April 16-30

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLApril 16, 2008

Sorry for not getting this up sooner.....could have done it last night if my eyes had stayed open! @:)

To start with, my sister bought a bag of the soup, so no big deal there. The Cornbread Dressing Dumpling recipe came from a Nov 2003 Southern Living and is supposed to go with the turkey soup made after Thanksgiving. I've gotten to where when I'm hungry for dressing, I'll make this using broth or soup base, which is what I did last night. My bean soup pan was too small to put the dumplings in so I made them in another pan and it worked out great....gave a little more broth, too. The pan I used wasn't really big so it took 3 batches but I had doubled the recipe.

Cronbread Dressing Dumpling Dough

2 T butter or margaarin

1 celery rib, diced

1/2 small sweet onion, diced (about 1/4 cup)

1/2 tsp rubbed sage (I like more)

3/4 cup all-purpose flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp seasoned pepper (I used regular)

1/2 tsp salt (I don't use as much because I think the salt from the broth adds it)

1 large egg, lightly beaten

1/3 cup milk

Melt butter in a small skillet. Add celery, onion, and sage; saute over med-hi heat 3 minutes. Combine cornmeal and next 4 ingredients in a medium bowl; add egg, milk, and celery mixture, stirring until dry ingredients are moistened. Makes about 1 1/2 cups dough.

Drop by tablespoonful (not heaping...it swells up) into simmering soup/broth. Cook 5 minutes. Cover and cook 15 more minutes or until dumplings are done.

Feel free to adj or add any seasonings that suit your fancy! I doubled it for 5 of us last night.....my mom had 2 small helpings and I'm told she doesn't even like bean soup.


LOL, Beverly. We don't want anything like 'health' to interfer with the casino plans! My mom has been sleeping alot. I check on her every 15 or so minutes to make sure she's still breathing. We walked down the road to the mailbox yesterday afternoon and she wouldn't sit in her wheelchair on the way back, but wanted to walk, so I let her. We try to allow her as much physical activity as she will do. The wind just about blew us back home, anyway. I hope you enjoy the week-end with your mom and dad.

Rosa, Golfing is exercise!!! You're doing good!!! I think just getting out and moving around more is very helpful!

Sally, Good for you for being faithful to walking. You do what works for you and keep it up. So much new foliage and flowers to see at this time of year, too. Don't you just love those GC??? My middle daughter didn't think twice about driving to Florida from Indiana just for a week-end a few years ago....and she'd drive straight thru! 17 hours! Takes her a little longer now (22 hours last week-end) and she stays longer, too.....I like that part. @:)

My sister left work early and took me to a quilt store the other day. I bought some WOW and had a good look around. I'm saving my big purchase for the fav quilt shop in Indiana.

Y'all have a great day and KOKO...... @:)

SharonG/FL-still in MN

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The recipe sounds yummy. Did I miss somewhere how much cornmeal it calls for?

Heading to work out; even though not really in the mood for some reason. Deanna

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I normally don't care for dumplings (they are a HUGE favorite in my fam) but I am going to try that recipe it sounds so delicious. I also have a sub to Southern Living.
I have never liked to ride or drive!!!!!
The weather here is beautiful and I played in the dirt most of the afternoon.
Anyone hear of the 'Vidalia Sweet Onions'????? I live in onion country. They are so sweet in soups and sauces. The Glennville Sweet Onion Festival is in a few weeks.
I love having my GC visit too, they should be visiting soon. Their dad likes to buy sweet onions to take back to his friends.
Sharon hug Mommy for us, stay warm. I am jealous of the quilt shop visits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KOKO green eyed Rosa

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Oh brother!!! I left out the cornmeal!! 3/4 cup cornmeal. Not only that, it's 1/2 cup flour not 3/4.

Looks like I started right, but my eyes skipped down a line.

I love Vidalia onions! My DD has an onion pie she makes when she gets them. My dad used to buy 50 pound bags of them and bring back to Michigan for all the relatives.

My oldest grandson just called...they've been trying to get pg for forever....they married in 2004.....I'm gonna be great-gramma again!!!!!! I am so happy for them!!!!

I'll give mom a hug from my quilting friends...... @:)

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Thanks for the recipe. That sounds great. I grew up on flour dumplings and don't know how we missed this.

Vidalia onions are famous! We all want some.

Congratulations, great-gramma!! And have fun at the quilt shop.

KOKO Sally

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Those dumplings sound delicious. I wrote down the recipe to try.

Sounds like the weather is rather unpleasant everywhere but here. I did some weeding and some crochet outside yesterday. I wasn't quite comfortable. With the breeze it was alittle too cool in the shade and alittle too warm in the sun, but I'm not complaining.

Does spring cleaning count as exersize?

Congratulations Sharon!

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Yes, spring cleaning is counted!!!!
I was watching the videos by Sharon Schambers (posted on the stippling question)and the one on binding is excellent. She uses Elmers glue and presses with an iron to hold the binding in place. I can't wait to try it.
That is great news Sharon!!

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I'm signing off for a few days.....probably til next week. Will be traveling thru MNPLS and Chicago tomorrow...it takes about 8 hours to get to where I'll be picked up by my newly pg granddaughter-in-law so I'll get to chat with her for awhile til we leave for the next destination. I know it's really soon to talk about her being pg, but they have tried for so long, and my grandson even had some surgery. I know she's ecstatic!

Mom says thanks for the hugs....we walked to the mailbox again today (it's down the road a way), but she had to ride part of the way back in her wheelchair, and that's ok.

Take care and KOKO..... @:)

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Have a good trip, Sharon.

It was raining when I got up this morning so I didn't walk. Went to my Bible study and now it is 80 degrees. I will have to walk later this afternoon who it cools a little. We have had such wonderful weather I have gotten spoiled. It is going to get hot.


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Hope you are traveling safely, Sharon. I heard that Chicago had a little earthquake early this morning but it didn't sound like there was any damage.

Just got done planting a couple rows of potatoes. Had planned to golf but the cart wouldn't start so we'll have to put the charger on and try for another day. It was windy and chill to the air so probably wouldn't have played a full 9. Did my walking today; just noticed that my zip for exercise has been gone for a few weeks. I get my mile in but not always the hour like I used to do.

Vicky, how is your back?

Have a good weekend everyone. Working tomorrow and heading to a first communion with my family on Sunday.


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That is still exercise Deanna!!!!!!!
Sally we turned on the AC about 6 PM tonight.
Have a safe trip Sharon and it is never too early to be excited about a baby.
I saw the cutest tee that said, 'Does this baby make me look fat?'

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Safe travels Sharon.

Mom and dad are planting their corn and watermellons this week. 100 days and we will be eating fresh corn!!


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That sounds good Beverly. Last year I canned tomatoes and a salsa that I didn't like as a salsa but it made a wonderful chili.
I plan on 'putting up' more jars this year. City folks don't know what their missin'!!!
It is raining so I am going to quilt.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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They sure don't Rosa. My girls grew up on vegetables from the garden. They will eat commercially canned if it is used in a casserole or something, but really just like good homegrown. No one makes pickle relish like my grandmother!


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Beverly and Rosa, You are making me hungry just talking
about fresh veggies. My mom was our gardner and could grow anything. Even after all us kids were grown and gone she gardened. She would freeze things and give 98 percent of it away. In our early years, my DH thought that since my mom gardened I should know how also and we grew a few things but we have gotten lax in our old age and don't do that anymore.

I guess tomorrow it is back to the routine. Because of the rain I didn't get to walk on Fri. Sat was beautiful but we made two company crawfish boils. I must say I "enjoyed" my crawfish. Then today we took some friends out to lunch after church. I know I've had more than I should but I have begun again. I had salad for supper.
I have to KOKO can't go backward.

Hope everyone has a good week.


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I am the same Sally. I haven't gained the 5 I lost, but I have not lost any more, and I have to get serious again.
I knew the summer was going to be hard because it is 'birthday parade' in our fam.
Crawfish sounds good!!!!
Beverly some of the people around here are starting to plant gardens and can veggies because they think the recession is going to turn into a depression. I think things maybe a little more expensive but I don't see the great depression again, HOPEFULLY!!!!!!!!
Have a great week everyone. We're thinking of you Sharon.
All you can do is KOKO Rosa.

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Hello Ladies! I'm back again! Thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers. We had an uneventful trip and didn't even feel the earthquake! I won't be online as much here as I was at my sisters. Too many people, but with the kids in school and SIL in bed (3rd shift) mornings might be my best shot unless DD is doing her Avon.

My 13 yo granson was hit by a car last Friday on his way home from school. He's back in school today but not supposed to do any writing at all, no recess or PE.....his knee and face is all messed up by the road and he might have a broken wrist.....right now they're thinking badly sprained but if the swelling doesn't go down by tomorrow, he's off to see an orthopedic surgeon. He's supposed to take 600mg of ibuprophen 3 times a day. I think she's getting paybacks for both her and her DH! Someone asked if they had an Anderson Apprecation Day at the hospital.

I love fresh veggies, but we don't seem to have much luck in getting an abundance....just enough maters to eat. Although I did freeze a few peppers last year.

My DD has a Gazelle (exercise machine) and I started working on that, gently, for 10 minutes last night. Hope to keep it up and maybe work up to half an hour daily.

I don't feel inclined to get out the sewing machine yet so haven't done any machine sewing. I sent the blocks that I completed for QOV and the star blocks back to Florida in a pkg my sister sent to DH, so I wouldn't have to keep hauling them around....I sent DH some dark choc covered cranberries, too. @:)

Guess it's time to visit with my DD.....take care everyone and KOKO.....

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Sharon, So glad your GS is not more badly hurt. Such a scary thing! Hope his wrist just proves to be sprained.

Well, it is not so much the heat as the humidity! Walked this morning at 7:00 it was 70 degrees but the humidity was 99.99%. It is overcast and I sure hope we have rain today-we need it. We live on a canal and the water is higher than we have seen it here but we are fine-some low lying areas are having problems. Still our yard is dry and they say the water has crested.

Rosa, I know what you mean. There is always something going on and another meal or dessert. I have always said I did not learn to "eat to live" but I learned to "live to eat." I am so amazed when I meet people who don't care about food. I am trying to retrain myself but it hard to "to teach an old dog new tricks." I did weigh this morning and had lost 1 1/2 lbs. The walking is what keeps it happening. I am so appreciative. In a little less than 10 lbs I'll be back where I was 3 1/2 years ago when we made our move. I will still need to lose a little more although I will never be small.

Just got to KOKO

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Sally you are doing fantastic!! I not been quilting lately to take advantage of the great weather. I remember many days with 100% humidity and I never could understand how there could be so much humidity and no rain.
We have a lot of clay so I worked 3 hours yesterday on another flower bed in the front. Today I was out there for an hour. I have allergies and I love my plants, they are worth the pain!!!!!
Sharon that is scary, I always remind my kids that you MUST look out for the cars because they are bigger and always think they have the right of way. The people in parking lots scare me when they back out and don't bother to look behind them first.
Have a great week everyone.

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Sharon, how scarry, I'm glad he is ok. How is the wrist? And Dark chocolate covered cranberries! Lucky DH.

Sally, what a wonderful job. I have decided even if I could weigh what I did when I was 20, I still wouldn't look like I did when I was 20. Something about gravity pulling differently as you age or some such stuff.

Some friends of ours went to Rockmart GA to camp and ride the Silver Comet Trail. We went over Monday evening and rode on Tuesday. We all took off together and of course the guys ran off and we puttered along at our own pace. She and I got in 40 miles, the guys got in 60, and then went back for another 20. We ladies had much more sense. We stayed and got a shower then soaked in the sun for a while. It was so nice to have a day with nothing to do but what we wanted. Gotta make that a habit.


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Beverly, Good habit to get into.....take a day for yourself! Jared has an appt with a surgeon tomorrow to see what the next step is. It's still swollen and hurts to the touch. He looked both ways....saw a black bus (I'm thinking RV) but didn't see the black car in front of it.

Rosa, Those people backing up that don't look scare me, too! If I can, I like to park so I can pull out and don't have to worry about them behind me.

Sally, There are people who don't care about food? lol Actually, my grandchildren here would rather have veggies than sweet food. Her doc suggested she start them out with veggies instead of cereal/dessert baby food when they started on food. I never heard of it, but it sure seems to be working for her kids. Once, one of them said, "If I eat my dessert, can I have another salad?"

We've had some beautiful weather but it's supposed to get cooler this week-end and into next week....that's ok, I can handle the 60's. I'm getting some Christmas shopping done so I can leave the gifts here and not have to ship them back up (or bring them if I get to come back up in Dec). @:)

The bedrooms and main bathroom is upstairs, so I'm doing stairs a few times a day and with using the Gazelle, I think something might be happening. @:)

Enjoy your day and KOKO.....

SharonG/FL (snowbirding in IN)

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Good morning to All,

Yes, Beverly, I know about gravity. :) I looked in the mirror the other day and for the first time started to see my Mom. I've always thought I looked like my Dad's side of the family. About 5 years ago, I heard my Mom's voice coming out of me singing in church. Life goes on.

Beverly, your bike riding sounds wonderful. Sounds like such a restful and peaceful activity especially with friends.

I have to admit I feel much better since I've lost this weight. I had convinced myself it didn't matter but it does for me. I feel better after I walk and I have a good feeling about the ability to walk. I hope I can keep it up for a while.

Sharon, how does the gazelle work? I will check it out on the net later. Do you like it? I probably will just stick to walking but something you can do in the air conditioning sounds interesting. Keep us updated on Jared's progress. How old is he? Sounds like your DD is getting her children started on a good eating plan.

Rosa, we don't have good soil either. We have to add soil wherever we want a flower bed. I have had good soil in the past and did not know to appreciate.

Well, it is Thur. everyone planning for the weekend. Fri. night we have a crawfish boil with our Sunday school class. On Sat. my husband is fishing in his first tournament ever. It is just the guys at church and he is taking a young friend and his 8 yr old son. After they all weigh in, we will have a fish fry. (I don't think they are depending on what they catch. :) I'm not a fisherman but I sure like to eat them!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

KOKO Sally

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We just came from the surgeon's office (I had to drive as DD had oral surgery this morning so she's on drugs for pain) and 13 yo Jared has no restrictions except to wear the splint for the next couple weeks when he plays soccer. It was badly sprained and he just missed having to have a cast on it. He also has a bruised kneecap. He was glad about no restrictions because he wasn't allowed to play video games....BUT, he can now write for his homework, so that has to get done first!

The Gazelle: Picture short skis with the poles attached to the front of the ski then slide back and forth. When my arms get tired of going back and forth pushing and pulling the 'poles', I hold on to a non-moving part while my legs still work. Of course, this is all on a manual machine and glides quietly, so the TV can still be heard. @:)

I'm so enjoying the colors of Spring and seeing the various trees and flowers budding out and in bloom! They're going to take me mushrooming in a couple weeks!!

Does anyone have a tried and true gumbo recipe? Or at least the way you always begin and whatever is always put in?

Enjoy life and do something good for yourself this week-end!

SharonG/FL (snowbirding in IN) (I got tired of typing this so just copied and pasted from above post.)

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Walking in a winter 00PS Spring wonderland---Well lo and behold we have snow again in South Dakota and I really don't remember ever having it this late.. We probably have 3-4 inches of very wet snow and schools let out early. My tulips have not bloomed yet (closer to mothers day) but their tips are barely peeking out over the snow.

So...I did not walk outdoors today. Did my workout indoors and hope to maybe sew sometime this weekend since I won't be kayaking or golfing.

Hope that you are all well and KOKO. Deanna

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Wow, my B/d block arrived today!! Now I will have to
drool for 6 weeks! I had decided to only open them on my B/d. OK we will see if I last! There must be some irony in this as I had just finished your b/d item and went to the mail box and found your mail! I will hold yours because it is still over 4 months until Sept. :)

Deanna, snow and we are in the 80's. We will be dying in the summer and you will be having it nice. Only the best of gardners even try tulips here. We had one person in the neighborhood with tulips this year and they were beautiful but are long gone-maybe even a month ago. Enjoy your weekend sewing.


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Sally, I'm sorry....DH mailed them out.....That was pretty fast cause I think he said he mailed them yesterday. Of course, hang onto mine.....I'm not home anyway. @:)

81 yesterday.....60º today where I am. But the sun is shining. Talked to my mom in MN and it was snowing there.

SharonG/FL (snowbirding in IN)

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Deanna if I tried kayaking I would probably turn over and drown LOL!!!!!!!! I just can't imagine flowers springing into spring from the snow. And believe it or not, I have never seen snow!!! Just the kind that melted in the air before it landed, and only moments of that. I do plan to have a snow vacation sometime in my life!!!!!
Sally for some reason my lilies and amaryllis are just now blooming and I planted about 10 more that I found at Wal-Mart for 1.50 each. My Mother has about 50 beauties and I bought her 2 more. I was just on the gardening side and I plan to divide the bulbs after they finish with the breath taking blooms and I am playing with making hybrids.
The gingerbread swap was cancelled so I am going to finish them as a gift for my 6 yr old greatniece, and one for me of course.
Sharon I made this version of a seafood gumbo after I watched Paula make it, I left out the oysters and added more shrimp, used Italian sausage, used the frozen bags of gumbo veggies instead of only okra, doubled the garlic, used Worchester. I also have hot sauce to add if the person wants it spicer after it is served (like me). We serve gumbo over rice (I don't butter my rice, but I do add a chicken bullion cube to the water) with cornbread. Around here gumbo is like Brunswick stew, different everytime it is made.
For any of you that have never heard a southern accent we are hard to understand but I have never heard a drawl like hers LOL. We ate at her restaurant in Savannah and I was not impressed so much with the buffet food, but I was impressed with how long people stood in line to eat there, including us.
I had a cactus taco today and it was delicious so I am going this weekend to look for prickly pears, low in calories and hi in nutrients.
My BIL is having surgery so I am making chicken and dumplings for them Monday using your recipe.
Rainy today but I do plan to golf tomorrow. Beverly has made me think about a bike but I wonder if I will use it???? Hubbie bought a WII console and we played for a couple of hours. I laughed at him when he said it was exercise but we were moving around a lot.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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Thanks, Rosa. I've emailed the recipe along with what you use to myself so I'll have it when I get home. I wanted exactly what you've given me! I understand about it not being the same twice.....just like how I make veggie soup.

DGD brought in some lilacs and put them in a vase today. I just buried my face in them.....

Here's the actual site for the Cornbread Dressing Dumpling recipe.

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Fresh flowers are so beautiful and relaxing to me. I started to cut my amaryllis and bring them inside but they are so beautiful outside and I think the blooms will last longer outside.
I made the dumplings from your recipe in broth and they are delicious!!
We did golf but I am having a fam dinner tonight so I will be eating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I walked this morning and it was cool again-felt good-61 degrees. Started out with an extra long sleeve shirt but soon shed it. Think it is supposed to stay this way a couple of day.

I haven't tried the cornbread dumplings yet but I took the recipe and I will try them. Around our house my DH makes the gumbo so I can't be of much help there. He grew up watching his mom and Grandmother make gumbo. Personally I think his is the best. He has written his recipe for the children and my daughter does a good job. Like you said 20 cooks=20 gumbos.

My daylillies are starting to bloom. Today I have 5 different ones blooming. There are 2 others that have bloomed but not today. I've got blooms from dark red to pale yellow. My amaryllis are about to finish but they have been beautiful. Mostly I just have the common white with red stripes but I have one very large red that my DH got the bulb for me several years ago and it has been georgeous..

I have been working on some airplane blocks for a kids quilt I started some time ago. I also plan to do some clean-up in my sewing room. Just so I can find things! :)
I seldom have a day that I don't go into my sewing room and do a little something. I have been trying not to start new projects but work on some I already have going but that is sometime hard because I see something I just have to try. :)

Hope everyone has a great week and get some exercise!

KOKO Sally

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Seems like everytime I could get on the computer today something happened and I had to get off. So, here it is almost 11:30pm...everyone (cept me) is in bed and SIL has gone to work. Oh well.....

Rosa, Glad you liked the dumplings....they like them here, too. I've been meaning to tell you about what I saw in one of the local drugstores here. It was a baby display of homemade things and there were 2 cloth diapers apparently to be used as burp cloths. One had Uh Oh embroidered on it and the other one had Excuse Me on it. I thought they were the cutest things and thought of your embroidery work.

Sally, I've been getting my exercise by going up and down those dang stairs! I ate healthier today, too.

Temps are heading down to the freezing point tonight and tomorrow night. Was rainy today and a bit bone chilling....will be worse tomorrow, but I plan to stay in and pull out the box with my sewing machine and supplies in it to see what all I left up here last year. I'm hoping it was at least a rotary cutter and a mat cause I'm getting antsy! I told SIL I'd hem his baseball pants for him, too....they have a zipper at the bottom.....UGH!


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Sharon I wish I had taken pics before I gave the burp cloths to my niece. On one I embroidered Spit Crew and the black and white checkered flag, the other was BURP with bubbles all around it. I detest hemming and my youngest GGD is short just like me, so I do it.
Sally I need to clean my sewing room soooooooo bad! I am finshing up the red, white, and blue UFO and I am going to use the Elmer's glue method for the binding.
'Nickel Quilts' and 'More Nickel Quilts' came in the mail today so NOW I want to start cutting up nickel squares.
I have also been making little girl dresses for my nieces cute as a button 6 yr old.
I have been making my own salad dressing, (I love the poppy seed dressing from First Watch restaurants) using seasoned rice vinegar. I can use the vinegar mixed with only olive oil on salads, but the poppy seed dressing is really good. The recipe called for 1&1/2 cup sugar so I put in 1/2 cup and it was enough for me. I thought about a sugar substitute but I am not so sure they are healthy.
It is sunny and windy so I walked for 30 minutes and now I can't breathe so I am going to exercise inside. ALLERGIES!!!!You can take the amaryllis bulb and cut it in half to proprogate it. I have read that it can be cut into 8 or more pieces but I am not planning on that, it may not survive. 2 of mine started to come up about 8 inches and we had a frost and they died, 2 weeks later they came right back so they are hardy little guys.
Have a blessed day everyone, it is going to be in the low 40's here tonight.

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Well Gals, here it is the last day of the month. It sure flew by for me. Today is weigh-in for me . Lost 3/4 lb this week and considering all the eating gatherings I have been to it is good. I have continued to walk-I guess that is what saved me. I just told myself this morning "they say lose it slow - keep it off easier". I'm not discouraged because I am thankful for all lose but who doesn't want to reach their goal 'now'? I am talking to myself about how I will survive the summer when my grands are here and we tend to eat lots of junk.

Rosa, I may try proprogating a amarylis bulb by cutting it. Then if it works I might try my red one. I'm not really a green thumb but I do better than when I was younger and could kill any plant. I have one sister who has such a green thumb that we tell her if she stuck a clothes pin in the ground she would get a clothesline. :)

Sharon, climbing stairs is hard work. That is why our house is one level. It is indeed exercise. You perked my interest about the elliptical exerciser. My daughter uses one at their neighbor center. She likes it because it is low impact to the knees which she has some trouble with. I'm not sure I could stay with it my length of time. If I walk to the end of the street I have to walk back! Ha :)
It is a thought for the cold or hot or rainy weather. Then I'd have to find a place to put it. Oh well.

Hope everyone has a great day. KOKO

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Hello all,
Thought I would drop in and say good bye to April. Did get my workout in tonight and planted two rows of radishes, two of onions while DH planted the corn. A calm evening of 65 or 70 degrees. It had been so windy and sounds like rain/snow mix could be in the works for the weekend.???

We are traveling for our DD graduation and hauling all the food, etc. for a small party. I am beginning to think I should have taken everyone to the buffet they have at a local motel instead. It will be fun though and more personal. She will be home this summer so it will be nice to have a walking partner back and keeping me in line :)

You all take care now you here. We are really represented here by a variety of places that we all live which makes it so nice to keep in touch. Deanna KOKO

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$384.98 | Hayneedle
30" Urban Walnut Vanity for Undermount Sink
Signature Hardware
Personalized Large Dog Collar - BROWN
$65.00 | Horchow
Gem Mini Pendant
$71.55 | Bludot
Red Horizontal Stripe 16" Wide Semi-Flush Ceiling Light
Lamps Plus
Solid Mint Throw Pillow Cover
$29.99 | Dot & Bo
Florence Style Loft Wool Loveseat in Green
$699.00 | LexMod
Frame Vanity Wall Sconce
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