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ironkitMay 26, 2007

One of my friends and I left on Monday morning at 6aCT from Stillwater, MN for Eugene, OR. We got to Butte, MT, but didn't realize that the elevation was almost 6000 feet. Yup. Good thing the little Minnesotan in me went "you are NOT taking your ice scraper out of your car!" before we left - I brushed a good 4 inches of snow off my car on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday, we made it to Eugene, but not before I got pulled over in Missoula, MT. No ticket, but I did get scared into driving the speed limit the rest of the way. We pulled into my boyfriend's apartment about 7.30pPT. I was asleep by 8p. :)

My immune system decided it didn't like me anymore, and needed to give up around that time, and I've been feeling quite icky since then. I went to the urgent care here yesterday, where I got some really awesome antiboitics for a sinus infection and two ear infections.

BUT! On Thursday, all three of us (my boyfriend, my friend and I) drove over to Florence, OR, and north up the coast to Heceta Head lighthouse and played there for a while. Then, we ventured south to Coos Bay (thanks, Gillian!!!). Everything was beautiful. I have lots of pictures, and will post them later.

On our way to Oregon, we stopped at Roosevelt National Park in ND (possibly the only interesting thing on 94 in ND), which was really awesome. I don't remember it being that beautiful, but it was absolutely gorgeous!

~ Kit

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Hey Kit,

We had such similar travel weeks!

I was in Stillwater on Friday (May 18th) for daughters track meet, we left on Saturday afternoon.

We didn't get to go to Toronto because our passports did not arrive in time so we drove to Couer D Alene (went as far west as Spokane); we left on Wednesday the 23rd. ND is boring, isn't it? Did you go all the way across the state from Fargo? The western part is much better than the eastern part for scenery and Theodore Rosevelt National Park is a great place to camp; Medora has a wonderful musical in the summer too.

The weather was really nice for most of our trip, in the high 60's, low 70's. The only place we saw snow was way up on the mountains when we took the worlds longest gondola (so they say) up the mountain in Kellogg, Idaho.

My husband had me hiking so many hills on this trip, I felt like I had the knees of a 90 year old woman. It was very fun and beautiful though. I really enjoyed driving through the western part of Montana, it was incredibly beautiful and I saw a mountain lion!!!

We found that Cracker Barrel Resturant/Store rents out books on CD, we listened to 4 books during our drive which really made the time fly by.

I hope those antibotics killed all your bugs and you are feeling better. Enjoy your time in Oregon.


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So excited for you and your travels. I guess your dad got over it? That is what happened to me when Joe and I got married we left Louisiana for Colorado Springs it took us 5 days the weather got worse each day (It was Christmas time)
I was sick as a dog when I got there. Its been over 30 yrs they said it would not last and he still says he cant take me anywhere without getting sick. lol Have fun this summer and be careful.


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