Watco Teak Oil is not Teak Oil!

turbo3May 26, 2013

I just re-sealed my teak patio furniture with Watco Teak Oil. I did some reading on the rustoleum website afterwards to learn that it's actually linseed oil + resins/chemicals. I feel completely duped. It costs quite a bit more than other sealers, I spent $38 (gallon), so figured it was real teak oil.

It's in the Material Data Safety Sheet:


Skip to the "New Jersey Right-to-Know" section where they list the top five ingredients as Raw Linseed Oil, Resin, Zinc Borate

Aside from the blatant false advertising, the table turned out pretty good. Will have to see how it holds up over time. Next time I'll just get a premium deck sealer since it seems to all be the same stuff.

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I don't understand why you are surprised. Virtually all furniture oils are some admixture of linseed oil. The "Teak Oil" label should be translated "Oil for Teak" rather than "Oil from Teak".

Still, it's a good product that does the job.

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Well there's nothing about this oil that is specific to Teak, so it is misleading. This can be used on any wood, so "Oil for Teak" would imply it's just for teak. The salesperson at the specialty hardware store said it was teak oil. Also, this stuff is way more expensive than other linseed sealers, so might as well by the same thing for less.

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