Our contract calls out 2 main drains but I only see one

banana_fannaApril 25, 2011

in the deep end.

If they only installed one, what potential problems will that cause? How much extra did I pay for that extra main drain that I don't see?

Thank you

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What stage are you in?

If you see one pipe and are pregunite, worry not, they will T it off.
Where I live 2 drains is code, it wasnt a matter of paying for it.

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banana fanna,
Don't know any reputable PB's using single suction lines.
Perhaps he put the tee in the wall somewhere? Wouldn't hurt to ask him.
Cost to install is minimal. Maybe $25 including the drain cover. Minimum distance between split drains is 3 feet(FWIW).

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Some builders put one of the drains in the side wall of the pool. I don't. If you don't have two main drains, you need two to minimize the strength of the suction from having just one. No reputable builder I know of uses only one...particularly after the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool Safety Act was enacted to prevent suction injuries and death. Your main drain covers should have anti-vortex approved under the new laws.

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Welcome home womanowned. Missed you.


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Thanks Scott!

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Our build has been stalled due to continuous rain. Looks like tomorrow they'll be here to start plumbing. We have gunite and that's all so far.

When I told him I can only see one main drain (through 6 feet of murky rainwater), he assured me there are two. And if there aren't, he said, the pool's free! LOL Can you imagine?

He's confident so I'm goin' with that.

Thanks all.

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