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kashlineApril 7, 2011

I recently purchased a home with a pool in Southwest FL. The pool has in-floor cleaners but no returns on the sides of the pool. The pool always has a coating of bugs on the top of the water. So I assumed the skimmer wasn�t working correctly and had a pool company come in. They suggested I replace my pool filter cartridge and clean it on a weekly basis, which I have done. However, this hasn�t helped the situation at all. I haven�t swum in the pool yet because the film of bugs is disgusting. Even using the long pole with the skimmer tool hasn�t made much of a dent in the mess. I had a pool in my former house in NY and it had returns which pushed the water toward the skimmer and kept the top of the pool clean. Is it standard for pools with in-ground cleaners to not have returns? Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how I can solve my problem?

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1) Is there a skimmer or two?
2) It it/they turned on?
3) It might also be you discovered why so many pools in Florida have screen enclosures.


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4) Do the skimmers have weirs (flappers as many call them) in them?

Separate returns are not required in pools with in floor systems.

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In Ohio all the pools I know have returns. The cleaner systems are typically on a seperate pump and filter system.As suggested make sure your skimmer weirs are installed and working properly. They should be floating freely just an inch or so under water inside the throat of the skimmer. The cause the skimmer to remove most of it's water from the top inch of the pool, at the surface, instead of the top 3 inches of water.If they are right, you might try a product by GLB called bug out. It breaks the surface tension causing bugs and other floating debris to sink to the bottom of the pool. I have used it a few times with limited success, however its worth a try.Hope this helps, good luck.

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