pure wow decrees what is out and what is coming in

bbstxApril 15, 2014

Antlers are OUT. Macrame is IN. Chevrons are OUT. Shibori is IN. I always need lists like this to confirm that I am, as usual, OUT.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pure Wow home design trends

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I must be out, too. I've been referring to the Shibori look as "tie-dye."

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Macrame? Seriously?! I can remember that stuff in the 70's, slowly doubling and tripling in bulk as it attracted every free bit of dust in the house.

I'm glad to see white appliances are coming back. Always had 'em, always loved 'em, all of my 60 years.

Our house has always been an eclectic mix of the things, textures, and colors WE like. I could care less about 'trends', other than to remark on how silly and passing they are.

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Oh please, please, please let white appliances come back so we can end this horrid SS era!

Macrame?? Egads. '70s making a comeback? Yikes. Looks like it around here; I've been noticing all roads and highways are filthy with trash/litter. Haven't seen it like this since the '70s, when it was so bad they ran those anti-litter campaign ads with the Indian with the tear running down his cheek?

what's next? Avocado bathroom fixtures?

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Annie Deighnaugh

I don't give a flying leap....my antlers are staying!

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And I will never abandon barn wood!

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No doubt someone had a warehouse of twine and dye left over from the dreamcatcher days, and a brainstorming to unload it came up with macramé and tie-dye. At least it will keep the herd busy. :) I don't dislike shibori, but it will too-soon be in the saturation zone. And enough! with the white already.

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I never even heard of shibori before, but I liked it enough to look it up, and just ordered a duvet cover online! (but no macramé OR antlers for me!)

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I'm both a Hit and Miss! I have white appliances, AND I just bought two wooden picture frames with painted chevron stripes on them. One of them is turoquoise! Ba-da-bing!

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LOL! What makes me always wonder is that there really are people out there who actually slavishly follow these yearly/seasonal silly design "In & Out" decrees.

Did you all read the first reader comment under it? Now that gal makes sense IMO! This is what she wrote:
"Here's an idea: what's out--slavishly obeying what design sites tell you is "in." What's in: expressing your own taste in your own house."

MushCreek: ROFL and totally agreeing with your comment: "Macrame? Seriously?! I can remember that stuff in the 70's, slowly doubling and tripling in bulk as it attracted every free bit of dust in the house" !

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I must be out, out, out. Except we do have a bunch of tree trunks my DH cut to use as extra seating our patio (see the macramé photo). Are those, by any chance, 'in'? I do like the shibori, but like Peony, I would be calling it 'tie dye'. I was also tired of white appliances so was really happy when I could finally have SS. And I still love barn wood.

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If macrame is back....then harvest gold and avocado appliances can't be far behind!

The only "overdone" thing I have is SS appliances (had white before that and just wanted a change, but still like white).
And would never have some on the list.

Guess I'm a trend nerd!

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SO I just finished clearing out and having a garage sale last week.
I had a like new macramé purse from my high school days, quite vintage. Thought about keeping it for my daughter. So in walks this chick; you know the type, Miss On Trend. She zero's in on that purse like radar. Snags it and didn't let it go. She must have read this blog.
So Guess I cant keep everything. It clearly made her day.

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It would be funny to see a house staged with all the new 'trends' and watch one of those house hunter couples from hgtv walk in and say 'oh, ick, this is a complete gut job and the decorating is awful'.

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And here we go again, a new season, and new 'no nos' that we are supposedly to buy into, so much like the fashion industry. We're back to the hemline craziness again, short in front, long in back, another way to get rid of warehouses full of the maxi, so much like the stockpiled macrame from the 70's.

The only one I totally disagree about is the SS appliances. When my parents remodeled their home back in 1959, they had the first ever(I had seen)drop in gas range, wall oven, as well as sink, all in SS. The pink refrigerator definitely kept it in the 50's, but the rest of the kitchen would still be 21st century worthy. SS appliances are not just a trend as many see them, but play an important role in appliances, and NOT as a 'design element' per'se.

As for white appliances , they've never completely disappeared from the market place either as they can be special ordered. Just because you don't see a certain color 'on the floor' doesn't mean it's not available.

Trending is for those who haven't 'learned' what it is they like. Most of us who have had several homes have determined a certain style, or even decided to change styles, and are comfortable in 'doing their own thing', no ID needed. Maybe along the way they've acquired quite a collection of books/magazines that helped them get there, but really know what it is they love and works in their home, and that includes antlers! ;)

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Always fun to read! Thanks for posting.

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I have to wait for colors and things I like to become "trendy"

My previous house had original stainless steel appliances from 1957, although the refrigerator was dark brown (circa 1960). We renovated the kitchen in 2001 and replaced with...stainless steel. In 2004 we bought our current house, replacing the black and chrome 1982 appliances with stainless steel (it was supposedly going out of fashion). We kept the stainless steel when we remodeled in 2008 (supposedly going out of fashion). I happen to like stainless steel, so not worried about trendiness.

I have always liked macrame, as long as it is a single piece or in moderation.

I really like the Shibori as well (also fond of batik), but once again, it must be in moderation. Duvet covers are wonderful for that sort of thing :).

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peony4: I must be out, too. I've been referring to the Shibori look as "tie-dye."

It's only in if you give it a Japanese name.

You know what's "out"? Click bait.*

*Websites that require you to click through multiple pages to be able to read their 10 point list. The idea is that they drive up the number of pages you click on so they drive up ad revenue.

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The name "pure wow" makes me question their decision-making processes right off the bat.

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Since when have zebra rugs been 'overdone'? I've certainly never seen one in real life; and barely any online.

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Oakley, lol!!!

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amberm nailed it -- click bait.

I'm with patty_cakes, it reminds me of "trends" that fashionistas try to foist on the masses, only to have the items end up in landfills and scrap. (e.g., "meat dress" inspired fashion and the attempt to sell culottes for men).

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I didn't read the list. Are owls in or out, still? I "inherited" an owl macrame art/wall hanging my hubby made YEARS ago...it is in the garage...does this mean I have to hang in INSIDE?!!
White appliances have ALWAYS been on the show floors. They have always been the #1 seller. Just a little FACT totally void of fashion opinion. I myself special ordered "off white" or what ever label they give it this year for my revamped kitchen. My kitchen, my choice. I just hope hope hope that whoever makes a change for what ever reason they LIKE the "new". It is double STUPID to spend good money on stuff, and not even like it!!

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I liked the short lived "bisque" and "biscuit" off white....both made brief appearances in the appliance world in the early 2000s.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I am generally drawn to trends but rarely invest in any that are permanent. Pillows, yes, upholstered furniture, no.
I really like that macrame piece shown there, like everything else, there are good and bad versions of everything.

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I am so excited!! I'd thought my decision to keep the avocado tub in the ugly duckling was just me being thrifty and goofy -- but now I suspect I am actually ahead of the trends! Woo Hoo!

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Holly- Kay

I am hopelessly, endlessly untrendy. I still love brass, polished or not, sterling silver, beautiful china. I suspect my living room that has mostly new furniture would never, ever be deemed as a pretty room but it certainly works for DH and myself. Even my new furniture looks old because I like burnished leather.

I avoid trends like the plague but also think there are many trendy pieces that I love and would continue to love until they were out of favor and back in again. I just don't care enough to go out and buy something just because it's "in style" and from what I have seen on this forum I suspect the overwhelming majority here also love what they love no matter what anyone else thinks.

One of the things that I love about this forum is the diversity of design and that we all have our own tastes and preferences and yet can totally appreciate a beautiful room even if it isn't to our taste.

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I think "overdone" is applicable to all of their examples. This happens with every popular item. First we see it at the artist studio or at a high-end store, then it is just a matter of time before we see it at Wal Mart. It becomes institutionalized. It irritates me when I go to buy something, like all new kitchen appliances, and my only real option is stainless steel. Or I want to buy some sandals with a two-inch heel and all I can find are flats or four-inch heels. Fashion dictates what we can and cannot buy.

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That's why I don't follow trendy decor. I like what I like and I think it's crazy to put in a trendy permanent feature in your home such as the kitchen cabinets that will be out of date in a few years. I've never gone of the stainless appliances....it's so yesterday...LMAO!

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Oh gracious! For the first time in my 58 years I am trendy!!!

I have a Christmas cactus that has been growing like Kudzu and blooming non-stop since before Thanksgiving. I don't know what's up with it, except it must love my one south-facing window.

I've been searching for a simple macramé pattern so I can reawaken my 70s' knotting skills. I want to make a knotted and stone beaded hanger so I can hang the Christmas cactus from the ceiling and let it drape about halfway down the 55" square window. It will display better when hung in mid-air, and it will free up needed real estate on my one plant table.

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I'm not planning to read the list. I don't run with that crowd anyway.

Sounds like my white stove is off the chopping block.

Out in my garage hangs a small macrame piece made by my husband's former girlfriend. I always liked it and it was a token sign that I didn't hate her.

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These trendy posts always remind me of the short Portlandia skit about hipsters and birds. I think someone may have posted it here before.

Customers Only is really funny too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Put a bird on it

This post was edited by deee on Thu, Apr 17, 14 at 12:00

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Bummer, I still having finished making the chevron curtains for the "playroom/office"...must press on so I can get them done and enjoy :-)

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I actually thought it was a pretty good article with respect to trend forecasting. I love trends!! I just think it's smart to restrict them to easily changed elements (paint, curtains, knick-knacks, etc.).

I would have purchased white appliances if enameled ones were in the budget. I loathe the weird plasticky finishes on low-end appliances these days. I had the black "alligator"-finish fridge - UGH. So now we have all-stainless.

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We must support fair trade by buying this stuff that we abandoned decades ago, then send them some of our better things which can be copied and sold back to us in another generation at an exorbitant price. That is considered fair trade.

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I have to say that the stainless appliance trend has always been a sore spot for me. I see them as being the next avocado green or harvest gold. I mean WHITE will never go out of style in my book. I'm surprised that appliance companies haven't offered custom order painted to match your kitchen appliances at a hugely jacked up price because apparently everyone has some big pot of gold stashed in their back yard, that is everyone besides me! I sure can't afford to throw out perfectly good white appliances because stainless is the trend! My pot of gold has been mysteriously missing! BOO!

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My take on stainless is that it will never become harvest gold or avocado...simply because it is "neutral." It is like a plumbing fixture...just like a sink. White sinks look good, SS sinks look good, black sinks look good...whichever works best with your kitchen scheme. SS has been popular so long, I really think it has become just like white. Many of the other things listed have been popular such a short time (chevrons!) that I don't think they compare.
My mantra...if they sell it at Home Goods...it's done.

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I always liked the off white appliances too. I like white but my color schemes are always warm, beiges so white doesn't go. I despise stainless but succumbed because I had no choice though at home I have wood paneled fridge and dishwasher so it's just the ovens and cooktop so not so bad.

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Nini, I have always said the exact same thing about Home Depot.....by the time it gets there it is OVER.

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Man, I so wish GW had a 'Like' button for posts!!!!!

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I don't necessarily agree about Home Goods since they basically sell overstocks, but I do agree about trends in general. Short story - we were in Europe with our kids at the height of the Spice Girls craze, and my then 11-year old was a fan-atic. We saw what we then and now refer to as "Spice Girl Shoes" (basically high platform sneakers) in Rome - they were $75 and we bought them for her (the kind of thing you buy on vacation that you would never buy if you were at home). Anyway, by the time we got back to the US (less than a month later) the exact same shoes were at Payless for $19.99!

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I think the whole "trend" idea is a false one: Log on to any major, high end fabric manufacturer and you will be faced with literally thousands of colors, designs, materials. I always say, "if it is good enough for a zillionaire, it is good enough for me." Nothing is new under the sun, and everything that is done with quality and taste will last a long time. We all update through the years--upholstery is shot, get it re-upholstered. Lamp shades tear--buy a new one. We can keep things looking relatively fresh for decades.
Unless you absolutely have no taste. Nothing to be done about that. It will look awful from the first day to the last.
(on that thought--it is easy to pull together an outfit to wear. Go to the store and buy all the pieces that the designer put together for you. On the other hand, decorating a house requires many "moving parts." Much, much harder to do.)

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I a not a trendy person. I buy things because, I like them and so does DH! So I will continue to shop at (Home Goods even if things are there are done!) and even some other places like Walmart. Now anyone that does't like my taste, or the fact some things are "DONE", please feel free not to come to my home!
By the way, I probably would not like your decorating, so never the twain shall meet.
Sorry, If this sounds crabby, I didn't mean it like that! But, what is expensive and trendy today, is "DONE" by next year!

Meant in the kindest way, written by a woman with a 48 year old toaster.


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I have none of the "in", "out", "overdone", OR "up and coming" items listed in that article. Haven't had macrame for over 35 years.

I'm certain I have way more out-of-date items than trendy and am quite happy with that.

I do enjoy reading about trends tho and am always thrilled when I have some 'on-trend' items that I've had for years. Keep things long enough and they may just return in popularity. Or not... who cares! LOL :D

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That's just frightening.

They made me actually want to source a macramé wall hanging.

Wow. Just wow.

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but itâÂÂs important to know when hip and edgy has become overdone and played out

Why? What is that "important?" I can think of any number of things that do matter, and this isn't one of them. What a silly game. A silly money-making game.

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Wish I could find it now, but yesterday I saw either online or in a magazine a photo for a "three dimensional wall hanging." It was macrame!

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Not a trendy person, unique but not trendy just things that I love. In all actuality I am very unhappy when something I really like and use in my decor becomes a trend - I prefer to be unique. Also, once the trend is over, what was initially my unique style is just out of style.

Thankfully none of the new trends are found in my home, so I am good to go for this year. That said I would never consider white appliances a trend.

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I had 25 people over for Easter brunch. Subtract out the men and that leaves 13/14 women. 4 of them had on chevron tops. I guess it's still a fad.

My 1950's kitchen had a stainless cooktop and sink/drainboard. I think stainless is a timeless fad.

I rarely see zebra rugs in real life. My neighbor has a huge ottoman covered with a very old zebra hide (nearly hairless) and it is something I'm envious of.

A friend installed a vintage avocado toilet in their guest bath. I loved it. Her house is on houzz and I was going to link it but she changed out the toilet to white. So sad.

I didn't do macrame or tie dye the first time and won't be doing it this time.

I don't follow trends because by the time I decide to do "it" (whatever "it" is) the trend is over.

I need a smiley face at the end of each of my sentences. :)

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The more I think about it, any person, site, store, group or organisation calling itself "Pure Wow" has no business decreeing anything. Except possibly their own prowess in choosing the Most Ridiculous name Ever.

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Wish there were a "LIKE" button. I'd be hitting it on many of these posts - and twice on kswl's.

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I enjoy reading these. We plan to replace our white appliances in the fall with stainless. The white is very jarring and my biggest complaint is they (mine really do) look cheap. Plasticy cheap. And they were inexpensive, but that's what's out there to the masses if you want that color. The high end white aren't in big box or mom and pop stores so I imagine they're out of budget for many. The back of my GE stove looks like a huge, rounded lump of plastic. I want to bust the back off and add 'substantial' knobs to the front. I actually like the look of the older white appliances better. They look better made and apparently are. Mom and dad's are still going strong! I do like the bisque ones over white. I love black, but it will be too heavy/harsh in my kitchen.

I've always liked antlers, but real ones not painted. No macramé for me. Ha, the stainless appliances they show are the ones (at least the stove) we'll be buying. Butcher paper? Oh yeah? Tie dye? I feel like they're really stretching this one. I painted my bathroom navy color not long ago, but not because I was hopeful to be trendy. I'll be happy to see more color again and (rich) wood.

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I can't wait until the May issue of Traditional Home is online so I can post the "Decorating Bucket List" article.

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I like to look at new trends. I like to read about trends. I like to read about what other people think about trends. How boring it would be to never see fresh ideas.

I think trends are (usually) started by interesting people who do interesting things.

The homogenization of shopping seems to be manipulating some trends for profit. But that's what happens when billions are spent at big box retailers.

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