Diamond Brite and River Rok pictures requested

styler32April 20, 2012

I've been following this board forever, and after years of just admiring, we're finally building our own pool! The only problem is we cannot decide on a color. Our builder does Diamond Brite and River Rok but he doesn't have many photos of anything other than the regular blue. We are interested in:

Diamond Brite in French Gray, Steel Blue, Ocean Blue and Aegean Sea

River Rok in Blue Opal, Baha Sand or Lucayan Blue

I know that's a lot to choose from, but if anyone has their own personal photos we can see I would SO appreciate it! We've really been gravitating towards the Diamond Brite Watercolors series, but finding photos of those pools have been next to impossible.

Thanks again!

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Here is 1 picture of my River Rok Baha Sand pool. The biggest problem is that the color is so different based on the time of day, lighting, and trees.

It looks pretty green, and it is green more often than not, but not always.

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Have you made a choice yet? I found out there are only 5 River Rok base colors... and then derived colors from those. The ones you are interested in are:

Lucayan Blue is a base color.

Blue Opal is 8 parts Lucayan blue and 2 parts emerald black.

Baha Sand is 6 parts Lucayan blue and 4 parts emerald black.

I am sure you could ask for any combination if you think you like a color between two others.

I am trying to decide between baha and opal also... wiating to see them in person when some pools open around here.

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cnr1089 - Thanks for the pic. It's so funny how all of these pools of the same color look so different in various pictures. I really like the pool, but we like more of that deep blue color.

jscozz - Nope still haven't decided. Staking the ground out starts tomorrow. I contacted a SGM rep and she was nice enough to send me a few photos of each color (including cnr1089's Baha Sand pool!). I'd post them on here but there are confidentially disclaimers on the email.

I think we're really leaning towards Lucayan Blue. Our builder initially quoted River Rok Baha Sand and Blue Opal to be $800 more than Diamond Brite French Gray. If Lucayan Blue runs about the same, I think we'll be going with it in a mini pebble finish. I just wish I could see more pictures of it. It's such a big decision, because once it's done, it's done!

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Just curious if you made your choice and had it installed yet... choice coming up for us.

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Well, it's kind of a funny story. We were 100% set on Lucayan Blue. Now a few weeks have gone by and we've purchased some palm trees, cedar for a 10' x 16' pergola and flagstone for our patio to match our coping. This all meant that the extra $800 for the River Rok finish became debatable. Weighing heavily on our minds was a plaster crew that hasn't done many River Rok pools. I've read that it's all in the application, so I don't think we can live with a rough surface due to inexperience.

So now we're back leaning towards Diamond Brite Ocean Blue. (But I still havent seen 1 picture of Steel Blue or Bahama Breeze, which we also threw into the running.) And even with that, my PB has done a lot of DB pools, but never mixed colors. So we just might risk it. I refuse to get a white plaster pool!

The plaster decision has been the absolute hardest! I really wish more people posted pictures of their pools with plaster color. Don't get me wrong, this board has been SO much help in figuring things out, but I could definitely use more examples. With that being said, as soon as ours is done I will happily post many pics of our pool for others to use as a reference.

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The Ocean Blue is quite a bit more expensive than most of the base single colors... because of the mixing labor, and the fact that Midnight Blue is the most expensive base color. We have been debating about French Gray or Ocean Blue... but every pool picture I see is different. I have seen french gray pools that look blue and some that look drab and gray... I have seen Ocean Blue pictures that look just right, and some that look too bright blue.

Main goals are (1) no green, (2) not brilliant fake blue, and (3) it should look like swimming hole water and go with our rock waterfall/hill.

I'd love to hear what your final choice is and see your pictures.

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Jscozz, I think we have the same exact blue in mind! We specifically said, "No Windex, no black bottom and no green color for the pool."

According to our pool builder, Ocean Blue is within the budget he has for plaster. I think he has a profit built in for every step of the pool building process. The color may be a bit more than single color, so he'll just get less profit. Also, his company also does plaster and won't have to sub out.

Would you happen to have any pictures of Ocean Blue? The only pics I've seen online are the one at the SGM site and another member named vessmech.

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I have not found any other pictures either.

Wow, no price difference? Thats a pretty good deal! How big is your pool? I've been quoted over $4K more for Ocean Blue over French Gray. About 750 sq ft pool.

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750 sq. ft.?! That's bigger than my first apartment!

Our pool is small and yet still takes up 80% of our backyard (small lot). I'm not sure of the exact square footage because it's freeform, but it's roughly 30 x 15, maybe a little more than 330 sq. ft.

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Braden Taylor

please post a picture of your ocean blue pool! Would love to see it as that is one of my top choices!

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