kitchen renovation what to do with space?

JonifMarch 14, 2013

We are in the middle of doing our kitchen. I just dont like the way the counter looks above the heater. Cant put cabinets there. Any good ideas how to work this area? On the pic the dishwasher will be on left,

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Right now you don't have a counter above the cabinet that surrounds the radiator. Are you putting a solid countertop there, or leaving some kind of grill in part of the countertop for the heat to escape? Once everything else is in place, you will probably have one or two stools sitting in front of the radiator and you won't notice it so much. Right now, the cabs and the radiator are the only things to look at.

Wait a minute. "On the pic the dishwasher will be on left," you said. You are not putting a dishwasher in front of the radiator, are you?

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Fori is not pleased


Seriously, that is where I'm going to be every time I'm at your house. Goodbye space heater!

Nancy is correct--put a stool or two there and it won't look weird at all. Can you paint the radiator cabinet color? Or even put a decorative grate in front of it that fills the entire space?

Or is the radiator not what's bugging you at all?

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What's the floor going to be under there? One thing that came to mind (unless you already have it planned elsewhere) is to put your recyling bins in that space. They could be lower ones that still left room for heat escape.

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