Help with Ozone and venturi issues

ramiller1976April 21, 2013

1. How much air pressure show the mcd-50 be producing? Is there supposed to be a reasonable amount of air/ozone coming out of the MCD-50 that you can feel with your finger for example?
2. I have the 1/4" line going from the MCD to the venturi with a check valve between that came with the mcd. How hard should it be to blow thru air thru the check valve if you blow into it? I took the hose off the mcd and blew through it and it was really hard to blow through to produce bubble coming out of the jet in the tub. It was like trying blow up a small balloon pressure wise..
3. If i disconnect the 1/4" hose between the venturi and the check valve then water comes gushing out. I thought it should be sucking air thru and not shooting water out? The venturi is installed correctly with the arrows pointing towards the tub and the directions of the water.

Sorry for the lengthy description be figured it was best to be detailed.
Thanks in advance for your help....

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