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geezerfolks_SharonG_FLMay 17, 2008

Sorry for being late, but I think everyone is busy enjoying getting outside without a sweatshirt and playing in the dirt or golfing.

I was thinking about the 'do something for yourself' attitude I've had lately when I went shop hopping on Thursday. We hit 4 stores in 3 different towns and had a ball! Oh yes, I was good to myself that day!!! When DGD said her prayers before going to school that morning, she prayed that gramma wouldn't get grammanapped because I hadn't met them before. I wouldn't have minded if these 2 ladies would have 'napped' me!

I got some fabric out yesterday and cut it up ready to handsew. It's easier to handsew here than to get my machine out. I've done all the applique I brought so guess I'll do some squares by hand of the Simple Scrappy Treasures that I have started from It seemed to be a good way to use up the scraps I had at scraps here, but I bought some FQ's so they should fit in ok.

Here's a link to a free embroider/applique design...

Put a smile on your face, enjoy your day and KOKO...


Here is a link that might be useful: Forget-Me-Not

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Sharon, how could you, you know I am going to try it??????LOL I love E. Burns. Some of her books confuse me because she is sooooooooo detailed, but I still love her. I am also glad that your were not grammy napped, but it sounds like I would enjoy it!!!!!
I have been so busy and wonderfully worn out from my DD and 2 DGD's visit. I love them coming and going LOL!!!!!!!!
I told them to bring tees and I would embroider them, well, the just turned 12 YO picked a pattern that took 1&1/2 hours to embroider. It was really cute.
We spent a long time looking for just the right skull pattern to put on the back of a denim vest for the soon to be 14 YO. I don't understand all of the baby skull stuff, why can't they be babies first and THEN teenagers?????
The lace butterfly I embroidered on DD's tee took over an hour and then I decided to use the sewing machne to embroider a flowering vine around the hem. Now I have to make me one!!!! I finally made it to bed after 1:30 AM.
And we ate everything in site. I invited Mom & Dad over for a cookout and the 12 YO loves to cook so we made sour cream cake with fresh strawberries and home made whipped cream. I plan to golf tomorrow but it is really getting hot.
I am off to download Sharon's embroidery and try it. How do you find all of the really great sites????
Have a great day everyone, I had completely forgotten that the month was half over.
KOKO one baby step at a time, and sometimes backwards, Rosa

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This is my first 'in the hoop' embroidery and I definitely will use it to make a quilt. I was able to use some fabric that I was wondering why?? after I bought it and scraps of batting. Thanks for the link Sharon.

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Oh Rosa,
That is so beautiful. I will have to go back and look at that site. Now that I have a machine that I can maybe do some applique with. I don't have the hoop thing that you have.

A beautiful summer type day in SD. I helped with the Missouri River clean up this AM as we walked miles of shoreline and cleaned up everyones trash. The broken glass just makes me sick. Then, I planted my flowers and did some digging and tonight just paying bills and watching the Twins.

Hope that you will all have a good Sunday. Not sure what is in store for us. KOKO Deanna

OH- I had a lovely salt scrub massage on Friday. What a nice treat for myself. I may make a massage a regular monthly occurance. :) Deanna

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Thanks Deanna, I think I will make more into a QAYG for one of my sis (I'm oldest of 6 girls!!!!). The material was ugly but in small doses it is pretty.
A salt scrub massage sounds so relaxing. DH and I were lazy and missed golf but we did walk for 3 miles. I took a plastic bag and small scissors and cut pieces of pink and yellow lanata to plant this afternoon. They are supposed to be deer resistant, but something keeps eating mine.
Have a wonderful day everyone.

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I have never heard of that plant. I will have to google it.

Hope you all had a good Sunday. Deanna

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Hi all,
Good to get back here and see your smiling "posts". :)
Had one graduation of a grand niece as a doctor-she will go into family practice and another grand niece graduated HS. They were both in the state but in different directions and 2 nights apart. It was my pleasure to go to both.
Have walked whenever possible but have missed a few days. Thankfully it has become a habit to the extent that I can miss a day and go right back to it. With all the parties and eating I did not show a gain last week but we will see if I can at least not do too badly this week. At any rate I'm now back on tract for which I'm thankful.

Rosa, your flowers are beautiful. My machine will only do 4 x 4 so I can't do it but it is so pretty. I went to the sight and was trying to download when I realized it was in a 7 inch hoop. You did a great job. I have done a few pieces of applique in my smaller hoop but I don't think mine was ever as neat as yours. I don't know what your fabric looked like but it is perfect for those flowers. Isn't it wonderful when it works out that way? It is a blessing! What a labor love it was embroiderying all those tees but now they have a really special gift from you! They will enjoy showing them off!

Deanna, I had to look up that plant also. I'm pretty sure I've never seen any growing wild. It kinda looks like a tall dusty miller. I'm not familiar with a salt scrub masssage but any kind of massage sounds good to me.

Sharon, sounds like you had fun on your shop hop! I like to do that too. I love your DGD's prayer! That is so sweet that she is concerned for your safety. Aren't they a joy!! How is your DH faring with you away so long-of course I'm sure he could be visiting too-his choice. I have to say my husband, who tells me he misses me when I'm away, is pretty self sufficient. Actually because of his work he is away more than I am although I do go visit my DD and grands when he is not able to go because of work.

It is really getting hot here. I actually considered getting up earlier to walk. I am not a morning person but I'm talking to myself about this. I do plan to KOKO. Hope you all do, too.

Have a great day!

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Hi all....we're back to wearing sweatshirts here! I went out to greatgraddaughters soccer game on Saturday and the way I was dressed and wrapped up, you'd think I was in Alaska! The wind was bitter! Sunny today but was in the hi 30's this morning.

Rosa, Your Forget Me Nots are beautiful!!!! Anytime I can help a gal add patterns, I consider it a good day! (heh-heh) I like El too and my new-found quilting buddies told me she's going to be here in IN a couple weeks after I'm gone! If I had known that, I might have waited to go back to FL.

Deanna, A salt scrub? It sounds real cleansing and probably felt real good afterwards. That's one way of being good to yourself!

Sally, Good that it's easy for you to get back on track for those times we have to be away to attend to things. DH is doing ok. I have a DD and her family there to keep track of him and make sure he's eating ok. DGD gets off the school bus at our house, so she's there every day after school and keeps him in line. @:) However, he gets confused balancing the checkbook I left for him and I think what he did was write a check from the wrong checking acct but wrote it in the other register. I wrote my daughter to help unconfuse him. I could do it online, but he has the register.

It looks like I'm going to be good to myself again this week. I think I'm getting a laptop on Thursday....will have to hold off on the embroidery machine......again! I think my legs and thighs are firming up from the stair climbing and I've been walking to and from the soccer fields. Great-granddaughter, granddaughter and grandson! I'll probably sleep for a week by the time I get home!

Put a song in your heart and think happy thoughts. I'm off to sit on the couch and sew. @:)


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Sharon, would you mind sharing the names of the shops you visited? Were they in the Ft. Wayne area? And where will El be in IN?
I downloaded the embroidery pattern to discover it did not include my format. I have a Janome 10001 that uses JEF format.
It won't be long till we get to meet again in Ft. Wayne. I decided I won't sign up to work the show unless they are really short of help. I'm sure they will let us know by the next guild meeting.
Linda OH

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Hi Linda, On SR 15, we visited Heaven on Earth, 4767 N State Road 15, Wabash. They also have a huge garden center. Another place we went was Nancy J's, 1604 S Wabash St, Wabash. Then we went to Lowery's here in Warsaw. I can't remember the name of the other shop we went to but it's probably on a receipt in my purse.....I'm thinking it might have been in N Manchester, but not sure. I think they said El will be in Marion during the latter part of July......maybe during the Quilter's Hall of Fame Celebration? That's just a guess on my part because she's attended before.

I'm looking forward to meeting with you again and being able to wander the aisles of quilts and vendors. @:)


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I would cry if I got to see EL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am not a morning person either and it is getting hot early. Today we golfed and planned to use a cart, but when we got to the small club no one was there so we walked. Then this afternoon I bowled 4 games. I am planning a very long soak in the tub LOL.
I am trying to think of ideas for Christmas and I think I will make Christmas theme bottle aprons with a matching kitchen towel or pot holder. I need to make about 10 sets and I will give them to my fam at Thanksgiving so the can use them.
We now have 14 under 16 at the Christmas party so I am thinking of making them each a pillow case with their name embroidered on it. I need to get started!!!!!!!!!!!! The soap embroidery I did last Christmas was a big hit, and one sis wants me to try TP embroidery, maybe that is a thought for gifts too.

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Hi all,
Rosa, you are really doing good thinking about Christmas gifts. I should be and actually I have thought about making tissue covers for my sewing friends but beyond that nothing. Two questions what is "soap" embroidery and what is "TP" embroidery? I think the pillow cases are a great idea.

I am not a morning person either but DH and I have walked two mornings now. We got up 15 minutes earlier. Ugg that's 5:45. But actually is has worked out well. He walked the 2 miles and I went ahead and made the side street too but still get home and get his breakfast before he gets showered and dressed.

Sharon, I had said I was able to get back on tract and that is true for my walking but my problem is the food. After eating things I really should not eat I want to continue. I just like food! I really wish I didn't like it so much.

Sharon, it sounds like you are having a wonderful time-you go girl! My turn is coming. I plan to spend next week with DD and 2 grands. We have a dance recital, piano recital and a b/d. Here we go with the treats again. If I can maintain this summer, maybe I can lose again in the fall when there are not so many distractions. What am I saying then there are all the holidays. :)

Hope you are all having a great week!


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5:45!!! Sally I complain if I have to be up by 8!!!!!
The soap is so easy and fun, my fam loved it. The hardest problem was finding embroidery that was the size of the soap. I use Ivory beacuse it is bigger, cheaper, and most people aren't allergic to it. I use thin muslin and a tear off stablizer, embroider the pattern and cut the stablizer close around the item. Cut the muslin the size of the top of the soap. Wet the top of the soap enough so the muslin can cover and stick to it and let it dry over night. The next day you can put a coat of ModPog on top of soap and let it dry over night (cover the entire top of the soap, dries clear). I wraped them in plastic wrap and tied with a bow. At first I thought they would be just for decoration but I had one that the embroidery didn't turn out right so I used it and the embroidery stayed put until the end of the bar. I made some for a shower with monograms that matched the towels. I used a little more expensive soap for that LOL!!!
Toilet paper is a little harder, the pattern can't be too dense. Hoop stablizer and roll of about 5 sheets from the TP roll, keep attached and pin securely to the stablizer, embroidery, then roll back on the roll. You can't use the roll but it is cute. My sis's secret santa at her church received a roll of the TP so my sis wants me to make her some.
Have a good day everyone KOKO Rosa

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Hello girls....I'm not a morning person either, but that doesn't mean I don't get up for special events. Today, Golden Corral was a special event....but it was a 9:30am special event. I was good and didn't have any ice cream.

Rosa, Your soap is so cute! You sure are getting some good use from your embroidery machine. I never would have thought to emb a design for soap! And, TP? That's just too much! lol I made pillow cases last year for the kiddles for Xmas gifts, so I need to think of something else for them this year. With their names on them, it would be really cute.

Sally, You are thinking waaaaay too far ahead about food. Today is what we're working on. You just enjoy being with your family and when the treats are served, be picky about it. Or you can take a little of this and a little of that instead of a whole serving. Sometimes I'll eat half and take the rest and dump it....get it out of my sight and not in front of me. That really makes me feel good when I can make myself do that. We can still enjoy our family (and this week-end) without overdoing the fork to mouth exercise. You just keep with your walking schedule and you'll get there eventually.

I'm learning to play with my new laptop! I think I'll be using the internet part of it more often when I'm not at home as all my kids have hi-speed and it isn't available where we live. However, I can also see how I can load all my quilt pics and 'bring' them with me when traveling. Good thing my SIL is a computer geek and took care of getting this started for me.

Everyone have a wonderful week-end, touch/hug the ones you love, make sure you be good to yourselves and KOKO!


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Sharon, Thanks for the encouragement! I guess I have done so well the first part of this year and now all is slowing down except my walking and I wanted it to continue.

Rosa your soap is darling. Several years ago a friend and I put stickers (store bought) on soap and then melted wax and dipped the side with the sticker on it in the wax. We used ivory because it is not only less expensive but it floats. We made them for children. They used them and the sticker stayed on till the soap was mostly used up. I think the same thing could be done with small embroidery. Also I made some eggs for an Easter egg hunting dress for my DGDs that I used a glue that could be stuck on several times. To make the decals I used a nylon fabric on a sticky stabalizer and after the decals were made I used a small burning tool and just ran it around
the edge of the nylon and it cleaned it up beautifully. New idea-as if I needed anything else to try. I'm not sure I could even try embroiderying TP.

My best get up time is 7:00 but I usually get to sleep late on Sat. but not tomorrow; we are headed to see our grandchildren.

Hope everyone has a really great weekend.


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It is hard and I wish we could just lose it one time and then forget about it LOL!!!!
I agree with Sharon, if I try to plan too far ahead it overwhelms me. You have a lot to pat yourself on the back for Sally. I have been exercising and stretching more this week.
I was looking for jelly recipes for Christmas gifts and it made me really hunger last night DRATS!!
I'm going to try the sticky stablizer. One thing about it, we are never bored with all of the new 'toys' to try.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, it's a graduation tonight starting at 8PM, but it is outside so the weather should be nice. DH will be joined by the gnats, but luckily they are not that fond of me.

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Happy Memorial Day
Looks like the sun is shining although a little breezy today. Hope that you are able to do at least a little something that you enjoy. I had 4 graduations to go to and boy the food went down good. I walked 3 miles yesterday and then weighed. I am sure I would have fainted if I had weighed before. I am up like 4 pounds just by eating the lovely bakery cakes and extra sandwiches, etc. Will need to get some form of exercise today to start the week out better.

My DD and I are doing some decluttering so I may have to take my sewing machine down while we do the computer/sewing room. We went through the books and encyclopedias yesterday and hopefully the library book sale will take them. If not, another trip to Good will.

Heading to Mpls. on the weekend with all of my family except my mom. We will take on the twins vs. the yankees.
Have a good one. deanna

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Deanna you will lose the 4 pounds fast. I went to a Memorial day event this AM and it is ONLY place I have been in over 2 months that did not involve food!!!!! My problem has been the hotdogs and potato salad. Enjoy your trip.Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial weekend.

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Yep, Rosa, it was hot dogs and mac salad yesterday. But, there was lots of veggies, too. There were 42 people here for the festivities. After eating, most of them went to the park and played softball and the little ones played in the kids area. By that time, even though I didn't go to the park, I was ready for some quiet time, so I came upstairs til they all left.

Deanna, Have fun in sister called Sunday night (they live just northwest of Mpls) and said they had 3 tornadoes go thru! They're ok but their car got damaged by hail. Maybe now they'll clear out the other side of the garage so they can get their car along with their daughter's car in out of the weather.

Sally, I'm sure you'll do fine. Just hang in there and keep at it. You have a lovely yard to work in and flowers to keep weeded, so you're going to be plenty active this summer.

DD is having a baby shower this Saturday....having all kinds of food. I think I'll have the chicken salad but take it off the croissants (sp?) and try to keep the carbs at a minimum. I really feel better when I can do that. I'm also trying to drink more water. I've been getting a lot of fluids, but I don't think coffee and Diet Coke all day is as good for me as water is.

My latest fortune cookie tells me: "Something on 4 wheels will soon be a fun investment for you!" You think DH is getting me a golf cart? A wheelchair? A motorcycle with a sidecart? Hmmmmmm....what do you think?


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lindaoh_gw about a wheeled sewing machine bag? lol
Linda OH

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Hmmm-how about a sewing machine on wheels that you can tow into whatever room you want??? probably not. Let us know what you decide to invest in!!

Rainy days and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday always get me down. Who wrote that song? I think it was Rainy Days and Mondays but oh well. We have had rainy cloudy weather now for a few days in a row. Last night it cleared up enough for a nice walk and I have so many indoor projects think it would be nice if it would clear. I also worry about our basement as we have had flooding before because there is an old creek bed that had been dry for lots of years and has come alive recently... ugh. DD is home for the summer so has lots of stuff down there. Most is in rubbermaids but our basement is finished and we end up moving all the furniture, carpet, etc.

Heading to Mpls for the weekend and hope to find a Hancock or Joanns to pick up the right color of green to finish a quilt for my niece. I planned to use muslin for the alternating block but it is a 12 inch block and just looks too big. I am feeling lazy and don't want to sew 12 more blocks. I have entertained maybe doing a 4 patch or something also. The blocks are a friendship star and the center block is a floral. I don't have enough of any of the fabric to do anything else with that. Any ideas.

Hope you are all KOKO. The four pounds is not off yet and I weigh in with work friends next Wednesday. After a weekend in Mpls. may not be good. Deanna

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Sharon my thought is a motorized wheelbarrow LOL.
Deanna I was looking at the quilters cache 12" FS pattern and one quilt has the stars all together in the center and the border blocks all around were patches. It was really pretty. How big is the quilt going to be???????
DH and I volunteer for Hospice. From the very beginning there were some humms about this one. The volunteer coordinator has quit twice and this time she says it is for good. One of the Hospice patients told us he has had 7 different nurses in the past year, for some reason they all quit. DH and I decided that as long as we were not dragged into the drama we would stay.
Wellllllllllll, last week the director was firing another nurse and they were fighting and cussing each other in the parking lot. DH and I debated and mulled it over for the past week and we decided to quietly leave. We told the director we needed a break, which we do!! From the time I started with AT&T and for 33 years every place I worked, drama and fights. Disney was just as bad. Now I don't have to deal with it and I refuse to ever again. A counselor told me that some people get addicted to the drama just the same as other things. Not me, the negativity stresses me.
Today I sewed on my blocks and relaxed!!!!!!

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It appears my 'fun investment on 4 wheels' is going to be a tankful of gasoline in my DD van's. We just found out there was some kind of mix-up and we were to be invited to grandson's graduation in Kalamazoo! You can't imagine how much this means to me to know he wanted me there! He left Florida before school was out last year to go to MI to live with his explainations to me or his mother, and he wouldn't talk to me. Anyway, hopefully he is coming out of whatever he was thinking. The investment is my grandson! We'll be leaving in a couple hours as it takes 2 hours to get there. Fortunately, we have most of the shower food made that we're responsible for and I have some of my packing done to go back to Michigan with my niece after the shower tomorrow. Whew!

What I need from you girls is for someone to start the June thread cause I don't know when I'll be back on. And, of course, good thoughts and prayers for meeting up with the ex-SIL and his family tonight. I have always been nothing but nice to these people and have never, ever said anything derogatory to the grandkids about him and what he did to their mother. I figure, when they're old enough, they'll learn. Granddaughter (she's 14) has already cut most ties with him. She's learned things just by visiting a week in the summertime and she doesn't want to go back. Sorry for this looooong vent/gripe, but I hope tonight will also be a happy time for my family.

I know you girls will KOKO and enjoy the sunshine...


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I'll volunteer to start the June thread. Sharon I think you are very wise to not say anything about the father and what he did or did not do. They usually show their true colors and the kids are not dumb, they will learn the truth. We are having some of the same problems with DH's SIL and it is so sad for the children. Enjoy the graduation and the shower, wow, you haven't had time to breathe have you?????

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