Mother's Day: Whatcha doin' to celebrate?

marylizMay 10, 2007

No, I'm not a mom. Just unlucky, I guess. But I was just curious to know what y'all are doing to celebrate your special day.

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I sent my mom, grandmom and great aunt some flowers. We are taking the grands to see my mom and grandmom Saturday and will take flowers to the cemetaries for Decoration Day. Will have to have the kids back to their mom Sunday for Mother's Day Service at church. Then a quick lunch before work.


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There is a Shop Hop on Fri and Sat for 5 stores in an hour& half area. I will go to one local store on Fri and my DH is taking me to the other 4 on Sat. We are going to the one fartherest away and spend Fri. night and make our way home on Sat. It is not exactally on MD but is my treat.

I lost my mom 25 years ago but got a card for my MIL.

Yesterday I received a neat card from my sweet daughter and family. She makes cards and other paper things. This a little purse made from stamps. It is made around the lower half of a small white paper bag; paper handles attached with brads and a little velcro closure. The best part are the notes inside made like tags with messages for even my son in law. Made me teary eyed.
My daughter lives a state away and my son (who usually calls) is three states away. My husband may make lunch for me because the resturants are so crowded unless we decide to go take his Mom to lunch. Probably not as she hates crowds.

Hope all of you have a great day!

P.S. Maryliz, Thanks for the heads up about Caroline. I had seen the post and will continue to remember her in my prayers.

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DD3 is taking us out for dinner tonight as they'll be gone to Busch Gardens on Saturday (birthday present for one of the kids) and Sunday they'll be at her in-laws....and, that's ok, I don't mind....I like her in-laws. I sent my mom a card and will give her the quilt when she gets here on the 23rd. Also sent my sister and an aunt a card.

Saturday, DH has a picnic to go to, I was invited, but I didn't want to go....I hate bugs so I'll stay home and sew. Sunday I plan to attend the morning service and don't know what I'll do the rest of the day. The oldest grandkids from up north usually call on Mother's Day. DH says I'm not his mother so he has never done anything for me on Mother's Day since the girls grew up and could do their own thing.

Sally, I'd love to be going with you!


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In this part of Michigan, Mother's Day is a good time to work in the garden. My sister and I usually work in the garden at our mom's house, doing all the things she doesn't have time to do herself. She's not really an outdoors type, but we set up a nice garden that she'll see every day as she comes home from work and gets out of the car. We also make up some nice containers for her on the porch that she can water as she's passing by.

Father's Day was usually when we would plant the vegetable garden. We set out tomato plants from the farner's market.

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What a wonderful thing to do for your mother.
Sharon, you probably got the better time to go out to eat. It seems things are so crowded on mother's day.
We decided to go by and visit my MIL on our way to our overnight out. Think I'll take her some flowers.
Have a great weekend!


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Maryliz, Where abouts in Michigan are you? I lived in Battle Creek for 43 years.....still have a few family members there. I'm sure your mom appreciates you and your sister putting together the garden and porch containers. I'm not an outdoorsy type of person either, but I love flowers and could keep up with whats on the porch.

We had a nice dinner.....Mexican restaurant. Was wonderful to have the grandchildren there, too. DGS will be moving to Kazoo to live with his dad on the 25th so I won't be seeing him much...........guess I can pretend he's on vacation.


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I live roughly an hour west of Detroit and its suburbs.

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