Larder Fridge

jenniestoweMarch 5, 2013

We're considering getting a new fridge and really want a very low profile one. I don't think we can fit all of our food into an under-counter version, but I'm very interested in the "Tall Larder Fridges" that I see online. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be sold in the US! UK and europe only as far as I can tell. Does anyone have experience with a larder fridge and/or know how to get one in the US?

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Can you look for dorm fridge or apartment fridge instead? Is it just the size that's different, or do larder fridges do something "extra"?

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A larder fridge is smaller -- it seems to be tall but not deep (24" or less) and not wide either. It also doesn't have a freezer compartment. I've looked at a lot of more apartment-size refrigerators but they all seem to be pretty deep, even the "counter-depth" ones which measure 27-28" including door handles. The "larder fridges" that I see on the UK websites just seem much sleeker....

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After reading and learning SO much here, I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to help with someone else's question!

Liebherr makes a number of fridge columns that are 24 inches wide and 24 inches deep. The model numbers are HC 1060 (2 doors), and HRB 1110 (one single tall door). Be forewarned, however, they are expensive, around $3K each.

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The Thermador Freedom columns are very sleek, can be fully integrated into cabinetry, only 24" deep, and available in 18, 24 and 30 inch widths. They are not inexpensive, though, unless you luck into a floor model like we did. I love that fridge!

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what would you do for a freezer? My sis and Bro In Law have such a set up in the UK-the two sit side by side. I notice they keep the freezer really full-that type of shopping is a newer phenomenon over there.. wouldn't you miss a freezer?'s actually hard to fill that much of a fridge up and keep it full. I think you can get a large american style fridge/freezer and be ahead of the game[french doors/bottom freezer/cabinet depth].

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