Pics from Sitka, Alaska

grammypJune 2, 2007

It seems most of Alaska is small islands crammed together.

These are on the way to Sitka.

The ship could not dock at Sitka, so they use the lifeboats to tender everyone to town. Note the houses on the little islands.

There are bald eagles everywhere.

The Russian Orthadox Church.

DH and MIL at the Tlingit cultural center.

The Russian Dancers.

The Glide dance. The dancers take tiny little steps so they seem to glide across the floor.

All the dancers are volunteers who do this on their days off or lunch hours. There are no men in the group so the women take turns doing the men's parts. They perform on a stage in the conference center. There is no back stage and they must go out one side, run around the building while changing clothes to enter on the other side.

When they open the back curtain this is the view. You can see our ship anchored in the bay.

Tonight our waiters danced.

Our second towel animal was an elephant.

Next stop will be Juneau.


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The towels are so cute! Looks like your having a great time. I have a friend that moved to Alaska 8 years ago and she has been trying to get me there since. I have no interest in travel.


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Ahh...even with the grey skies, it's Alaska! I haven't been there for a year, and I miss it! Thanks for sharing pics:)
Looks like you enjoyed yourselves.


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absolutely gorgeous! thanks for sharing bev!

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OH Beverly,

That looks like fun. I will be there in just a few weeks. We leave on the 4th of July. Its getting exciteing now.


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Looks like a good time was had by all.. Now I have several questions... You knew I would... What Cruise line did you use? Were you happy with them... What did you wish you would have packed and didn't. How long were you gone?... Did you take a heavy jacket and did you need one?... I have all these questions as we will be going the same time next year... What would you do again and what would you not do?
I will have more questions I am sure but these will get me started.. grace

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Your ship activities look like such fun! Thanks for sharing your photos!

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