Azek Decking Material - What do you think about it?

lakemayorMay 20, 2010

We are planning on replaceing our treated wood deck with a composite material. There are so many choices out there but I want to make sure I buy the best on the market today. Azek has been recommended and I have read some good things about it. I want to hear from someone who has used it for a few years.

Also, we had squirrels eat our treated wood deck. Will they do that to the composite material?

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Squirrels will eat Anything.

You might want to drift on over to then the forums under finishing up. Some good info from Folks about Azek.

One thing new,when talking manmade decking, is usually not the best. J.

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John, thanks for the info about the magazine. I'm not sure about what you mean regarding, one thing new, when talking about manmade, is usually not the best? Are you saying Azek is a new product? If so, I wasn't aware of that. Or, were you referring to something different?

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Not new just different. Azek requires different framing and like all manmade has its own little set of problems.On the other hand some Folks are happy with it. J.

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barefootdecks, Thanks for your feedback. We looked at it yesterday and it's nice looking. I think we are going to move forward. Do you recommend just using the colored screws or using the ones that you cap? Do the caps stay down? We live in Michigan. Lots of moisture.

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I built a second story deck on our new house and used Azek decking on it. We've been in the house a little over a year and so far, it's great. Our joists are 12" o.c.. I used the hidden screws with the plugs. It looks very nice. One tip: If you use these fasteners, use a corded drill. When I first started to install deck boards, my battery operated drill ran out of juice and when I changed batteries and tried to finish driving the screw, it broke off. Very difficult to remove. I used a corded drill for the rest of the deck with no problems.

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Our Azek deck (14' x 20') is less than 2 years old and we are having major problems with the product. There is significant staining and fading throughout the decking and a very noticeable difference where our grill and a few chairs were sitting. Worst of all is any area where someone sprayed Off on themselves - it is a backyard deck, after all. I sent an email to Azek, but have heard nothing from the company to date.

I also want to mention that every time I see the Azek commercial on television I end up screaming at the television. This is not the high quality product that Azek tries to promote nor we believed that we were purchasing. I am very sorry that we didn't install another brand of composite decking. Beware of Azek decking, since there are definite problems with the product!

If anyone hears of a Class Action suit against Azek, please let me know. POOR QUALITY PRODUCT, POOR CHOICE FOR THE HOMEOWNER.

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