How To Paint Metal Ceiling Tile?

xantippeApril 29, 2012

The previous owners of our house built a TV niche above the fireplace. The niche is covered with a section of framed metal ceiling tile that looks a lot like this:

Lowes Page With Ceiling Tile

It's a great idea, and but I am not a fan of the silver color, since all of my lamps, fireplace accessories, and light fixtures are ORB in color. So I would love to figure out how to paint the ceiling tile panel a distressed, rustic cream, kind of like this:

White Distressed Frame

But I have no idea how to get started, since I've never painted anything metal before. So I'm hoping that some of you have suggestions about which paint(s) and method(s) to use.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Is it actual metal, and not the plastic replicas that are so prevalent?

This will work for metal or plastic.

Use TSP to clean it, rinse, and paint with a alkyd based bonding primer. A~ heavy nap roller might be easier than a brush, but either will be a bit of a pain to be sure that you get into all of the texture. Then paint with an eggshell paint in white and allow to cure. Lightly sand down to the bare metal with a sanding block to be sure you're only hitting the high spots. (If it's plastic, this will be VERY tricky as you can sand all the way through to the plastic under the metal top coat very easily.) Mix a very light glaze and go over the whole thing, then wipe well. That antiques it to a more believable look rather than a "faux distressed" look. Then clear coast with a water based acrylic.

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Thank you, GreenDesigns. Yup, it is actual metal. The glaze is great advice, and thanks for specifying what type of primer!

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