Hiding stuff from hubby?

marylizMay 16, 2007

Of course, I've heard all the jokes about coming home with waaay too much fabric, and having to use cleverness and feminine wiles to get all that loot into the house. But surely, there are other ladies out there who have other things to hide...

What do you have to hide from your hubby?

Where do you hide it?

Here's my hidden item:

My hubby loves to snack on chocolate chips. I buy a bag of chips, and if I don't hide them right as I get home, he'll find them in the drawer of baking tools, along with the cocoa powder, and start nibbling away, a little at a time. Then, next time I want to make chocolate chip cookies, or add some chips to banana bread, etc., the bag is nearly empty. When I ask him where all the chips went, he complains (lightheartedly) that I haven't baked anything for him in a long time.

How can I, when the chocolate chips keep disappearing?!

So I end up hiding the chocolate in places he'd never look, like up in my sewing room under a pile of fabric, or in my sock drawer. Of course, after hiding them, I forget they're there. I have come across them months after hiding them. I had forgotten they were there.

So, what do you have to hide from your DH? And where?

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It not hiding something;it's not daring to open a can of sweetened condensed milk in his presence. If I do he wants to eat it and then there is not enough for my recipe. I think it uky like that but he began eating it as a child.

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The only things I've resorted to hiding from hubby are candy and cookies and they go in my nightstand by the bed. LOL! I'd hide ice cream but that would be a disaster. It makes me mad when my sweet tooth is working overtime and everything is all gone. A girl has to do what a girl has to do. Hehe!


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Mayliz, I hide cho chips too!.. Every now and then he says "wheredya hide the cho chips the time?" Moi????????

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I hide the hostess cupcakes in the baking drawer. Hubby eats ice cream everynight. This is the only guilty pleasure I have and if he sees them he will mess up my count. sometimes I like 2 a day and there is only eight in a box and months could go by with no cupcakes in the house at all. But when I want them I want them.


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I hide the chocolate chips too. DH likes them on his ice cream and always uses a ton. I try to buy double - one for him and one to hide. My only problem is remembering to bake with them before they turn gray! Out of sight, out of mind...
Kelly - NH

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My hubby looks everywhere when he's on a hunt....even my underwear drawer. So if I know I want to bake (his usual steal is the nuts) I buy two bags and label them. I put his name on one and tell him I need the other bag and that if they're gone when I'm ready to bake he's going to find a 24 hr grocery store and replace them. Right then no matter what he's doing. I made him go out when he was in the middle of a project on his lathe once.....he was so mad I thought he would explode. Never have had the problem since. Now he'll ask if his are gone.


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At home, I have to hide /anything/ I want to eat. My dad and brothers eat everything.

Here, I can tell my boyfriend is going to eat all my pretzels, and cheese. Unfortunately, there aren't any places to hide anything!

I'm glad I'm not alone in having to hide things I want to eat/bake with later.

~ Kit

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Nicki, you are too clever.

I hide food from my DH too -- but at HIS request. He is very particular about his weight and gains weight VERY easily and, when left to his own devices, I've seen him eat an entire half gallon of ice cream in a sitting. So his theory is "Don't bring the devil food in the house."

BUT THEN his appetitie gets the best of him and he'll come home with 5 lbs. of candy bars from Costco -- and ask me to hide them from him! Then he'll ask where they are and if I start to say he tells me "It was a test and you failed!" LOL.

Mostly it's amusing except last Christmas I was NOT amused when he begged me not to make any candy/cookies -- I make fudge and caramel every year -- and I capitulated for his sake -- and then he came home with a bunch of chocolate.

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I am laughing so hard! Laura, your hubby reminds me of my own. Except that mine is as thin as a rail. I am so jealous. He says he's gaining weight (only a couple of pounds) and not to make so many cookies. And then after a few days or weeks, he complains that I don't make him cakes and cookies. He flips back and forth. I can never figure out which mode he is in, so I just bake whenever I have enough time & energy. He eats it all gratefully. I figure, if I don't provide homemade baked goods, he's going to graze on the cheap-o grocery store donuts and bagels at work. I'd rather he eats the good stuff.

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Hmmm...I've never hidden food, or anything else, from my hubby. I don't buy too much snack food...but he NEVER eats the last cookie until he asks me if I want it first.
Lynn in PA

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OH WOODSY -- if I have a piece of candy or something and leave it out, I will return and it will be GONE and DH is not even remotely repentant -- he says "What did you expect? You know you cannot leave that stuff out in front of me!"

But really he knows I don't care -- I do buy cheetos and fritos 'cause he doesn't like that stuff. Though today he went "food police" on me and snatched away my cheetos and gave me a bowl of raw almonds in its place. He gives me a protien shake and vitamins every morning so I know it comes from a place of love...

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MaryLiz: My DH is thin as a rail, too. If I so much as think of food, I gain weight, and he could eat anything he wanted to and NOT gain, but guess who prefers salads to sweets and who craves white chocolate and potato chips?

So I don't have to hide anything from DH because he never particularly wants the things I do and only eats them once in a while just to keep ME from eating them! Greater love hath no man...he is willing to eat something unhealthy to keep it away from me. But of course, I am an ingrate and feel annoyed when he does it, so I tend not to bring any sweets to his attention, shall we say. lol

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Oh, I needed a good laugh to start the day! Thanks, Jan.

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I hide my husbandÂs computer game CD's at his request. He could spend all night vegetating on one. When he is too obsessed with one he will give it to me and ask for a different one. I buy snack packs, 4 cookies in a pack, 12 packs in a package (but who's counting), of Nutterbutter cookies. I have him hide them, they are safe because he doesnÂt eat sugar (makes him too wired). I ask him for one 4 cookie pack at a time. I know that I will sit and eat the entire package if I have access to them. Then I feel guilty.
One thing I do hide from him are my good sewing shears. I leave kitchen shears in plain view in my sewing room. They are decoys. It seems to work.

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ROFLOL! Y'all are tooooo funny! Love the "decoy" scissors! You are a smart lady, Suellen.

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Oh, Suellen...I'm laughing myself silly here!! The decoys are great!!! I bought an orange handled pair of Fiskars...and I wrote PAPER on the handle...I spent a bundle on razor edged fabric shears...and told him...you can ONLY USE THE ORANGE ONES!! Well..I kept them in the junk drawer in the kitchen...I moved them to the sewing room to hang them in the new wall pocket I made for scissors...and he had a fit cause I moved HIS scissors...So they are now back in the kitchen drawer! lol. Guess I need to get myself a pair of orange ones...for cutting patterns and such.

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Woodsy I like the orange handles. My scissors are gray which means if the
decoys are orange I would be able to tell from a distance if he has his or mine.
Orange decoys sounds like a great combination.

Here is another one to do with scissors. When I was taking care of my Dad he would get my good scissors and cut something like Duct-tape. I made sure that my next good scissors were too small for him. Just like woodsy I had a pair of scissors in the kitchen drawer that had his name on them DAD. I also made sure they had BIG finger holes.

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Don't really have to hide much from my hubby...except some fabric here & there. :) He's good about cutting back on sweets & avoiding temptation even when it's staring him in the face. Me? No way! Trouble is...if I don't bring it in the house...then I crave it & I go buy it - even making a special trip for it. Or, I will pull a brownie mix out of the pantry at 11pm after everyone has gone to bed. What's wrong with me? Hide stuff from hubby? Not necessary! Hide it from me! LOL

When ever I make a pan of brownies...I (unfortunately) end up eating most of them. 3-4 days later my DH comes in & asks "Where's the brownies?" Say what??? where's he been? After 14 years...he's learned the hard way...YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE!

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The latest with my hubby and hiding the chocolate is that he says the waistbands of his pants are getting a bit tight lately. Well, we can't have that! He made me promise to hide the chocolate better.

I asked him what I should do when he begs me to give him the chocolate I have so carefully hidden. He didn't have a good answer for that one. Notice that he didn't tell me to stop buying chocolate completely.

I told him that I can put cut veggies out for him instead. Maybe he just needs to work his jaws after a day at the office, kind of like a dog taking out its frustrations by gnawing on a bone or a chew toy.

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Darla, that makes me laugh because my DH will do the same thing. He is given a delicious chocolate bar or something by a friend, and then it sits on his desk for maybe WEEKS. Finally, I can't bear it any more and eat the thing. And THEN, he says, "Where's my chocolate? I was going to eat it today!" I think I'll tell him what you said, "You snooze, you lose!" LOL

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Lately, we have been having static during phone calls and low connect rates (on dial up.) Last night, hubby was testing the phone jacks all over the house. After spending some time upstairs, he came down to tell me that I don't have to hide the chocolate in my sewing room. Apparently, he found the supply under a pile of fabric. Darn! Have to find another hiding place for a while.

What I can't figure out is WHY he'll tell me one thing one day, and then say the exact opposite a few days later. I can never win with this chocolate addiction. Is it time to go cold turkey? But I like a LITTLE BIT, now and then, myself.

Like I said, I will never figure this one out!

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I have to hide Christmas presents from my DH. I have been hiding them in a smaller suitcase that is in a medium suitcase and these 2 are in a larger suitcase. Limits the size of his presents LOL!!!!
He is as bad as the kids!!!!

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