New house with vintage sink with drain board

judyr908March 29, 2013

I just bought a cottage style home with the original tongue and groove walls, built in book shelves, etc. I'm in love with the kitchen sink but the kitchen has no dishwasher. Can I slide a small one I under the washboard part of the sink? Here are some pictures. Any advice will be helpful. I desperately want to keep the integrity of my cottage intact if I can.

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I should think so, though it appears it might entail re-sizing the doors and the space under the sink basin. And of course removing whatever cab guts are in the DW's proposed space now. You might also need to consider whether an altered cab base (they were probably site-built orginally) needs to have some interior modifications made to ensure that it is still strong enough. A repair man, cabinet maker or contractor would be able to figure this wout for you, if you don't want to DIY.

DW are typically just slotted into the space (standing on their own feet). They do not support any of the counter load. You may need to create a box around the DW to extend from the right wall of the cab space under the basin to the the wall of the kitchen in order to provide the necessary support for the intergrated drainboard secttion of your sink.

Another consideration is adequate electrical supply (also water and drain and drain venting issues). Be sure your selected DW can work with a "high loop" drain vent as you can't provide a through counter vent for it. Extending electrical supply in older houses can be easy, or be a big (expensive) can of worms. The water and drain lines are probably under the basin, rather than the behind the drawers under the drainboard. A quick look will tell you.

There are narrow (18" wide) DW models in some brands. How high is you countertop?

Another consideration is whether your counter and sink are deep enough for a typical modern DW. Some older sinks weren't the full 24" counter depth that is the standard now.

Good luck


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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

This mystifies me. Do you want function or heritage? If you wish to live in by gone days, then you will lose function.


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Circus Peanut

Not true, Suz - it's perfectly possible to maintain historical design integrity while updating the functionality of a kitchen.

Judyr, you might also fit a full-sized DW in on the left hand side of the sink? What kind of cabinetry do you have there?

Lirio gave excellent advice. Where there's a will, there's a way: just find a good carpenter!

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You probably don't have enough cabinet depth to install a dishwasher right next to your sink. I wanted to keep my original cabinets so I installed my dishwasher on a different run. It's close to the sink, but not right next to it. We have to turn around to load it. We usually put the dishes in a tub and carry the tub to the dishwasher. I would never do this in a new kitchen, but we wanted to keep the vintage one.

Here is a link that might be useful: scroll down to see dishwasher next to stove

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Thank you all for your input. In an ideal situation, I wish in an ideal world I could have both the look and the function. The kitchen is only 8 x 9 and what I plan on doing is swinging the sink undert the window , next to the stove and replace e sink with a small 24" apron sink, and add the dishwasher on the left of it.

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Look at the 18" Miele dishwasher--that was the only one that would work when we were looking to do something similar in our old kitchen. Check your counter depth and height to see if it will fit; height is adjustable on most dishwashers, and definitely on the Miele.

I will say that we ended up gutting our kitchen instead, as the costs of retrofitting for a dishwasher added up very quickly. Depending on how your cabinets are constructed, it may not be simple to just move them around. (Sometimes older cabinets are three-sided--not boxes as you would have today. That's how ours were built, and it made it very complicated/costly to move them--they essentially had to be disassembled and then reassembled.)

Good luck--very cool sink!

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Have you looked at undersink dishwashers?

Here is a link that might be useful: GE undersink dishwasher

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