Broken Bones Prayers

nanciiiJune 11, 2007

Hi All,

I was having a wonderful time with my grandbaby when the phone rang Saturday night SIL was in 4 wheeler accident and has broken leg (Skin bones) both the Tibia and Fibula. Daughter was sent to wrong hospital and locked keys in the car. After all is said and done I get home 4:30 am. He's 26 and summer is a good time for him job wise. He's an electrician. I just look it up I figured it would be off for 6 weeks then I read it could be 10- 16 weeks. Thats 4 months. I will call the doc this morning to see if we get the cast today or tomorrow pending the swelling. It was pretty bad early Sunday morning. And all they could do was splint it. How do they pay their bills? I am not sure if he has disabilty daughter makes half what he does. Thank God he has excellant insurance and will not have any bills from this. Please prayer for us. Just worried how they will handle this.


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You have your family in my prayers. Deanna

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Nanci, So sorry this has happened. Your family will be in my prayers.

A year ago last January when my 25 yo grandson and his wife was in an auto accident....their vehicle flipped end over end in an ice storm and ended up upside down in a ditch. As he was crawling out of the window, he told his wife that this is just an opportunity for God to have something better come into their lives. His MIL had just totaled their other car the previous week, and other things had happened in their lives so his wife was skeptical, but now she's a believer as everything worked out over and above what she had imagined. I was pretty proud of him for having that kind of faith in the face of adversity.

Sooooo, have faith........


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Oh Nanci, that's terrible! Poor kids! I will keep you all in my prayers.


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Nanci, I wish you would re-post on the other side so everyone could know this. So many don't come here and I usually don't. I was just looking for a thread about the Summertime Swap.


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wow, prayers to all!

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Oh, how terrible. I'm praying for you all.

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