May 1-15 KOKOs

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLMay 1, 2008

Well, we've made it thru another month! Can you believe a third of 2008 is over? I'm sayin' y'all better get busy on those Christmas gifts! lololol

April showers (and some of us had April snow) bring May flowers. Even though the daffodil's are past their prime, I ran across a pattern that I'll post a link's appliqued so can be done while watching the basketball playoffs or baseball....or anything else you want. @:)

Were you good to yourselves last month? I know a lot of you are outdoorsy people and garden, so you'll be putting in your veggies soon, if you haven't already done so. I kind of miss playing in the soil, but that's DH's domain now, but I have an area I want to make into a cacti garden when I get back. It may be the wrong time of year, but the babies that Jan sent me are doing so well, I want to put them in the earth now. I'd love to have a raised garden, but, we'll see.

Whatever you do, take time for yourself.....whether it be walking, working in the yard/gardens, soaking up some warmth from the sun or just having a glass of iced tea on the porch reading a good book! You are important!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Daffodil Pillow Pattern

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Hello again..... @:)

I found a pic of the Gazelle my daughter has...

Here is a link that might be useful: Gazelle Edge

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Thanks for that link--that's a very pretty pattern. Love my daffodils.

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I love the pillow pattern and the colors. I want to make new pillows for my sofa, but first I MUST finish this quilt and organize my room.
I had a small cacti garden in CF and it did well.
We had the patio extended and now I don't have the sun shining in directly but it is still bright in my sewing room. The only problem that I can forsee is the little bitty birds that love our patio. The first time they nested I was entertained by watching them build their nest and then the babies. Then the ants came and then the bird droppings everywhere so the fasination wore off. Now I do everything I can, (without hurting them LOL), to keep them away from the patio.
For myself I painted my toe nails!!!!! In CF I wore sandals a lot after I retired, here I have been wearing socks and shoes lately, now it is getting sandal weather so I gave myself a pedicure.
Have a great day everyone.

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I love it, Rosa!!! It's that time of the year to let the toes out.

You're welcome, Geri.

Thank goodness there are some honest people in this world. My DD a I went to get groceries today and I lost my cell phone....didn't realize it til we got couldn't have been more than half an hour, but she called and sure enough someone had turned it in to the customer service desk and they had called the number that I have listed as 'home' to let me know they had my cell phone! Well, DH now knows I lost the phone as they left a message on my home phone answering Florida! Oh well.....he called DD laughing at me.

DH saw some Indigo Buntings in the yard the other day...they are so gorgeous when the sun hits them just right.

I suddenly remembered I was going to make a receiving blanket for the baby that I know it's a girl I can make it girly rather than generic. @:)

I need to get my leg swings in yet today, but I'm trying to KOKO....and hope y'all are too and that all is well in your lives. @:)


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That pillow is gorgeous!! Wonder how daffodils would look in red?? LOL,LOL

What is KOKOs??

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Hi Kathi, KOKO is short for Keep On Keeping On. There are many obstacles in our lives to hinder us from doing what we know we should do for a healthier lifestyle, so this thead is just to keep in touch and post (if a person wants to) what they did today, or want to do to reach that goal. We also try to do something for ourselves on a daily basis that would put a smile on our face or make our heart sing. By posting what that is, it makes the rest of us smile. @:) You can make your daffidils any color you might put a few smiles on some faces if you made them red. (grin)

I heard this yesterday: "How are you going to get to your goal? Day by day." And, that's the way I feel about it. If I look too far ahead, it seems impossible, but taking it day by day, it appears more doable.

I'm not online as much, or as long at a time these days, so you girls just KOKO being good to yourselves.


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I love the saying that there will never be a future, it is always in the future, and the past will never be again because it is the past, so the only important time is now. I think it was E. Roosevelt that said that is why it is called the present, it is a gift so enjoy it.
Played golf (walked) yesterday and summer is here!!!!!!
Sharon I have made only quilts for boys lately and the Moms wanted boyish not baby, I find them soooo limited. I am ready to give my Dad up for adoption LOL. I have ordered the TV converts for them and they have a PO box and no mailbox. Well, 911 came in and gave everyone a mailing address. They didn't get the invoice so I requested them again and the address that comes up is not theirs, but I called and was told it was OK and the invoice would be mailed to the PO box. I have had problems in the past trying to send them things because some companies will not take a PO box. Why can't he just put up a mailbox so they can have both?????????????????
He is concerned that they will miss the 'soaps' if there are problems with the conversion. He is so sweet,(and stubborn), I told him I would come over and help him rake leaves and take some of them for mulch in my yard. DH went outside to pick up the paper at 7:30 AM and there were 3 bags of leaves in the driveway.
I am involved with the 'orange crush mystery' but it is getting too hot to think of quilting so the pillows are calling to me.............................
Have a pleasant, peaceful day everyone.

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Hello friends,
Just got done walking about 3 miles and it seemed like work. darn. I kept thinking of all of you and hoping that you are all doing well. We had a beautiful day today and wish that I had a few more hours of it. We had a nasty rain storm go through last week and even more than a foot of snow out west. I felt so bad, it was DD's college graduation and one of her friends parents couldn't get out to make the 6 hour drive.

We had a nice gathering at the graduation and party and got to meet some of her friends. She will still be in school with some of the kids as she works on her doctoral part of pharmacy but will be interesting to see about the others. She had 7 close friends in high school that still come home for the holidays but now that they are finishing college that will change. Molly will be home this summer doing an internship and wants to sew.

Planted 24 tomato plants last night and should get some of my flowers bought and put in. Hope that you are busy doing the things that you enjoy most.

KOKO Deanna

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Hi all,
Confession time for me; I went on a retreat with my DD last weekend.. Do you see the last 3 letters in retreat? Well, I did that all weekend but I'm home now and hopefully back on track. Tomorrow when I weigh I just have to take my lumps and keep going. I have done my walk the last 2 days.

Sharon, so glad you found your phone. It is great to know there are good and honest people. It restores our faith in people to have a good thing happen.

Kathi, we'd be glad to have you join in our KOKO. Red daffodils? Sounds like you'd fit right in the group! Actually, I like red a lot and especially in flowers.

Deanna, so glad you are enjoying your DD-graduation party and home for the summer. I do remember those days but now it is grandchildren. DD was laughing yesterday because we had spent the weekend together at a retreat and were on the phone like we had not been together. She lives 4 1/2 hrs away. If you are planting tomatoes it must be getting a little warmer there.

Rosa, sounds like you Dad is quite worker--raking those leaves by himself. We all need to feel productive. You probably do so much for him this is something he could do for you.

Everyone KOKO and enjoy today. Do something good for your self. I think I'm going to the fabric store. The closest is in the next town about 30 minutes away and I haven't been for a while. I do need some thread and a couple of small items but it is mostly just to go see what is new! Wish one of you was close enough to ride along. :)


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Deanna I know how much time is dedicated to getting an education but it is well worth the investment. My DD is back in college working towards her MA, I was lucky to get my DS to graduate hi school LOL. He was in gifted classes and still disliked school. My nephews are the same, most boys (in my fam)just don't want to sit long enough.
I planted about 6 tomato plants and I plan to buy and can some from the local farmers. I love tomatoes!!!!!! After I married and moved to the city I stopped eating them because the ones in the stores can not compare to fresh grown.
Sally I wish I was there to go with you too, it sounds like so much fun. Glad you had such a good time with DD at the retreat, mine is coming next week and I am sure we will be eating and just lounging around.
Sharon it makes me smile to hear that good people are around, I know they still exist. I had to put a splenda box in the corner of the patio roof to keep the little birds from building another nest. I sat and watched them try to figure out how to get the box out, they are so cute. My sis told me I need to get job if I have that much time on my hands. I took pics of them and sent them to her!!!!!
I pulled weeds yesterday, why can't we just pull weeds one time and they stay away and why can't we just lose the weight once and it stays away LOL?????????? I am glad to hear everyone is doing well.
Have a blessed day.
KOKO one baby step at a time Rosa

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You can tell spring has sprung. Tonails, baby birds, humming birds, indigo buntings (saw my first of the year Monday). DH decided to remodel the garage. We have pulled everything out, took apart all the work benches, shelves, hangers ... and started rebuilding. Most of it is done now, just gotts sort thru everything and discard everything we haven't used in the past 2 years. It should be empty by then.

We are still getting our bike rides in, but I haven't been losing any weight in a while. Perhaps I will catch down soon.


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Wow! You all are so busy our and about doing things, and here I sit in my daughter's house reading, watching TV and listening to the grandkids fuss and laugh. I did get a girly receiving blanket made today for the shower that's on May 31st. I have to set my machine up on the dining table and then take it know what that's like. I won't get much machine sewing done while I'm here, but I have all the stars appliqued on the 4-patches and ready to be sent home. I'm also trying to keep up with printing out the monthly BOM's I'm involved in so I don't miss any of them....maybe I can get some cutting done and be ready for sewing.

Beverly, I wouldn't worry about the weight too do you feel? If you're still being active, possibly you're losing some inches and building muscle, you think?

Rosa, Your dad sounds cute....and stubborn. Get him DVR so he won't ever have to miss his soaps. @:) I think I'm going to get some tomatoes from the local veggie stands this year, too. We use a lot of tomatoes and juice..maybe I'll make some veggie juice, too. Tell your sis, you don't need a job...that you worked long and hard to get to where all you had to do was watch birdies is that's what you wanted to do! (smile)

Sally, I'd go with you to the fabric store!!! Pick me, pick me! You can't get much better than that for being good to yourself....well, maybe buying fabric or a new machine you've been drooling over. I know I'm gonna have lip prints all over my machine when I get home! Isn't it fun to do things with your grown-up daughters? I rode along with DD on her Avon route was so nice just to have a face to face chat and talk and laugh together.

Deanna, How wonderful that you get to have your DD home with you this summer and she wants to sew! Wooohooooo

This is getting toooooo long...........


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Hello all,
Got my first round of golf in for the season. Even a few whiffs :( . Sounds like everyone is busy with outdoor spring and summer type stuff. I am beginning to think that I don't enjoy spring and summer as much since I have so many outdoors interests and can't do them all due to lawn work, garden, etc. I know I am weird. I just need to quit work so I can play all day!! Or move where we have nice weather all year and then drive for my change of season.

I hope that you will all have a Happy Mothers day. Deanna

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Deanna we can do things year round here in SE coastal GA and we moved HERE from Fl for a change of season LOL. No snow, but we do get frost. Hot here and in the 90's.
We went to play golf Wed morning and our neighbor was there, back from Iraq. He was involved in a bombing that hurt his back and he walks with a limp, lost 35 pounds. He did look tired.
Kathi I would make my flowers any color I wanted, there has to be some flower that looks similar.
Beverly I agree with Sharon, you are very active so I am sure you will starting dropping the pounds again.
I have started on a needlepoint Christmas tissue box cover in reds and white that I found really cheap at a thrift and it doesn't match anything in my house. WHY????????
Sharon I need to start on Christmas gifts, but I have been drawn to the Orange Crush mystery.
Sally what did you buy ????????????????????
Happy Mother's Day everyone. My sis (I have 5) has booked a spa session for all of us (9), including any nieces that want to go, and Mom for May 31st. They all like the 'girls time out', I just wish ONE of them would learn to quilt so we could have a quilt trip like Sally.

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Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...Can you hear me far away? I am missing my daily little therapy with all of you. It has been pretty quiet for the last 6 or 7 days so I hope that all is well and that you are just plain busy with spring and all and not laid up.

I think spring has arrived. Plan to golf after work and have enjoyed walks with DD. I do need to get back to the gym though and lift the weights also. Maybe things will straighten out after this week. Every day DD has a pile of stuff for me to go though that she is tossing or we are taking to good will or something.

KOKO... Deanna

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I'm here....been busy. By the time I email DH and get him caught up on things a few times a day, my computer time is limited.

Went mushrooming in the woods yesterday with DD so that counts as an hour of walking. @:) Didn't get very many as it's a few weeks past the season. You probably read about my luck for the first time at the firing range over in discussions...think it was the Mother's Day thread.

DD took me to my fav fabric store.....oh my! Dh will see how much fun I had when he gets the Visa statement! I'm planning on meeting up with a couple cyber quilters I met from Ft Wayne and we plan to shop hop at some shops out of town tomorrow.....plan to have more fun! lol

Have a great day everyone, be good to yourselves and KOKO.


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