Building a pool in Massachusetts -- again?!

careers4uApril 7, 2014

We used this forum and its vast knowledge and resources in 2007 when we built a gunite pool/spa at our old house. Now, having moved, we are getting the itch for a pool and trying to decide if we want to take the plunge (pun intended) once again.

Last time we used South Shore Gunite, a large, reputable company that delivered, for the most part, a good, solid product. However, communication was lacking, and when we decided to do our pool deck outside of their company versus staying in-house, they gave us some trouble. They just didn't have the pattern of concrete we wanted at the time. I understand the quality control issue, so I don't fault anyone. It was just more stressful all around.

So, we are looking again. We think we will stay with gunite, though a local company does excellent work with vinyl/permacrete. (Two labs make us think this is just a bad idea all around so I am reading up on it.) Two of the companies we are looking at are small and sub out most of the work. We will do the standard checks, but wondered how people who have worked with the smaller companies have found the relationship with the subs and the builder. I don't want a lot of finger pointing as I experienced that last time when I didn't stay in house.

A lot has changed in seven years, but prices aren't that far off with the one quote we have received. Decking seems higher, but equipment isn't that much more. Any advice from the Massachusetts crew who have built in the last few years would be much appreciated, as well as any other thoughts. Thanks and looking forward to reading and joining the discussion once again.

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Sorry, no pool wanted here in the Midwest. Have a beautiful beach to get sand in the toes.

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Try Drakely Pools. He is one of the best in the north east. If you want a Shotcrete pool done correctly he is the one that knows how to do one.

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So interesting. I was just reading about him. One of the companies coming out to meet with us is involved with the Genesis Design group. I was looking at their website and he is very involved and also an instructor. Sadly, they are closer to New York so a bit out of our range. Perhaps this company has some of the same education and values, so I will ask the question. Thanks for the information, though.

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If you are talking about Jamie Scott you can't go wrong on him either. I am a member of Genesis myself and believe strongly in their program. The construction schools are better than anything the APSP puts on. Generally it will cost you more to have a Genesis member build a pool for you but you are getting a pool built correctly and you will get what you pay for.

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