Travertine Pavers, how to set in northeast

nypoolnoviceApril 20, 2011

Well, 2,300 SF of 24"x24" travertine pavers just arrived in crates in the driveway. It seemed like a great idea on paper. Now, maybe not so much.

Anyway. We're in NY. I was planning to set these on 6" of well graded compacted crushed subbase (known as "Item 4" around these parts), and an inch of stone dust. But, the pavers have a sawn edge, and we want to install them tight together with no gap. That will match the coping and we like the look.

Anyone have any experience with this type of material in the Northeast? I don't want to be resetting it after a couple of freeze-thaw cycles. Specifically, it wont take much movement of a 24x24 paver to make the joints look and feel sloppy.



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Use a deeper base, frost line depth is best. As I recall, you are on Long Island. 12" compacted in 4" lifts. Add stone dust in a 26" width to set the 1st row, then 24" widths for each successive row. Your dry laid travertine will look great. Hire a couple buddies, feed them well and save the beer for later or less will get done, the job will take longer and the food and beverage bill will go up.


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You should not be concerned or worried. Follow the installation advice at this link: travertine paver installation

Here is a link that might be useful: travertine pavers

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