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susie53_gwApril 21, 2013

I went to a school function to help a senior class ro make money for their prom so they didn't have to go around to businesses for items to give away.. They were selling food items also. Drinks, popcorn, pretzels and cookies were 50 cents each. The cookies were on the table in the plastic boxes like you see in the grocery store with a dozen cookies in them. They had several kinds. One of the ladies at our table went over and took a look. She asked the young girl how much the cookies were and the girl said 50 cents. She picked up an entire box and gave the young girl 50 cents. The rest of us ladies also bought a couple each and she knew how much they were. She bragged at how much she paid and even made a comment it would pay for their ride there And they would be good on the trip home.. .We are not talking about a stupid woman. She is 67 years old. It makes me so mad that she took advantage of these kids. Yesterday I sent $10.00 to the school principal to pass along to the class. Thinking of this makes me so dang angry.. I remember my kids and how hard they worked to raise money in school.

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That's pure selfishness.

Very kind of you Susie. Very thoughtless of the other woman.

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You should have told her, as she was bragging, that they were fifty cents EACH - then, told her to go back and 'pay up'! Not everyone is as brazen as I am.

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So very nice of you susie!

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There is something to be said for *shunning*.

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I don't understand why no one said anything. I would have jumped up and followed her and told her they were 50 each.

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Prices should have been on signs stating that cookies were 50 cents EACH and the girl should have stated that also.

I'm with Kayjones.....someone should have told that woman. She ripped off those kids and I think she knew it too.

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It's a theft and I probably would have said something but then again, a high school senior in charge of taking the money for a fundraiser to not say something is peculiar. I don't understand why she wouldn't have just said "That'll be $6" as most anyone would. Just taking 50â and letting her take it without saying something makes me wonder if there's more to the story. That's just strange all around.

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Like what, Cynic? I was there.

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I'm not saying this to be confrontational, but if I were there I would have said something to her. I'm just wondering why no one did? Especially after she was bragging about her "bargain".

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Kids, even high school seniors are funny that way. I know it's a different scenario, but when I used to hire high school baby sitters (now and then, and this was twenty some odd years ago), not one of them would tell me what they expected as pay! They would evade the question and then take whatever I gave them. When my now 18 year old step daughter did a little baby sitting, she was the same way. She just would not tell someone what she expected as pay, but would take whatever she was given. I think they just are for some reason embarrassed to speak up for themselves. Embarrassed, shy, give it whatever name you want. I don't find that part a bit surprising. The woman who took the cookies, now she was old, and I expect smart enough, to know better.

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What jel48 said.

I'm not surprised the teenager didn't speak up. Shame on the woman for acting that way!

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I agree with Jel, many teens are funny about asking money from adults (unless of course it's their own parents LOL). Getting an hourly rate out of new babysitters was extremely difficult when we had young kids in the 80s and 90s.

But ... if the woman truly knew the price was per piece (which I really have a hard time believing) she is no better than a school bully. Hopefully the kids at the cookie stand learned a lesson that day at least.


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In high school I was painfully shy and would have had a very hard time being assertive correcting an adult. I can understand completely what went on. That "lady" should be ashamed of herself. Too bad no one spoke up and told her to go back and ante up.

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I kind of feel that a paper should have been posted to prices. Our HS does that when they sell things, but it is usually the adults that collect the money.

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I wasn't talking about the high school kid, I understand how that goes. I'm talking about Susie and the rest of the ladies that witnessed this theft, because that's what it was.

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