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