waiting period after resurfacing/replaster

swimeisterApril 30, 2012

I live in a fairly new community that has just completed replastering of 3 pools (2 of which are olympic size) and 2 jacuzzis. There seems to be no reason for this job to begin with other than less than altruistic recommendations from pool maintenance companies. There are 2 pool areas, 1 is approx 8 years and the other is less than 6 (due to construction phases).

My question regards the waiting time after 5 - 7 days of achieving optimum ph balance ( alkilinity, etc..) when we can start to use the pool safely. 2 weeks? 4 or more?

My concern is related to the original construction where the property management company waited a couple of months without any brushing or vacuuming and the dirt that accumulated caused the pool bottom to be permanently stained.

thank you

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This is dependent on where you are, water temperature, and what was used for plastering.

Properly care for plain plaster can take just over 3-1/2 weeks to cure. In warmer waters and weather, it can be sooner.


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The directions for refinishing with Wet Edge Pearl Matix were to brush twice a day for at least the first 7 days after the day that the pool was filled and to keep that up longer if dust comes up when brushing. I found directions on line for the Wet Edge plaster finish and that has similar directions. The directions don't say when people can go in, but they say wait 28 days before putting in a pool cleaner and 14 days before using the heater. (The directions from our contractor said wait 7 days - perhaps taking into account that our water is already fairly warm?).

We were told that chemicals should be getting stable by 7 days and they are in our pool (again possibly taking into account that the water temp).

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