Getting to know me-Summertime Fun swap

bkfdwifeMay 29, 2007

Here's where you will try to help your swap partner by posting some info about yourself! What do you love, not love about summer? Fav activities, food, what part of the country are you from, what are some of your summertime traditions? Do you hate lemonade but love iced tea? Things like that..



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Ok, Lisa, hopefully you got my email.
So, now about myself:
I am a summer person! Love it all! Am a huge gardener, both veggies & flowers. I have no summertime traditions, except sitting in the swing in my yard w/ a good book, if the garden is caught up & sewing is not screaming at me. LOL
I also love to go to outdoor concerts, we have a couple of really good blues festivals here each summer.
I'm one of those wierd people...hate lemonade, hate iced tea. Diet coke freak. Oh well.
I'm in NW Iowa, and I can't think of anything else right now...
Michele ( aka Hayden2239)

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I love the spring and fall. I am not a big fan of Winter and summer. I live on Long Island NY. I would probably like gardening more if I didn't have what my DH calls the "black thumb". I am retired and am a gym rat. I go 3x a week and work with a trainer once a week. I need to do this to keep my weight from skyrocketing. I love almost all food and my favorite colors are pink, blue and lavender.

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Well, I hate summers here it's so hot and humid but winter is divine. Early spring, late fall and winter are wonderful for going to the beach which I enjoy. I don't have any fav colors but in fabric I love brights and or funky just because they're fun. I enjoy cooking and have lots of cookbooks and great recipes and I love tea, iced or hot, and sweet please. I love salads and would love to have some great homemade salad and salad dressing recipes.


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I DON'T enjoy cooking and have lots of cookbooks, lol. Well, it's not so much that I hate cooking as that I'm bad at it. I would appreciate some great salad recipes or salad dressing recipes...or unusual bread/muffin recipes.

As for fabric colors, I like the brights, except orange, and also love lavender, but not dark purple.

Looking forward to the swap.

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Well I love spring and fall here in Missouri.
I love country type fabrics. Not a bright fabric person.
I don't drink much tea or coffee etc. Strictly a Pepsi person.. I love salty foods as much or more than sweet.
Not sure what else to say... I always have many projects going. grace

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Hmmmmm....I guess the only season I don't like is winter although it is the best time to hand quilt. You get to stay warm while you work on quilts:) I am a diet coke freak too, but I do like lemonade also. My do garden, but I do it for food not because I enjoy it all that much; wow that sounds wierd. Maybe I just don't enjoy it right now because my legs are killing me from planting 90 tomato plants yesterday..LOL I love to read and always have a book with me. I also love movies.

I'm gonna add the colors in my house here just in case. I know one of my first thoughts was to make someone a little something and I wouldn't want to know the colors.
My kitchen is done in coca cola, my living room is blue and neutral, my bath is forest green and burnt orange with some cream, and my bedroom is yellow and purple all different shades.

Any recipes would be appreciated. I absolutely love to cook. I invite ppl over to be my guinea pigs when I want to try something new.


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I hate summer. I really do. It's a horrible season. That's probably because I'm used to Minnesota's seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction.

I don't enjoy cooking, but do it out of necessity. However, I looove to bake, but I don't like sweet stuff. Go figure. I like salads (especially pasta salads!). I love tea. Hot or iced, but NOT sweet tea!

Fabric wise I like either very bright colors or very dark colors, and I love batiks. I hate florals. I like to knit, too....

~ Kit

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I should decide if I am going to do this swap but wondered where in Iowa Hayden is from. I am from Yankton, SD on the SD/Nebraska border. Maybe if you are near the SD border we could meet some time. Deanna

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I don't understand why this swap has been relegated to the conversations section? And 'before you get into trouble'? It seems the whole forum has gone wacky today.
What's going on?

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I love summer!! The only thing about summer I don't like are the mosquitos. I live in Western PA. I'm an avid shade gardener(by location not choice)..and have over 500 generic hostas to date. (love em!) I plant in masses. I read every day...mostly mysteries of one sort another or things about earthlore.
Cooking? my husband does all the cooking, I do the dishes.

I love to go primitive camping, do historical re-enactments when we have the time, and spend time with our friends and family. Our summer traditions include picnics at the holidays..and around here the first day of fishing is considered a holiday, so we host a party for whoever comes to fish in the river on our property.

I drink unsweetened tea. I like to entertain, so love recipes that are good appetizers for small groups that are simple and easy.

I like color..eye candy for me is brights with blacks. I also love things with ferns and leaves.

Lynn in PA

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I love spring and summer, fall reminds me that winter is coming and I HATE the cold.
I like to garden both veggie and flower, my favorite flowers are sunflowers by far.
I love to read and have a library of about 2000 books.
I'm a home school mother of three children. Have 6 altogether and and 9 grandchildren.
I'm into a healthy diet and drink herb teas with honey.
My favorite color is blue but like others as well. Not a big fan of super brights, but lately have done more with them so I'm breaking out of my shell. I like country decor.
One more thing I LOVE chickens and roosters!!!!

P.S. I cook.

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noocha my feelings exactly I am thinking PMS... HAHA... grace

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I love spring and fall, winter's alright. I really hate summer.
I love the flowers of summer, the gardens, and summer night skies. I hate the heat!!

I love tea, sweet, unsweetened, hot, cold and herabal.
I love my diet drinks, gotta have a diet drink fix regularly. I also love coffee; black straight up.

My favorite colors are Yellow and Red. I also love all bright colors including orange ;)

I love music, jazz, rock, classical, r&b,etc., well Opera is the only one I don't really get into. I can't sit still long enough to enjoy an opera.

I love everything handmade; all needlework, art, and woodworking. I just wish I knew how to crochet and tat.
Not enough time just yet to learn.

I garden because I love seeing things grow. I hate the weeding part though.

Every year when things start producing, I can everything I can get my hands on. I've even been known to stop the car and harvest pears and persimmons from the roadside. People do look at me strange when I do that.

I love riding my bike in the rain, and hate dry hot weather.

I don't know how all this helps, but I just thought I'd throw it all in.

Oh yeah, I love cooking and baking... everthing.


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I am from Missouri near Kansas City. I like spring and autumn and cool summer days I can't stand the humid summers of Missouri. I like autumn colors but I am looking forward to some wild and spunky FQ's to add to my stash. I like teas (unsweetened) and flavored cocoa's I can no longer drink coffee, I also like flavor drinks such as crystal light etc. I garden in raised beds. My hobbies are quilting, crocheting, making hand made cards (scrapbook style), reading (mysteries and currently I am into historical Christian stories/romances). I collect quilt magazines and books.

I guess that pretty much sums up up Marty from MO.

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Since you like historical Christian books thought I would recommend an author. Check out Tracie peterson if you haven't already, especially her Montana and Yukon series. They are among the best.

AND I totally didn't put anything for fabric preferences. I LOVE all fabric. If you find something that just catches your eye, it's for me..LOL


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I'm from Michigan's Thumb area but not close to the water. I love summer for the fresh produce from the garden but HATE the humidity. Have flower and vegetable gardens and a good chunk of God's green earth - 8 1/2 acres with no visable neighbors.

Love to read, quilt, garden and cross-stitch. Do a bit of crocheting but with fabric not yarn. Fall is my very favorite time of the year - love the colors, the cool days and nippy nights.

Any easy and quick recipes using fresh veggies are always welcome. I cook a lot and guess I'm pretty good at it since DH and I are always on diets! HATE baking - can't stand measuring stuff. Guess that's why I like scrappy quilts - no measuring...

Currently my favorite color is orange - not neon but earthy.

As far as my favorite drink - no diet anything! Love teas of all sorts, have to have my coffee each morning and in the summer love lemonade.

Think that's everything!
Marie in Michigan

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I'm from Southern Utah in an area that has pleasant winters and warm non-humid summers with a breeze.
We live on 20 acres and our closest neighbor is a mile away. I like watching all the wild sunflowers growing in the summer. Happy flowers! I love animals and have 3 dogs, 1cat, 2 goats, 2 roosters, 14 hens and 14 baby chicks. I really like to make things that have to do with animals. I have a lot of quilt books with animals.
Favorite colors: yellow and blue (and animal prints)
Tea no sugar no caffeine (I'm wired enough)
Recipes need to be easy I don't want to work real hard.
I make mostly wall hangings because I have too many quilts. I have made my friends quilts and my family members make their own and have too many. Now they get wall hangings.


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Yes, I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.
I am into health food, but not much into champagne.

Sorry, I couldnÂt resist. I had more of the song rewritten  but it was too cheesy to post.

I like all four seasons. Even though I live in Southern CA, I actually get all four here in the mountains. Fall is my favorite, summer is my second favorite. I paint and decorate my toes to match each month of the year, call it toes of the month. Summer is the only time I can look down and appreciate my toe art. I canÂt believe I just said that.

I too am a Diet Coke drinker. ItÂs my morning coffee and I have a glass with all of you every morning. I also really like different flavors of iced tea. Herbal is better because if I have more than one or two glasses of real iced tea, my body can be jittery for hours. IÂm too sensitive to caffeine.

My favorite color is dark grey, but not in regards to fabric. I donÂt really have a favorite fabric color. I do love all things retro. Anything that looks like 50Âs, 60Âs & 70Âs are what I love.

Lastly, DH and I love to cook. We cook together every night. IÂm a vegetarian, but we cook everything everyone else eats. ItÂs amazing the fake chicken, beef and even shrimp that are on the market these days. We love all kinds of recipes.


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LetÂs see, about me . . . IÂm fairly new here and donÂt post a lot yet so yÂall probably donÂt know me very well . . . yet :)

I'm a gardener as well (vegetables, herbs, flowers and getting into antique roses) and I do love summer. Course, there is something I love about every season though! I am one of the Canadians on this forum and live just north of Toronto. No huge farm acreage for me, although I envy those with more space!

I do a lot of cooking as well as BBQ . . . I'm just learning how to cook pork properly, it is a challenge for me not to overcook it and I'm always looking for new ways to use different vegetables and herbs from the garden (peppers, spinach, asparagus, and especially tomatoes). Love sour candy, raspberries and just about any summer drinks (including lemonade and iced tea).

I love movies as well - one of our summertime traditions is to go for a coffee (java addict) and a movie in the evenings. Also love to read (seems that everyone on this thread is an avid reader =P) and listen to classic rock. I wish I was able to do some woodworking, I think handmade wooden objects are beautiful and I love the smell of working with wood as well. Some day perhaps! Soccer and gardening are my two other major summer hobbies and I tend to quilt (or try to) a lot more during the colder months when IÂm indoors a lot more. When the weather lets me, I try to get outside!

As far as fabrics, I like blues and purples, batiks, anything with sunflowers, dragonflies, butterflies, animal prints, Egyptian/hieroglyphs, or astrological symbols . . . and one of my next projects will be a vineyard/wine themed table runner that I am still collecting fabric for! I don't have much of a stash yet but I am working on it :)

I am a hand quilter as I donÂt have a machine.

I can't think of anything else right now, but I am definitely looking forward to this swap, I think it was a great idea!

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Deanna, I emailed you, but........
Girl, I can see you from here! LOL
I was at Weygon campground last week (did I spell that right?) and I hate that bridge in Yankton!


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Lyndawn ~

Thanks for the author I will give her a try.

Also to add to my list I like recipes also especially breads. I have been looking for a good recipe for Oatmeal Rolls if anyone has a recipe they are willing to share.


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I love summer, the more hot & humid, the better! I think that comes from living in Alaska for 28 years before moving back to Virginia. I love any kind of 100% cotton fabric and any colors/prints. I especially like swaps as I get fabrics to add to my stash that I might not ordinarily pick myself. I drink black coffee in the morning and unsweetened ice tea all the rest of the day, year round. I love to eat but I hate to cook. Elizabeth Ann

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My turn!

I love spring and fall, used to love summer until I hit menopause and now my internal furnace runs all the time! I do love winter for curling up with a quilt on my lap and a good book. I love to garden. Working on the perennial garden right now and filling in the rock garden I put in last year. DH takes care of the vegetable garden until it is time to do the canning then I take over. We live in a conservation area (1200 acres) but cut and garden about 5 acres. Another Canadian resident, we live about 45 minutes west of Toronto. Our closest neighbor is over 1 mile away but have lots of wildlife nearby. I hear the coyotes most nights!

I love to cook and bake and own too many cookbooks to count! I enter canning, baking and quilts into the local fairs each fall.

I used to be a diet Coke-a-holic but found out I was allergic to one of the artificial sweeteners so now mostly drink water but love real brewed Iced Tea (just like Grandma used to make)! Lemonade give me heartburn so avoid it.

I love all fabrics but am partial to batiks and feedsack (and reproduction) fabrics.

The only summer tradition we currently have is going to my family reunion in Illinois each August. It is kind of bittersweet...seeing my relatives is great but it also marks the end of summer!

Looking forward to this swap.


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Me next! I live in Southern California, but recently bought a vacation home in Connecticut. Right now I have two favorite seasons--springtime in SoCal and Fall in Connecticut. I'm retired, DH does all the cooking but I help with the prep. I do love to make desserts which is probably why I'm constantly on a diet--currently Weight Watchers. So some good healthy dessert ideas would be wonderful. I love black, red, green, yellow. Don't care for purple or lavender and cannot stand orange. I'm currently collecting fabric for an I Spy quilt.

This should be fun! And I think Lisa put this on the conversation side to keep from cluttering up the discussion side~which has been very strange you see it, now you don't--nudge, nudge, know what I mean?

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okay, my turn...

I like all of the seasons but winter does get to be a drag up here in New England. Happy that we have warmer weather now! I like lemonade, ice tea, hot tea and an flavored coffee once in a while. I do some of the cooking (DH does the rest)...and love to bake especially - if the recipes not too hard!

Fabric: I love it all (mostly). My favorite color is blue, but also love jewel tones. We share a cottage in Maine on a lake so I like cabin-type prints, not the cutesy kind, the more realistic kind (loons, pine trees etc.). I have also been on a binge with Thimbleberry type fabrics - browns, butterscotches, rusts, little prints. I am more attracted to brights like yellows since I bought some for Amy M. in the winter doldrums swap and since I received some very pretty ones from my doldrums partner. Anything pretty much goes as long as it is 100% cotton. Oh, also love snowflake fabric. Okay, okay, I really do love it all so I'll stop here before I describe every type of fabric know to womankind.

I do handwork and a little machine work. Am signed up for my first Stack and Whack class soon. I also love buttons and happily have my Mom's and my Mother-in-Law's collections (as well as DM-I-L's Featherweight).

I like to use little pads of paper and post-its to try to capture my ideas.

Okay, your turn. Who is next?
:)Kelly - NH

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Oh- I am looking for a relatively easy recipe to make old fashioned type cinnamon sugar donuts.
Kelly - NH

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As far as fabric is concerned, the Apple Core EPP wall hanging needs reds, I love the 1930's prints, using a lot more brights these days, love indigo blues, can always use white on white and creams, and don't have enough browns or blacks in my stash. I do not use country/Thimbleberries prints or the Civil War repros.

I love and use spice and herb blends like Dilly Dip, Cajun Spice, garlic/pepper/salt/lemon and I like herb teas in the summer. I always need cotton thread for piecing and machine quilting and would love some pretty buttons for the greeting cards I make.

Teresa in North Carolina

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Reading other people's messages, I though I should add that I don't like fabric prints that have anything to do with war or holidays, nor do I like jewel tones. However, in speaking against jewel tones, maybe I am getting too picky.

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Here goes...

Textiles of cotton and patchwork constructions
Small geometrics and warm reproductions
Designing, creating, the joy that it brings
These are a few of my favorite things

Blue colored Modas and green Marcus Brothers
Red tones and gold ones and even some others
Color that ties to the past and its swings
These are a few of my favorite things

Small scale for florals or grander art-decos
Classical patterns that twist into Technos
Monolog cabins embellished with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

When the catÂs sick
When the bills come
When lifeÂs going wrong
I simply remember my favorite things
And they make me feel more strong

DonÂt blame me; Nina (sew_self-taught) started it! :)

Summer is my least favorite season, but we donÂt get so much of it up here as to make it unbearable. I live in a small town on a dirt road in a mature pine forest with loons in a nearby pond. My family has deep roots in New England (since 1629) so that may have some bearing on my love of colonial colors, antique furniture and reproduction fabrics. I was kidnapped to SW Michigan for 15 years, but escaped and found my way back home about ten years ago. I now live eight miles from my great-great-great-great-grandfatherÂs house (still occupied by family).

I drink neither tea nor coffee, get my caffeine from Coke, love to cook but find cooking for one a challenge, and IÂm always trying new soup recipes. I used to grow vegetables in my limited sunny areas, but decided daylilies and iris were more fun, less work, and prettier to look at. I grow hosta and heuchera in the shady spots. I love computers, math, and finance and design many of my quilts using Excel (thatÂs just plain weird, I know).


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I did this yesterday but see it never showed up.
I live in West Michigan. I like creating garden junk (art)
for my flower gardens. I dislike cooking. Like to bake
and unfortunately like to eat sweet stuff. I like ice tea
and flavored hot tea. I like Thimble berries fabric but
that is only one of many fabrics I like.Fall is my favorite
season followed by Spring. Looking forward to a fun swap.

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JD in NH you are a show-off! LOL! Very clever!

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jd- very, very clever!
Kelly - NH

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Oh jd  that was sooo good!! You gave me the biggest laugh this morning. Well done!


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hahaha..good one jd!

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Show off? Moi?? Never! Just another form of creativity that I enjoy. Thanks for the kind words.


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Lots of good stuff on this thread!
My favorite season is spring - love to see those green leaves popping out. Next is fall because of the gorgeous colors.
I drink coffee fairly regularly during the day, sweet tea & water otherwise.
My favorite color is green but really like them all.
I have 3 Boston Terriers & 1 Fox Terrier. The Boston is the best dog ever, that's why we have 3 of them!
I live on 6 acres with about 60 pecan trees. We had more but Hurrican Katrina got about 18 of them in 2005. We've lived here for 5 years & haven't got but a handful of pecans off these trees! We sprayed them for bugs, fertilized & limed the jokers & still nothing. There's a lot on them this year though. Now if we just don't get another hurricane.:o)
I love to eat but don't care too much for the cooking part of that.

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So creative, jd!

My turn...I like all seasons, but the heat of Southern California summer gets to me. (In Alaska, summer is the greatest!)

I'm a water fiend, drink it all day, but also unsweetened ice teas (no sodas or sugary drinks. Except margaritas). Salads are my favorite food, and I'm always looking for more good recipes. Love to cook (healthy), love to bake. I try to garden, but am too inconsistant to be very successful.

Right now I'm into batiks and black-and-whites, and I love quilty gadgets.

Happy swapping!


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That's great, jd! I sang a few verses for DH and he enjoyed a laugh, too.

I am originally from north-east MA (Woburn/Reading) and have a lot of nostalgia for Maine and New Hampshire, the family having spent some vacations there when I was young. DH and I love the sound of the place where you live. In Japan, we also lived in a small town, at the end of a dirt road up a steep hill with only a few houses on top, and they were all hidden from each other by groves of bamboo. Now we are in a place with a near ideal climate, but with lots of neighbors (very nice ones, though), and a Home Owners Association! Still, at our age (70 soon), I guess we wouldn't want to be too isolated or have to shovel snow.

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What do I love about summer? EVERYTHING!!! I'm a middle school teacher in central Massachusetts who at this moment is swamped with hundreds of papers, projects, and exams to grade. I love teaching, but I need a huge break from the constant hours of grading and preparing each afternoon and evening. Therefore, I can't wait for summer!!!

What I'm most looking forward to once summer hits:
1. sleeping in
2. genealogy research both online and at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston
3. working on a round robin row quilt
4. reading murder mystery novels
5. traveling to Vancouver to see some friends and traveling to Florida to see the parents of the man I'm dating
6. simply vegging in front of my television set watching documentaries and NOT grading papers!

What is it that I don't love about summer: It ends too quickly!

Weaknesses that I have: I'm addicted to chocolate...milk chocolate to be exact! I've had braces on my teeth for five years now; therefore, the only chocolate I can enjoy is Hershey's milk chocolate bars! I also love coffee - especially Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla! My other weakness is buying quilt fabric! My favorite kinds are nautical prints, brights, and batiks.

That's it for now about me! Off to bed...I have to get energy for my sixth graders tomorrow!

Judy in Massachusetts (judy333)

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I am looking forward to summer, as I always enjoy the change of seasons. I love the 4th of July, when all the family gets together to watch fireworks and eat.

I do like to cook, but I am on a restricted diet; p I can only eat low fat foods and no red meatÂI donÂt care much for iced tea or lemonade. I do love to eat though! (I know at this point you are probably wondering WHAT I eat, but I assure you I do eat tons!)

I donÂt garden as my time is limited since I have a 15 month old toddler! I joke we are growing a child right now, so we donÂt have time to plant.

I am getting ready to start on a quilt for my living room. The colors I would like to use are burgundy, blue, and cream. We have a nautical themed living room. I have an old afghan in the living room that I use when I am watching tv now. It is driving my husband nuts as it sheds over the burgundy area rug! He is threatening to throw it out. I told him to wait until I had made something to replace it!

I also love purples and 30Âs prints. I always love quilting thread as well and I am definitely a gadget girl.

As far as other hobbies, I like to organize and read when I get the rare chance! Both sides of our family live in the area, so much of our time is spent with them. Oh- I like to spend time chatting with quilters online!

-Jen (mrseldoo)

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Added to my bio:o)
We are headed to Texas for a business trip next Monday (the 11th). On the way we'll be stopping at the Gammill dealer to test drive, again, the machines that we're interested in. We're already approved for financing so we're pretty sure we'll be putting in our order for one of these big ones! I thought I'd share this exciting news with y'all here cause who knows when it will be banned from the main page of the forume. Even if it IS quilt related. LOL

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Hello ! I guess it's my turn. I love summer-but I love all the other seasons too. Summer is great because I'm on vacation. I teach Kindergarten- which is the best job in the world. In 3 weeks I'll be done for this school year- with alot of work to do between now and then. I look forward to relaxing, spending time with my family, gardening (veggies, herbs and flowers), and of course quilting. I'm a good cook- but I really don't like too- and I love to bake. I'm always intertested in new vegetarian recipes. I love all fabrics and my quilts tend to be "scrappy". I love paisleys and "bright funky fabrics". Did I mention I LOVE all fabrics! :0) Looking forward to this swap! JudyLee

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I think I might be the only person who hasn't added there stuff yet so here goes.

I really don't like summer at all. IT's hot and muggy and I get sunburned everytime I walk out the door. Oh and did I mention it's hot. Then there's the fact that the kids are out of school and drive me completely nuts the whole time. I love'em I really do but I am so glad when fall comes and they go back to school so I can have a bit of a break. I love the fall and the winter it's my favorite time of year. I hate coffee, tea, crystal light. I like lemonade but usually only the fresh made stuff. I love absolutely love flavored hot chocolates.

As for fabric I really go thru stages of what I like. Right now I am collecting reds and blues for a red white and blue quilt for my bed. bright ones, that pop, not the darker tones that go better with tans. Oh and I also love homespun plaids, or really any plaids for that matter. I would love some tan or cream on white plaids I have such a hard time finding the light plaids and I could use some for mixing with the darker. But I like pinks and blues and yellows too. Really I don't have anything I really favor, I just love what ever I am working with at the time. Oh and I am not really a novelty fabric kinda gal. I like some florals but most of what I pick out for myself is blender fabrics, like marbles or mottled.

Hope all this helps my partner. I love to cook too. But simple stuff. It needs to be fast, with 3 boys I am usually hoppin trying to keep up with them and need stuff that doesn't take alot of time. We do grill out alot so grill recipes are always good.

I don't do really any other crafts. I do hand quilt as well as machine. I love flowers and hostas. I like to have a garden but I don't do to hot at growing it, but my DH does so I just pick the weeds for him and he grows me the flowers. Right now we have petunias, roses, lantana, pansies, verbena, tomatoes, mums, some suculants, hostas, star gazer lily's, some day lily's, and another flower that I can't remember the name of right now but they look kinda like a gerber daisy, oh and some Vinca's on my balcony upstairs. So seeds are always good, I love trying to grow new flowers.

I think that's about it. I really hope all this helps my partner put together the perfect swap gift for me.


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Oops, I am probably about the last to post. Needed a little nudge.
I also like spring and fall best. Summers here in Kansas can be pretty hot and muggy. I am not a tanning girl and tend to burn.
For hobbies, in addition to quilting I like about any crafting. I am now refinishing an old oak glass fronted bookcase. I need to get it done and out of the garage as my DH wants to put more of his stuff in there. What's up with that???
I have decided I just like food. I like pastas and Mexican foods also Chinese, so just about anything. I go for decaf iced tea. I limit my caffeine as it makes my blood pressure go up.
In the summer we like to grill out. We eat a lot of chicken. We also go to our little farm getaway place. There we mow the grass and hang out and fish and take it easy with our GS and my mother.
Fabrics; I will like just about anything. I have a lot of the kind of country colors in my stash so I would like brights. I select fabrics that make me happy. That is kind of a strange explanation but that some fabrics just call out to you.
I hope this helps you out. This will be fun. I sure like this forum and all you ladies out there.

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