By request 3 pics

gillian_41May 6, 2008

Margaret entered a cake decorating competition last Feb in Pensacola and won 1st & 2nd medals in the advanced section.

The Mardi Gras cake was 1st

Tea Party 2nd.

The theme was "You are Invited"

My birthday cake


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Your daughter is certainly talented. She must be swamped with cake orders. I love the Mardi Gra--that's the theme for our family reunion this year but I doubt if our cake will look like that.

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Absolutely beautiful she makes it look so easy and I know it is not!!! My niece has taken cake decorating classes and she loves it. Where did your daughter study??

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Rosa she started out going to classes at Michael's to get the basic's then some seminar's and now she gets cds or dvd,s from some man thats on tv will find out for you. She is pretty much self taught, if your niece needs any info let me know.

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Thank you Gillian that is so nice of you. My niece is having problems with her computer so I am going to print out the pics to show her.
I can sit and quilt for hours but I don't have the patience it takes to make a beautiful cake like that. Or the steady hand LOL

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Oh Thank You for posting these picture's! They are so amazing! Margaret has come along way since those first classes at Michael's! It's great you are keeping us updated on her success. LOL... It's wonder that you and Joel didn't gain 50 pounds when she started baking all her practice cakes! I can't wait to see the Wedding cake.


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These cakes are just un-believable!


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It would be difficult for me to cut into those cakes. I wouldn't have the haert to eat the's so cute. Is the cup a cake, too? as in cup-cake???? @:)


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Your daughter's creations are indeed amazing! I'm with Sharon. I'd not be able to cut it. She obviously has a special talent to do this. Please tell her we are all ooohing and aahing over them.

Thank you for sharing with us.


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Those are so beautiful, they don't look real!!!!

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