What's growing in your part of the woods/what are you harvesting?

deannabsdMay 21, 2009

Just wondering what everyone has blooming or are already eating. We have harvested our first radishes. The potatoes, pumpkins, onions and corn are up but the wind and heat has been so bad in the midwest that we have had to really water already. Sad for May. We just put our other vine crops in last week so will take a little time for that.

I have lilacs and columbine blooming and the smell is so good from the lilacs.

How about you??? Deanna

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I have a few green tomatoes....that's about it except for basil, peppermint and spearmint. @:) Easter lilies are blooming, hibiscus won't stop blooming so it can be trimmed, bouganvillia is blooming and also a cactus Jan sent to me.


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My daffodils and forsythia have been blooming--maybe 5 days past prime. Wild flowers--marsh marigolds. We just planted potatoes, carrots, beets, and corn but nothing coming up yet, but the peas are poking up in the veggie garden. We put in tomato plants (in wall-o-waters), know we'll still have frost.

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Here in Nova Scotia, we have not even planted anything yet; the soil is still too damp and cold here right on the ocean. Spinache and peas can go in soon. Other parts of the province have been warm enough though.

However, lots of perrenial veggies, herbs and flowers are up. We have rhubarb, multiplier onions, chives, sage, lovage and oregano (I think). Also, the crocus are long gone, the daffies just past their peak and the tulips are almost open. Our basket of gold is looking beautiful, too. Lots of other flowers poking their heads - various lilies, columbine, shasta daisies, etc. But no blooms on our little lilac yet. We planted it two years ago and have yet to see a bloomn.

And of course, weeds!!


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Gininmn how are you growing the tomatoes??
Goldie I wish I could grow lilac here it gets too hot.
Sharon I miss my 10 feet tall hibiscus, mine here only grow about 1 to 2 feet tall.
I think my weeds are doing the best too LOL!!!
I planted about 10 seed packets and the 3 weeks of rain washed them away.
My roses are so beautiful, I had a hard time growing them in Florida. They love it here!!
I had 10 blueberries on my new bushes, I ate them standing in the yard. Only 2 of my 10 Amaryllis bloomed, too much rain.
The Vidalia onion crop is in but this year I didn't can any.
I planted tomatoes last year but this year I will buy from the local farmers and can, freeze a lot. I love tomatoes and could eat them every day!!
Deanna I envy you growing pumpkins, I have tried for 2 years in a row and they won't grow.

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Rosa, I wanted to get some Vidalias to chop up and freeze. We're just getting enough tomatoes to eat and will buy from the stands or flea markets for freezing. I used to freeze V-8 juice....sure was good! Maybe I'll do a few containers this year.


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Sharon I haven't tried V-8 juice, I'll try that this year.
I made homemade tomato soup and it was so good!!!!!
I made a relish from the onions last year it was fantastic on hot dogs, egg salad, and potato salad.

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I added a hot pepper in a few batches, too. @:)

Mom used to make tomato soup.....now when I don't feel well, I want tomato soup and not chicken soup. lololol

I bought a few Vidalias today...will take care of them tomorrow. Then I have to straighten up the inside freezer to make room. It's supposed to be in the mid 90's tomorrow, so it'll be a good day to do it.


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Sharon I wanted to grow some peppers this year and didn't do it.
The weather is reported hotter for us today than it is for you. 96 without the humidity factored in.
If I cleaned out the freezer I would just crawl in and close the door LOL!!!!!

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Our garden is looking pretty good except for the squash, cukes, and the melons. We have replanted and also purchased some plants to put in and just need some sun and heat I think. The corn is looking good and the potatoes are blossoming. No flowers on the pumpkins, zucchini or crooked neck squash. The tomatoes and peppers are looking pretty good and we have had a lot of radishes.

At home, the peonies are done and the money plant is starting to bloom. My peonies got wiped out with a rain storm this weekend. They weren't very fragrant.

You are all grow interesting things being in different zones. I saw a bunch of succulents at a green house and was going to pick them up and noticed they are annuals. They are for zone 9 so I didn't get them. I wonder if I could bring them in for the winter??? Deanna

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Deanna I grow succulents here and I just bring them in for winter.
If it's sunny day and cold at night I put them on my West facing patio corner and cover them.
I have a string of pearls and string of buttons that I just love.
They are also extremely easy to propagate. This one is called a donkey's tail and the little orbs (?) fall off easily and will sprout so I have to sweep them up. I have planted them in a large planter and they love this hot weather we are having.
A deer came on to my back patio and was eating my hibiscus.

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Oh Rosa,
Thanks for the info. I will have to try that. Maybe I will get out tomorrow to see if the greenhouse still has some. I really like hen and chicks and found some different ones this year. I suppose I should do some research.

thanks for sharing. Deanna

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Corn on the cob from the garden, cukes for cream sauce, pheasant for supper tomorrow and some homemade pickles that have to be refrigerated. How about you?

OOps - I think I maybe combined the garden question with the frig!! We also have tomatoes and summer squash and zucchini. Deanna

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